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I didn’t want this on my main page, but here are links to the posts that are the most popular and/or have garnered attention from the masses via a mention in Sexoteric, or being chosen in the Top 3 for Sugasm or elsewhere.


In the beginning, I was excited for a Fleshbot mention – I thought it meant the same as Sugasm, that my writing was particularly good for that post! But, when a post that was NOT about sex but instead just food and recipes got a Fleshbot mention…..I started to question it and it lost the sparkle. It’s still cool, even if the Fleshbot legions never say a peep to me. Seeing my stats soar for a couple days is always fun. Fleshbot Round-ups came to an abrupt halt though when 2010 was ushered in, so sadly my traffic boosts are gone as well.

~ Taxicab Confessional: Continued {July 2008)

~ The Exhibitionist and the Voyeur Cross Paths {August 2008}

~ Confessional: Oral Fixation {Jan 2009}

~ Creamy Sin {the food post}  {Feb 2009}

~ Confessional: Breaking the Girl {April 2009}

~ Lilly’s Turn – Part 1: Wherein a Power Play is Made {May 2009}

~ Confessional: There’s an Exhibitionist on Route 76 {June 2009}

~ There’s This Hallway In This Bar That’s Just Right… {July 2009}

~Confessional: Her Husband {July 2009}

~ Darkroom {August 2009)

~ Dressing Room Voyeur {August 2009}

~ I Just Want to Watch {Sept 2009}

~ Spontaneous {Nov 2009}

~ Fucking for Art {Dec 2009}

~ By the Twinkling Lights {Dec 2009}

~ My First Blowjob {Dec 2009}

Top 3 in Sugasm!

These are the ones that mean the most to me because it is voted on by the other participants in that week’s Sugasm digest….not just one person. {but alas, Sugasm is no more, and since I’m the editor of e[lust] I don’t include my post for Top 3 voting. So, no more validation, haha.}

~ In a Tangle of Limbs, There is Softness

~ Yours, Sir

~ Watching

~ 4 a.m.

~ Confessional: Breaking the Girl

~ Lilly’s Turn – Part 1: Wherein a Power Play is Made

~ Lilly’s Turn – Part 3: Wherein Lust, Greed and Risk Intersect

~ A Hot Fuck in a Parking Lot

~ Dressing Room Voyeur

Sugasm Editor’s Choice

~ Stairwell

Sexoteric {link}

~ Taxicab Confessional

~ Stairwell

~ Work Violation

~ Lilly’s Turn – Part 3: Wherein Lust, Greed and Risk Intersect

My Personal Favorites

These are ones that I love but were not listed above. The reasons are varied but usually – it’s because I got off from writing it.  Don’t get me wrong though, I count all those listed above as a favorite as well.

~ Oxygen

~ Necessary Roughness

~ Babeland Review: NJoy Pure Wand

~ Hot Fat Girl Revolution

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