May 282013

Dangerous Lilly's 5 Year Blogaversary Celebration, Week 1

Unless you’re new here, you know that I don’t always follow the crowd and do things the normal way. So when I first started brainstorming concepts for a giveaway to celebrate 5 years of blogging, I wanted to choose 5 things to give away. I tossed up a poll on some of my ideas to test the waters. Then a pattern started to emerge. Then I thought “Why lump it all into one giveaway, why not have multiple ones to give people a better chance?” and then I thought that there should be a theme…and I looked at that pattern…and a theme was born. There will be 5 weeks of giveaways, with each week representing a year and each week’s item will be my favorite (or one of) from that year. Since I started blogging in the middle of a calendar year I was able to take the liberty of a “year” being from June to June.  I also wanted to be able to give each week’s item/sponsor the proper love and gratitude they deserve.

Hands down my favorite item from the First Year was the Njoy Pure Wand. I actually cringe a bit when I read the review I wrote in 2008, because my writing and reviewing style has changed so much. But nonetheless, my enthusiasm for the Pure Wand hasn’t waned. I have experienced some really great dildos but nothing can ever compare or best the Pure Wand for me. It’s the shape, the size, the material, the way it glides….it’s everything. It’s perfect in my eyes.

The company supporting me this week and providing one lucky person with their very own Njoy Pure Wand is:


Australia | United States | Europe

Originally an Australian company, Black Label has grown and now is more global! This is great news because I can open the contest to AU/US/EU people! The Njoy Pure Wand will be sent to you straight from Black Label. I like this company a lot, they have curated a great collection of quality sex toys!

How to Enter

I’m embracing more “old school” giveaway methods and trying for something just a little bit more different and fair. I know that a lot of people who would like to enter the giveaways for sex toys often do not have a strong chance, because the company sponsoring it (and even the blog) wants social media attention in return and people who are not out or have only a “friends and family”Facebook page are unable to “like” a sex toy store on Facebook.

You will not be able to gain umpteen entries for the best chance at a random drawing here. I’m asking you to leave one comment on this post and do the three following things (not one, all three):

1. Tell me why you want the Pure Wand! Try to keep it to a few paragraphs or under 300 words, ok?

2. This is where you have a choice, but you must do one:

  • Using a public (not tweet-protected unless I follow you) Twitter account, send out the following tweet: “Enter to win an Njoy Pure Wand from @HaveBetterSex via @Dangerouslilly”. Post the direct-link to your tweet in your comment.
  • If you don’t have a Twitter account that you actually use and has followers/can tweet about sex toys from, just go to the Black Label site and find one other item that, if luck were on your side, you would love to also get along with the Pure Wand. Tell me the name of the toy and paste the direct link to it in your comment.

3. I have a list, here on my site, of toys that rate as my top choices of all time. Find that list and pick out one item from the list that you own and agree/disagree that its a top pick or one from the list that you are dying to try if you don’t own any of them.

Leave ONE comment, not 3 just one, with all three of those required tasks in it. I want to make entries fair but not disgustingly easy, either. I mean it’s a freakin Pure Wand, people. How will I choose the winner? The winner will be verified by me that they did requirements #2 and #3 correctly and then finally chosen by my favorite answer for #1. 

Contest closes on Wednesday, June 5th at 11:59PM EST. Yep, it’s a relatively quick one. Keep up with my updates via Facebook, RSS or Email because I’m having 4 more giveaways! Every Wednesday for the next month will be a new giveaway. Week 2 is a Nobessence dildo, Week 3 is a Lelo Mona 2, Week 4 is a We-Vibe Salsa & a Tantus dildo, and Week 5 is a Fucking Sculptures dildo!!

WINNER!! CONGRATS TO KEIGHLEY!  Please check your email!

May 202013

BS is Nice - Rainbow G-Spot DildoBS Is Nice”  is a newer silicone company making hand-poured 100% pure silicone products in Madrid. has started to carry some of their products and graciously sent me one to try out.

BS has a lot of interesting color schemes and designs; some (not on the SheVibe site) are a little less fun and are just single or dual colors. Others are much more interesting. There’s a cow print, one that looks like a sports sock, crazy asymmetrical stripes and zebra stripes. You can see roughly what it’ll look like on the site, but since it’s hand-poured they’re not all going to be exact. The rainbow levels on mine are not quite as uniform as the one photographed for SheVibe, but they’re unique. I’ve seen photos from BS on Facebook where the rainbow levels were more uniform and more thick, going a little farther up. I’d say that the only thing I would improve about the designs where it encompasses the base, is to bring that design farther up from the base just a bit, maybe a half-inch or so more than mine show? When I put my Rainbow G-Spot in my Aslan Leather Harness, most of the colors were hidden, and it didn’t quite fit right in this particular Aslan style. If you want the BS dildos for use in a harness, I’d suggest that they will look best and work better with harnesses that are more minimalistic, or at least don’t have you pushing the dildo through fabric or leather.  The Aslan Commando harness would be better, as would the Sportsheets ones since the dildo only goes through the o-ring, not the fabric. This might fit RodeoH or Spartparts styles, it’s not oddly small or wide, but you’ll cover up most of the design by using those types of harnesses. 

BS Rainbow G-Spot shown in the Aslan Jaguar/Minx Harness BS Rainbow G-Spot - The Rainbow Base BS Rainbow G-Spot in the Aslan Cherry Minx(Jaguar) Harness

The G-Spot style is the only BS dildo style that SheVibe currently carries, but I happen to think it’s a pretty good choice. I’m not usually a fan of perfectly straight dildos (unless the girth is the factor) and this heavily curved design combined with a slightly-flat more snub-nose tip (reminiscent a bit of the Lelo Ella, shown below to compare) will be great for g-spots and even prostates. I happen to have the Medium size, which looks like it’ll give you an extra inch in length over the small, and a little bit more girth. Honestly the girth is hard to measure. The shaft seems to be 1.3 inches wide and the head juts out a little to be more like 1.4, 1.45 inches wide, but the base widens a little bit on a slope, making it sit less flush against a harness o-ring than I’d like. SheVibe does a pretty good job of measuring the items they list, especially when there are multiple sizes available. For size/shape comparison below, I’ve shown the BS alongside the Tantus O2 Cush in blue, and a black Tantus P-Spot dildo.

Showing the tip of the Lelo Ella vs the BS G-Spot Tantus O2 vs BS G-Spot vs Tantus P-Spot

The G-Spot design is just flexible enough for me to be able to straighten it out fully, so for those that really like and almost require a firm curve and specific pressures/angles for g-spot or prostate stimulation might not love this line. The silicone isn’t quite as squishy as the Tantus O2 outer layer, but is quite a bit softer and more flexible than very firm Tantus pieces. BS silicone is about on par with Vamp silicone in firmness. For those that like some give and dislike rock-solid materials, you’ll really like the BS silicone. It does of course gather up fur/dust/link like crazy.

I actually really like the BS packaging design. It’s minimal, yet reusable. It comes in a clear, plastic pouch but it is a very thick mil of plastic, more like heavy plastic sheeting than the bags that a Tantus dildo might come in. And yes, I said reusable. It comes to you like a food item – you tear off the sealed portion of plastic up top and then it has a “Ziploc” style closure for the bag. It’s not discreet since it’s see-through, but it’s great for people who don’t have a lot of storage space options and want to put the dildo in something to keep it clean in between uses.

BS Rainbow G-Spot in Package BS Is Nice Packaging Text

Since it’s pure silicone, you’ll probably need to use lube with this, the silicone dildos usually tend to naturally create a little more resistance (unless they’re super glossy in finish). I’d suggest a water-based lube, pure natural coconut oil, or you can try to spot-test your favorite silicone or hybrid lube on the base. If it gets gummy/tacky in a minute, scrape it off right away. If there’s no change, leave it there an hour and see if there’s any further change (like the lube gets absorbed). To clean these, you can pretty much do anything. Soap and water for most situations, dishwasher, boiling water, or 10% bleach solution if you’re going to use it both anally and vaginally (although never in the same session, please) or share it. is becoming known for showcasing the smaller companies, and I think that BS Is Nice offers a few really great choices that are unique. I have a feeling that this rainbow-and-black color scheme will be a big seller. Thank you, Shevibe!!


e[lust] #46

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May 162013

Welcome to e[lust] – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust].  Want to be included in e[lust] #47? Start with the newly updated rules, come back June 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

 ~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

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  ~ Featured Posts (Molly’s Picks) ~

Because you are so beautiful
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~ Readers Choice from  Sexbytes ~

 Dildology: The Science of Sex Toys

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Review: Minna Ola

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May 152013
Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

The Minna Ola looks unremarkable at first. It has no extreme curve, no extreme girth. It’s your average silicone-covered vibrator. It’s not plush. It is waterproof though, and rechargeable (although recharging this is maddening). 

But as soon as you pick up the Ola, you’ll see the difference. A portion of the handle feels like an air cushion. It IS an air cushion. The Minna Ola is the vibrator for those who adore patterns and don’t need lots of vibration intensity. With Ola, you create your own pattern. 

When you first turn Ola on, the power button will blink and it will give a friendly little pulse of vibration, but nothing happens. Until you squeeze that neat little air pillow on the handle. The harder you squeeze, the more powerful the vibrations become. You can slowly ease off and create undulating waves of ascending and descending vibrations or you can beat out staccato drums to the tune of your favorite Ace of Base song. This is called “freeplay mode” where you can do as you please. The trick is to play around with it at first and see what you like, then push the second button which records. This is called “loop mode”. During loop mode you can do whatever you want; once you’re done, you press that special record button again to stop recording. 

I bought the Ola because I was curious about this technology. Where so many sex toy companies create variations on the same thing, this was unique and different. Except I forgot one thing: I hate patterns. I need strong, steady vibrations. I can tolerate patterns as a tease, if I’m in the mood for that, but in general I’m not. So yay….my loop consisted of nothing but me holding down the soft spot all the way to create the most powerful vibrations Ola can spit out, unrelenting, unchanging. I don’t think that was their point. 

The nice part about this is that you can use it in either mode; freestyle requires that you press on the soft spot the whole time. If you let up, it stops. Loop mode means you can just enjoy the pattern you created. The Ola is long enough to be considered an internal vibrator but I don’t feel that it’s strong enough, thick enough, or have enough of a g-spot curve/swell to it to be of any real interest to me. When the Ola is surrounded (i.e. inserted) the vibrations dampen, as many vibrators do (especially the rechargeable ones) but it dampens enough so that I consider it to be on the low end of moderate. The vibrations are also somewhere in the middle of rumbly and buzzy. They’re not super deep, but they’re not irritatingly shallow, surface-only vibrations either.  They can easily be described as pleasant. I feel that the Je Joue Uma’s vibrations are stronger and more pleasing to me, though, for an internal g-spot vibrator that is similar in size, shape and “luxury” level.

Minna OlaThe only aspect of the Minna Ola that left me with any sort of strong feelings is the charging. I effing hate it. In fact, it’s safe to say that I hate ALL magnetic chargers. Seriously folks, amp up the magnetism or use the jack plug style. I have to have the Ola and the charger sitting just so, or it won’t charge. It took me awhile to realize that the power button had to slowly pulse and stay that way – and it took a number of tries to get it to do that, otherwise it blinked and then went dead without charging. It’s supposed to take 3 hours to charge it fully from dead zero but that time frame will depend upon the charger maintaining perfect contact with the Ola the whole time. The pulsing light isn’t easy to see in a very well-lit room, either. 

All in all, it’s a nice looking package. It comes with the ubiquitous satin drawstring bag. Due to the power & “record” buttons being circles, they’ve kept up with the circle theme as part of their logo and design of the package. The box is a tube, the manual is a circle shape, etc. Oh and the charger? Like the We-Vibe chargers there is a wall plug that ends in a jack, and a tiny little base you plug the jack into and then it clicks onto the Ola magnetically. Lose that little base and you’re screwed. Minna actually has  reason for this though, as annoying as it may be. You’ll notice a tiny jack hole in the squeeze pad; it’s not for charging. Since that squeeze pad is filled with air, when you travel sometimes altitude/pressure changes can deflate the squeeze pad. Poke around the hole with the jack (stop snickering, dammit) and it’ll re-inflate. 


  1. Charger is a pain in the ass
  2. It’s easy to forget to turn it off if you’re using it in freestyle mode. As soon as you stop squeezing the pad, it stops vibrating. All times I tried it out, it died on me because I accidentally left it turned on.
  3. You can create the perfect pattern but it will go away as soon as you turn the loop mode off to take a break, or turn the power off altogether. I feel like if you went to all that trouble to create an awesome pattern, you shouldn’t have to do it again unless you wanted to. 

I can only recommend the Minna Ola to people who prefer patterns, or almost like patterns if only they were slightly different.  If you want something WOW for your g-spot, move on. If you need definitive vibration intensity, keep looking. It’s just all around…..moderate. Unremarkable except for the main event. The unique technology and the “luxury” trappings jack up the price though, this usually retails for around $160ish.  I found this vibe on my own, but I’d recommend that you pick it up at SheVibe if you think it can work for you.

May 112013

Fundraiser So the blog carnival is over and done with – be sure to check out the participants below, as there are many really great reads. Much love and appreciation to those who helped out! A total of $740 was raised in direct donations from the start of the carnival through June 1st. I’m sure that other donations will continue to trickle in as late-comers read the blogs below. While the goal was not met, enough was raised to get 1 GC-MS test done plus 1 FTIR. The way the current lab does it, they run the FTIR first. If it leads them to a conclusion that the item is not pure silicone or may contain something that is not an “organic polymer”, then the GC-MS test will be run. The James Deen “Realistic” dildo was obtained and the results will hopefully be available soon.

Also going on at the same time as the blog carnival was a campaign over at Offbeatr, a place for adult projects suggested by Violet Blue. Offbeatr runs a much tighter ship than the other crowd-funding platforms; they put you through a 3-step validation period, of sorts….two levels to pass through internally by Offbeatr, and then the project must gather up public votes before they can start actually raising money. The 130 votes were gathered and pledges have slowly come in.

Fundraiser Progress:

Together, we are making history in the sex toy industry and together, we WILL create positive change

Molly – Dig Deep For Dildology Epiphora — Once and for all: what’s in our sex toys?
SugarCunt – Dildology: Doing the dirty work so you don’t have to City Girl – What’s Dildology?
Marvelous Darling, Support! Karen Blue- Get Ready For Change
ScarletRose – Why We Need Dildology Septimus Reviews – I Dream of a Well-Regulated Sex Toy Industry
Rayne – The “Silicone” Ball Gag -or- Why We Need Dildology Buzz on Vibes — Dildology to Test Sex Toys
Emerald –, Grassroots at its Best Dirty Little Whispers – Dildology; In Dildo Veritas
Penny- Dildology and Safe Sex Toys The Redhead Bedhead- Dildology: Sex Toy Safety Superheroes
She Bop — Dildology: material verification of sex toys! Beck And Her Kinks –What is that smell?
NaughtyReenie – How to buy good sex toys Ned Mayhem – Adventures in Silicone
Nadia West – Support Your Right to Know What’s Going in Your Cooch Geeky Nymph- Science Meets Sex Toys
InsaneHussein – Don’t You Want to Know What’s in Your Sex Toys? Zoe Hanis – Do You Know What That Dildo Is Made Of?
Sangsara’s Sangtuary – Toxic Toys No More!! Screaming Violet – Dildology
SEXPress – Are your sex toys toxic? Blacksilk – Dildology: Love Dildos? Donate!
Mama K – Dildology: What it is and Why you should care dizzygirl–Does matter, matter?
Nymphomaniac Ness: Making Sexual Pleasure Safer Sexasational! – Why what’s in your sex toys matters


Legalese in regards to donations: is in the process of finishing up their 501(c)(3) which means that your donation will be tax deductible. It will be retroactive, so anyone who has donated prior to this can claim the donation for tax year 2013.

frenchpresssmWe’ve also received some other great press during the carnival. If you don’t speak French, the translator that is native in Google Chrome does a semi-decent job of translating Objets de Plaisir – Dildology : In Dildo Veritas. I especially like their graphic of “sex toys fighting amongst themselves”!

Jenn at Blog No. 42 bravely shared her thoughts on phthalates with her readers, on a blog that probably never talks about sex toys. I really like reaching those audiences, because it’s not “preaching to the choir”, there’s a real chance for education and eye-opening. Thanks, Jenn!

And then Violet Blue supported us. Holy cow, y’all. EXCITING. I see good things coming for the Dildology Army.


The incentives offered by the bloggers who participated were temporary, but the incentives offered by Dildology are permanent! I also particularly like Sexasational‘s hand-drawn sex toy art that is being sold, with proceeds going to Dildology. I know that these works of art would look fabulous framed and hung in the offices of sexuality professionals and sex toy stores!


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