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In my third year of reviewing I came across the Lelo Mona, the original. While it was never my personal favorite, since I need more power, I recognized that the shape and vibrations were great for a wide range of people. Recently, Lelo revamped and changed the design very slightly but mostly changed the vibrations – they’re now just enough to get me off most times, and so should be powerful enough for an even broader range of folks. The shape and style is great for g-spot or clitoral stimulation. It is probably one of the few Lelo toys these days that I do recommend.

This week I have no sponsor; the Lelo Mona 2 will be sent directly from me. Therefore, I can only afford to do free shipping within the US. Anybody outside the US would have to kick in a little for shipping – all packaged up, it weighs 1lb 5oz.


I’m running out of ideas to keep it fair and fresh, as a warning. I hate to make it all about social media sharing, as that cuts back on the people who can enter. But since the prizes for these weeks are not cheap, I want to make some requirements to weed out the people who will enter any giveaway just for the heck of it. Leave one comment below with the following 3 things. Entries will be invalid if #3 cannot be verified.

Step 1: Tell me why you want it, why I should pick you.

Step 2: I need to write up some posts….tell me what you want me to review next, or what industry topic you’re curious about that I could cover. Check out my Toybox to make sure I’ve not already reviewed the item!

Step 3: This one will involve going off site. Below each post you’ll see the “sharing” buttons. You can share something to Reddit/Stumbleupon, post it on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Like it on FB, +1 it on G+, or if there’s a place you go where you think sharing a review or article of mine (anything from this page) would benefit somebody, teach somebody something? Share it there. I’ve certainly had my fair share of traffic from unexpected places like Yahoo’s “ask” feature, forums about water fowl (no fucking idea), etc. The only real requirement here is that you must be able to link me to it for verification; I (the public) must be able to see it. So share something and then post here why you chose it and the link to where you shared it.



The winner will be notified via email; if they fail to respond within a week, someone else will be chosen. Winner will have to provide me with a complete and valid mailing address, and if required, Paypal payment of the cost of shipping via International Shipping First Class (USPS). If you can’t afford ~$8-12 USD for the shipping plus whatever you might get charged from your country, then do not enter.

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  11 Responses to “5 Years, 5 Giveaways – Week 3: Lelo Mona 2”

  1. I would love to try the Mona 2 as I have not found pleasure with my G-Spot yet. I don’t know if the vibrations will be a plus, but then I’d really like to give it a go. However, the shape of the toy is a little skeptical. Will that shape really help me get off with the G-Spot? I’m very curious, and I’d like to find out.
    The other major reason I would love to get a Mona 2 is for its clitoral stimulations. As a full-time university student that’s taking 15-17 credits courses per semester, I need quite some stress reliever. I’m really happy to have found Salsa as it’s the only toy in my collection currently that’s able to get me off. But when Salsa dies down unexpectedly, I have nothing else to go look for. Most of the time, I would just go back to the “ancient” way where I would start humping my chair…That was the only way I could get an orgasm as a child. Fingers don’t help at all. So if I get a Mona 2, I might not need to worry about not being able to orgasm when my Salsa dies down and I need a quick orgasm right before I get out of the house.

    I would love to see you review the Life by Leaf. I would also like to learn more about the Novelty label which will probably be all touched on in the “For Novelty Use Only” Part 2 post.

    I chose two posts.
    The first one is:

    Yes, Jelly Sex Toys can be Dangerous

    Tumblr: http://naughtyreenie.tumblr.com/post/52790124981/yes-jelly-sex-toys-can-be-dangerous#disqus_thread

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reenie.black.1 (sorry, I don’t know how to get the individual link…)

    I find this post really important because Jelly toys affected me personally a lot. I want people to learn more about Jelly toys as I know many people still use them and think they are safe simply because they are sold on the market.

    The second one is:

    “For Novelty Use Only” Part 1

    Tumblr: http://naughtyreenie.tumblr.com/post/52790255033/for-novelty-use-only-part-1#disqus_thread

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reenie.black.1(sorry, I don’t know how to get the individual link…)

    I’m not sure if I was allowed to share this post or not, but I really wanted to share it with people. I believed in this myth, and I’m sure a lot of people believed in it too. As a post that’s spreading the truth about a label that confused millions of consumers, it needs to be shared.

    You wrote many other very important posts that I’m planning to share them little by little on my blog by linking to them.

    Happy 5th blogiversary and thank you Lilly for giving us this opportunity!

  2. 1.I want the Mona2 for the same reasons I want any good g spot toy. First, I don’t own a good g spot toy yet. Second, I haven’t found my g spot yet. I’ve read good things about the Mona and Mona2 so, I would hope that if I won this, I’d successfully make friends with my g spot.

    2.I would be interested in reading something about design redundancies throughout the industry and flat out identical products sold by competing companies.

    3. https://twitter.com/dizzygirl812/status/344865970197766146 I chose this article because I think material safety is the highest priority when choosing sex toys and you have some of the best writing on the subject that I have seen.

  3. Resubmitting #3 because I screwed it up the first time.
    I chose this article because I think material safety is the highest priority when choosing sex toys and you have some of the best writing on the subject that I have seen.

  4. I would LOVE to own the Mona 2! In the last year I’ve started to discover sex toys. Sadly the first few I bought were cheap and the material was iffy. One smelled so badly that it led me to Google which led me here. I tried a silicone vibe from a company called Evolved, because it seemed to be an affordable safe option, but the vibrations were pretty crappy. I succumbed to buying a “luxury” one from some brand called Zini, mainly because it was 40% off and it looked really cool. The vibrations were even worse than the Evolved :(

    So please help me!! I don’t know what to get and I’m afraid to buy anything else. I really would love a vibe that can be used either/or; the clitoral vibe I have gets me off eventually, but it takes awhile. Layspot, I think? It’s ok. But it’s not great. I’m starting to wonder who is broken here, me or the toys. I don’t really like dildos, I’ve already figured that much out. They’re boring and bland. Can women get something that is the equivalent to blue balls, because I swear I’ve had it a lot :(

    2. I can’t even begin to comment on what toy to review next because I’m so newb to these things and so overwhelmed. it’s like standing in the cough & cold aisle and being too brain dead to figure out which medication will cover most of my symptoms. However, I do like patterns and the Minna Ola looks really neat but I’m just not 100% sold. Any chance you could review that?
    Also, I bought a cheap, Walmart shower curtain liner recently. The overwhelming stink of it reminded me a LOT of the sex toy that reeked enough to bring me to Google/here. I thought that the stink would go away after a couple days and it lessened but it was still there a week later so I threw it out. Since I’m in a tiny apartment, most of the apartment smelled bad too. I thought I had the flu that week because I was sick to my stomach and had headaches and bodyaches but could it have been due to the smells? And is that kind of thing similar at all to the sex toy stink?

    3. I shared the post of “My sex toy stinks” because it led me here! http://www.stumbleupon.com/content/17mnuT/likes

  5. Let’s see why do I want a Mona 2? Well for starters I am fascinated by the shape and I have a love affair with my current LELO toys, Liv and Bob. I’ve read Epiphora sing her praises to the Mona 2 and I just have been dying to get my hands on it. It looks so elegant and the improved power is just what I need. LELO Liv was the first toy that told me it was possible for me to enjoy vibration so I have a special soft spot for them in my sex toy buyer heart. I also love vibrators that can be used for clitoral and internal stimulation because I absolutely love internal vibration and often prefer it over clitoral, but I love the option for being able to do both. Also as a new reviewer any new toy I can get that is not toxic to put into my body and I have some interest in is phenomenal because sex toys are expensive and not a lot of people want to give us newbies free toys until we prove we’re here to stay.

    I’d love to see you do a review of the Tantus O2 Cush, I’m super curious about what people have to say about the O2 line.

    I chose to share your Dildology post because I think that is a very important cause that needs to be shared. We should know what goes into the toys we are putting into our body and companies shouldn’t be able to lie about it. It also raises awareness that it is something to think about for those who have never thought about what their toys are made of. https://twitter.com/Insatiaslut/status/346328461532618752

    Happy 5 Year Blogiversary! I hope I can be where you are in 5 years.

  6. I want to try the Mona 2 because I’m curious about it. The only other Lelo vibes I’ve tried are Mia (which I only use for travel) and the original Ina, which is too intense in my opinion and doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. Other than the Large SmartWand, the Mona 2 is at the top of my list for Lelo vibes to try.

    I would be interested in hearing your opinions on one of the “alarm clock” vibes like the Little Rooster or the Wake-Up Vibe Alarm because in theory they sound awesome to me, but I’m skeptical if they would really work/stay in place/be pleasurable etc.

    I shared your For Novelty Use Only post on Twitter because that’s something I’ve always wondered about, & I think it would be a great read for my followers: https://twitter.com/pennysblog/status/346356009922600960

  7. 1. I’m new to vibes and would like to try it because I’ve heard that Lelo is top of the line.

    2. I’m curious about the Jimmy Jane line because I see it advertised all over the place, in particular the Form 6 or Form 4. I’m also curious about the Leaf line.

    3. I liked this post on facebook.

  8. 1) I think the Mona 2 would be an excellent introduction to internal vibrations. My current vibrator is the Good Vibrations Silky G. (It’s a hard plastic, battery-run toy that I picked up on a whim since I’d never had one before.) It gave me my first clitoral orgasm (yay, new things!), but inserting it isn’t comfortable due to its hook at the top. For me, the pleasure I get from penetration (even without a G-spot orgasm) is better than the clitoral orgasms I get from the vibrator, so it’s ignored a lot. I’m all about my dildos, but the Mona intrigues me enough to want to give it a chance. No swapping batteries or only being able to stimulate one of my labia at a time; Mona’s rechargeable and broad at the top. Epiphora and Being Blacksilk have heaped praise on its versatility, so I could give clitoral stimulation another chance and still get the G-spot loving I like. I love the silky smooth silicone of the Lelo Ella, so sliding the Mona inside me would be a treat, plus its size appears to be a good match for my anatomy; not too girthy, not too slim. I could apply the pressure I like, thrust shallowly with it, and even hold it in place with my PC muscles according to some. Finally, its vibration levels have enough variety for me to discover a suitable power level, and it uses button controls instead of a finicky dial.
    2) Whenever I look at vibrators, I’m slightly perplexed by the differences in the intensity and sound scales of different sites, and I find myself getting aggravated. Your experience would give you an excellent perspective on the accuracy of those scales and what their standards are, so I’d like to see a 2-part post dedicated to your vibrator scale (part 1), and those provided by other websites (part 2). Also, in the spirit of holding manufacturers accountable, and in view of the ongoing Lelo/Standard Innovations legal battle, I’d like to see you talk about copycat products. Not only is it confusing for consumers, it’s downright mean for a big company to steal a smaller one’s designs. As for reviews, I’d like your take on the Fun Factory Elegance, the Wink Crave, the Vixen Creations Champlette, the Vamp Silicone Bebe, and every single dildo/vibrating dildo that Tantus makes. (I know you have a few Tantus products on your to-be reviewed list already, I just love reading about their products.) Oh, and please review the new Fun Factory Gigolini because it is beautiful! (And it’s the only full-size insertable vibe they have that I can handle.)
    3)The Google Plus account associated with this email address is one of the only social media pages I still have*, so I chose to share your post on silicone toys there. https://plus.google.com/u/0/105182645376713610737/posts/A7bfQ7BAXp4 I chose that post because it’s informative and funny, along with being a great example of the more journalistic side of your writing. You discuss sex toys matter-of-factually, with logic and research, and I think a lot of people that would otherwise shy away from “inappropriate” things respond well to that. Plus, since it has links to your posts on toxic sex toys at the bottom my hope is that they’ll like your style and keep on reading-I know I did!

    *I’ll be applying to graduate schools next year so I’m in the midst of eliminating my online presence. I plan on creating a pseudonym for all of my web browsing to better protect my privacy. I know it’s kind of paranoid, but I’m interested in some pretty competitive programs… -_-

  9. I would love to try the Mona 2 as I have a difficult time getting to orgasm unless my partner almost dies from having to have sex with me for so long and so hard I feel bad so this might just help warm me up more and make things easier on him.

    I would love to see you review the Life by Leaf and any rabbit vibes.

    I choose to share your article of this MY User name there is syrazel http://dangerouslilly.com/2013/06/who-should-decide-if-a-sex-toy-is-worth-its-price/ as I have had many issues on what is worth the price etc thinking higher prices meant better toys which isnt always true etc. I shared it on reddit.

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity and good luck everyone

  10. I want this toy similarly to my previous entries. I enjoy, to the highest degree, giving my wife as much pleasure as possible. Every toy you have given away so far have had brilliant reviews and this one, with its vibrations seems to be the best of the lot so far.

    I would like you to review the Jopen Key Stella Kegel Balls as my wife is interested in some form of kegel toy and they seem to be a relatively new product. It would be interesting to see how they compare with Lelo’s Luna beads as that is what seems to be the highest rated by most reviewers.

    I shared Dildology: The Science of Sex Toys because I belive that it is good to have an independant group proving if toys are as safe as possible.

  11. Hi Lilly, My post, yet again, was lost on cyberspace :-( Is this weeks contest over or should I rewrite it?

    Thanks for doing this contests, and thanks for all the help your blog has been.

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