Nov 252015

Black Friday in retail land usually means deals on odd brands that no one would normally buy, making you think you’re getting a sweet deal. But in reality, it’s gonna break on you 2 weeks after the warranty is up. Black Friday in the world of sex toy retail though is the time to spend your dough on the items you’ve wished and sighed for. This is perhaps the best chance you’ll get at finding deals on pricey sex toys, if you know where to shop. SheVibe won’t have “door busters” on crappy, porous sex toys, they’ll just put everything on sale and let you pick. Need some help? I have IDEAS.



Shevibe is doing a progressive sale. You don’t have to spend a lot, really, to get their best deal of 20% off. Since SheVibe’s prices are already as low as many manufacturers will let authorized retailers go, you’re getting a pretty sweet ride. You can buy from SheVibe knowing that your package will arrive safely, discreetly and that they won’t ever send you anything else you didn’t order (no porn catalogs in the mail, here!). You can be assured that your order will be backed up by fabulous customer service, too.  BONUS FOR MY READERS: In addition to the fabulous discounts, you can also enter another coupon code and get a $10 gift card good towards your next purchase if you spend $100 or more, or a $5 giftcard if you spend $99 or less (1 card per order). Use code LILLYBB5 if you spend less than $99, or LILLYBB10 if you spend more than $100. And yes, you can get BOTH the giftcard AND the sale pricing, you can use two coupon codes.

So, what should you get? This sale would be the perfect time to splurge on things that are a little over-priced (ahem, Lelo – this sale might take the items back to what they used to be priced at), making the hit to your wallet a little easier. Consider the L’amourose Rosa or Denia because I’ve loved these two vibes a lot. Would 20% off the awfully-named Womanizer that has me so confused make things a little easier? And of course, you can’t forget the Doxy Die Cast and the Doxy Skittle. Not a Doxy person? I don’t love it as much, but this would be a great time to consider the Magic Wand Rechargeable. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the pricey Lelo Hugo, so that might be on your list. And of course the Hot Octopuss Pulse can’t be missed for those penis-havers in your life. If you’re a Tom of Finland fan, this sale plus SheVibe’s pricing makes the Kake Collector’s Cock almost tolerable in pricing.  And it almost goes without saying, if you don’t own it yet, add the Tango in to your order. If you want a gift pack for someone new to sex toys, I recommend the We-Vibe Tango Kit which has a Tango, the insertable (Glow) vaginal sleeve and the baby plug (Dusk).

Sometimes I have to just recommend entire brands, because they’re that good. This is the time of year to consider purchasing a beautiful wood creation from Nobessence, or some artistic glass from Fucking Sculptures. For harnesses and more, my absolute most favorite brand is Aslan Leather because their leather is sooo soft and comfortable. While you might win one from me,  anything by Njoy is a must-have in your collection.

Need a couple small things to round up your order? Don’t forget the lube — Sliquid and Good Clean Love are the best — and consider an anti-bacterial toy storage pouch such as the Sugar Sak.


Grab Bag sale is still going on but RIGHT NOW through 3pm PST you can take 40% off ANYTHING. YES ANYTHING.

Crystal Delights

Their much-loved Mini Twist Plugs are $15 off for Black Friday.


I was looking at the Smitten Kitten offerings and noticed they have dildos in brands/styles I don’t see often like Hole Punch; Vamp styles that Shevibe doesn’t carry; Standard Glass dildos (very good quality brand); Acrylic Wands (looks like glass, doesn’t break); they also have some quirky queer stuff. Their prices on most sex toys seem to be slightly higher than Shevibe, so I’d still recommend Shevibe for most things (and the Shevibe sale is still going through today).

SK also has neat lube sample packets where you get a bunch of brands, similar types, and all are truly body-safe (no crappy chemicals).


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  • Tzipora

    Man that Tantus sale is killing me. Lol. Really wanted to try and focus on a good clitoral toy or two but gah, Tantus. Watch me end up with a while bunch of dildos. Haha. Now if only the vibrating Duchess magically goes back in stock in time. As much as I’ve personally ranted about my Tango, Tango inside Tantus toys is like my favorite. Soooo many decisions. And gah was leaning towards a Tiebright Mustang from SheVibe too. Might have to shoot you a message for advice on what to buy. I have a list of toys I think would work best but I’m getting overwhelmed by sales and options already.

  • Tzipora

    Assuming of course you wouldn’t mind helping me figure out a purchase?

  • Sure I can try!

  • Tzipora

    I think my biggest issue at this point is the shops I want to shop at not having what I want in stock. Swan wand is out of stock at SheVibe and that was my absolute gonna buy this, think I will love it. And I would so rather have the Womanizer Pro or W500 (whatever they’re calling it) for more speeds and well better looking but only see that at Lovehoney. More bummed on the Swan Wand though. Super, super bummed.

  • Ah well not sure what to say there. I’m not sure if I’d WANT a Womanizer with more speeds Holy cow.

  • Tzipora

    Haha. Well, I pretty much can only get off with my Tango on the top speed so I figure I might just be someone who needs extra speeds. But yeah, I suspect the regular would be fine from all I’ve heard.

    I don’t know. Really need a good clitoral toy and I’m so incredibly hard to please. I’m on some pretty heavy pain meds long term for my health issues so that’s part of the issue, I know. And weak muscles doesn’t help. New Tantus wand thingy they’re crowdfunding for sounds incredible. If all else fails I suppose I could put my money there.

    If it wasn’t for my health being so unpredictable I’d love to start a blog myself with a focus on health issues and disabilities and sex toys and sex in general. Lots of thoughts there and ugh not enough out there. That frustrates me so much. And really realized as I’ve gotten sicker how much more I’ve got to think ahead before buying sex toys because I’m so much more limited. Little things I wouldn’t even think of end up being issues with toys.

  • Have you considered the Lelo Smart Wand Large?

  • Ugh, the Swan wand is out with the manufacturer so we haven’t been able to re-stock it for weeks. Sorry about that!

  • Tzipora

    Thanks so much. That sucks but you seem to have the best price around whenever it is back in stock. Lilly helped me narrow down some other options so probably will be making a SheVibe purchase at some point this weekend. You had me at free gift and the gift card (oooh see perfect for when the Swan Wand IS back in stock!).

  • Sweet! xo