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Lill’Bits – The Dangerous Lilly Quarterly Review1

Shevibe's Tantus Superhero Poster! Links to all the new Tantus items - Warm-up, Amsterdam, Slow Drive and Sport. Reviews

So if you’re new here, or have just been busy, let me fill you in on what I’ve been up to for these last three months.  I started off the year reviewing a few items from the new Lovelife line, Cuddle and Smile. I was happy to find that the one thing I hated about the original Je Joue Mimi (the buttons) has been fixed, and I loved the new Je Joue Mimi Soft.  Then I reviewed the Fun Factory Amorino, that weird one with the rubberband.  I didn’t have too many words to say about it, but I felt the need to review the Lelo Mia 2 finally.  I got my paws on one of Tantus’ NEW super-fancy-awesome harnesses, and holy pete it’s gorgeous. The Black Widow harness is superhero-worthy. And finally…..I re-reviewed my Holy Grail of clitoral vibrators, the “new & improved” We-Vibe Tango. I also learned to love the new & improved We-Vibe Touch.

All My Other Words

I decided to share with the class my favorite way to keep clingy silicone clean, in an economic and safe way.  A past irritation popped up on the radar again, and it prompted me to figure out what these reviews of ours are really worth. You’d be surprised!  I learned a bit about making my site (and yours) more accessible to screen readers, and I hope Amanda keeps prodding me to make changes I don’t always know about.  I get a lot of readers who don’t understand why porosity in sex toy materials matters, and people who confuse porous with toxic. I tried my best to clear things up.  Every now and then I have people email me to help them decipher the results of their flame test. Since the results aren’t as black & white as we once thought, I’ve done by best to clear up confusion and let you know that sometimes, silicone does burn. And finally, on a whim I decided to write up a Brief History of Sex Blogging. So very brief, compared to what has existed. The comments are so very information and entertaining, too!

Sponsors and Partners

I’ve got three new sponsors — Peepshow Toys, Burlesque Toy Shop and JouJou — check out their banners in the sidebar! Snazzy damn banners, eh? Thank you, all!

I briefly decided to give GoodVibes.com another shot for reviewing, but ultimately a partnership wasn’t meant to be. My primary partners will continue to be Shevibe and Tantus – two companies who share my viewpoints and who are run by truly amazing, honest groups of people. You will not find more trustworthy, and truly lovely, people. If I don’t respect the people I work with at a company, I don’t respect the company on the whole as much. I think it’s important to show support to that.  I will be occasionally working with Lovehoney in the future and will be putting up affiliate links for a few places to shop outside the US for those that love me but need to shop in Canada, the UK, or Australia.  I’ve joined the affiliate programs for Fleshlight, Pinkcherry and a few others – I won’t be reviewing for them, it’s just a way to give international people options to buy through my links.


I’m going to start a new weekly thing – my version of Throwback Thursday – where I give my opinion on a sex toy I reviewed a few years ago. Do I still love it? Does it languish in the drawer? Do I love it more?

I’ve got a Stronic Drei waiting to be reviewed, as well as the We-Vibe 4 and the Jopen Ego e5. Taking cues from suggestions people made in my giveaway, I’m going to try to review more wands. A Shibari wand, a Doxy, hopefully a PalmPower, maybe a BodyWand.  Wishlist review items include the Jopen Vibrating Comet Wand, Liberator Tallulah bag, a comparison of the Crave vibes, and more dildos in general.  I’ve got a Pleasure Purse bag on its way, and I do believe I’m going to finally get my hands on the ORGASMATRON X1. 

Every now and then I look at my jar of melted sex toys, and I take a picture. Yesterday I noticed how much more liquid seemed to be in the jar, so I managed to shoot it at the same distance/angle as when I shot the jars at first, after three months.


I’m working on a piece about why I recommend the places I recommend you shop at but more importantly why I don’t recommend you shop at certain other places. Possibly working on an educational piece about wood sex toys.  What else would you like to see me write about in the next few months?

I’ve re-committed myself to this whole she-bang in recent months and you will continue to see lots more from me2


p.s. the winners of the We-Vibe Touch/Tango giveaway will be announced in a day or two.

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  1. I know, it’s cheesy. I know, you think I should do a newsletter. I’m my own chicken, dude, marching to the beat of a different wolf and refusing to cross the road. Maybe someday I’ll make this into a newsletter. Not that anyone would sign up for that shit
  2. It is written and so it shall be true. In that vein, I will get more advertisers and more consulting work. Isn’t this how that book The Secret is supposed to work? You tell the universe what you want and you get it? FINGERS CROSSED
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  • InquisitiveClam

    I would totally sign up to get your newsletter if you ever decided to do one.

  • FoxxyRin

    If you do the shop recommendations piece, I’d very much appreciate that you make sure people are aware about Adam & Eve’s spam-mail! It’s very disappointing that despite their discreet packaging, you end up getting lewd postcard-style adverts in the mail. If you order from them, call IMMEDIATELY and make sure you get off their mailing list, because if you wait until you get an ad and call, they’ll tell you something along the lines of, “We print and prepare our ads for mailing in advanced. Being removed won’t guarantee that you’ll stop receiving them immediately.” This is very disappointing if you live in a house with kids who just love to go fetch the mail.

  • Yeah I’ve heard they still do this. It was slightly less horrid when they were doing it 15 years ago but come ON…..

  • sheboppin