Jul 102014

I had anywhere from 80-140 people vying for EACH prize in the big 6 year giveaway which is awesome but sad at the same time. Why sad? Because I wish I could pick more than one winner per item. Also: Welcome newbies! Next contest, if you stick around, you won’t be a new visitor anymore and will get bonus Loyalty Points for the next giveaway. How? This past contest, one way I was able to do that was with my Google Plus page. There was a special post on there only visible to those following my page, which is something I’ll do again so if you’re not already following me on there, you should be.  I’ve also decided to do a monthly newsletter like all the cool kids,  and there will be a code published in the newsletter prior to an upcoming giveaway that’ll get you a bunch of bonus entry points.  But you have to be subscribed to get it! Don’t forget to check your spam folder for the “are you sure you really want to sign up for this?” confirmation email that MailChimp sends out before really signing you up.


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We-Vibe Tango, courtesy of We-vibe goes to: Dana N

Tantus OOAK pair #1 goes to: Rachael J

Tantus OOAK pair #2 goes to: Starina J

The RodeoH harness courtesy of Early to Bed & the Tantus OOAK Large silk goes to: Tequila Rose

The Pleasure Purse goes to: Jade P

The Nobessence Fling, courtesy of Burlesque Toy Shop goes to: Stephanie R

Je Joue Mimi Soft, courtesy of SheVibe, goes to: Anna Lea H

The Fucking Sculptures Twocumber goes to Raine D

Crystal Delights Ash Girl Dildo goes to: Myra


Congratulations, everyone! These 9 people have been notified by email as well. They have a week to get back to me. If anybody doesn’t, or can’t follow through on paying the shipping for the item if they’re outside the free shipping boundaries, a replacement winner will be chosen and it will be updated here, and announced on social media.


What’s Next??

In September I’ll be giving away this Limited Edition trio of Tantus’s new designs – the Slow Drive Long in lime, the Sport Long in teal and the teeny Warm Up in silvery gray. All limited edition colors! Let me know in the comments which method you’d prefer I use for giving out a special code for existing fans & followers: Newsletter; G+; or tied in to Twitter somehow.


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  11 Responses to “Contest Winners!”

  1. *snap* Nothing this time. Love the next giveaway grouping. Those colors! *drool*
    Newsletter or Twitter would work better for me, as I check those multiple times daily. Google+ only gets a once-a-week cursory glance.

  2. I’d say newsletter or twitter because I actually have/follow those. I don’t appreciate social networks that demand I use my real name because I refuse to connect my sex toy stuff to my real name (except when having a thing shipped to me but that’s it).

  3. Congrats to the winners! I bet they’re gonna have a lot of fun. [:
    As for the special code, I would prefer it came by way of newsletter or twitter, but that’s because I don’t use G+ at aaaall.
    Thanks for asking!

  4. I’d prefer Twitter, truly, I have been following enough people that I check it multiple times daily now. But a newsletter wouldn’t be bad either. :)

  5. Congratulation to the winners :-D

    Lilly, newsletter is the only workable option for me, as I don’t use Twitter or G+.

  6. This is incredible! Thank you and congrats to all of the other winners!

  7. I love the colors of the toys you have there and have yet to try one of these bad boys out. I am on Twitter all the time and I have your site emailed to me already so newsletter would work as well.

  8. I would prefer a code in a newsletter.

  9. September giveaway looks amazing!! and I would prefer the code be in your newsletter!

  10. WOW HOLY WHAT the Pleasure Purse will be getting a TON of use out of this gal! It was the one I really wanted! C: Thank you Lilly and sponsors, and congrats to everyone else~ I will be sporting it everywherrrre (hopefully Fetcon!)

    I vote for newsletters as well, call me old-fashioned.

  11. I would prefer something Twitter related. I often miss a lot of important updates when they are posted exclusively on Google+ because even though I am following you I rarely use the site myself.

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