Nov 162012

Same thing, only smaller.

That’s what I said when I first got these and it’s still pretty much true. The set is identical in design, weights and colors to the original Luna Beads – I’m not going to rehash all of that crap, so just go back and read that review if you need that info. The only change is in the size.

Well….the size, and the fact that the weighted ball inside of the plastic bead is naked metal. I own two sets of Luna Bead Original and in both, that weighted bead is coated in something so that the sound of metal on hard plastic isn’t so loud. I have no idea why they didn’t do this with the Mini Luna Beads Pleasure System. The noise difference between the two is huge – but this doesn’t mean you’ll feel the weights rattling and shifting any moreso than the Original beads.

I could hear the Mini’s rattling around inside of me but that was from an internal POV. Externally it wasn’t super bad but I think in a public, very quiet place I would feel self-conscious. There was the occasional rattle but it could be passed off as something else. However, Elspeth recorded the sound her set made as she wore them, and the noise is quite obvious. Is the sound dampened for me because of my weight? Hard to say.

So I guess the question is….why should you purchase the Luna Minis? If you have tried any of the other kegel beads on the market (or the Luna Original) and felt that they were uncomfortably large then try out the Luna Minis. If you’re happy with the Original size or similar in other beads, then I’d say pass. They’re created especially for women who cannot tolerate much girth. You might be able to use these as further exercise if you feel that your kegels need more toning and you’ve been using the Luna Original 2-bead blue set; I did feel that it took a little effort to keep the Mini set inside of me and I was using a holstered 2-bead set. Have you ever worn a tampon and been in a situation where it’s been in a little too long and is over-saturated and starting to poke out a little? That’s what it was like for me wearing the Mini set, that feeling. I like the Luna beads because they’re a passive kegel exerciser, unlike little cheap Ben Wa balls that require active effort to stay inside of you.

The only other kegel bead set on the market that these can be compared to is the awful Bedroom Kandi Hold on to Me set; these are larger that the BK beads with actual silicone for the holster.

  • Epiphora

    I don’t believe it’s a weight thing. I can’t hear them when they’re inside me either. Like, at all.

  • Ellen

    I’ve been given this set of Kegel beads last christmas ( and while they are beautiful (especially the packaging), the two bigger sizes are a real problem for me – I can get them in with enough lube, but it’s SO difficult to get them out again… It’s kinda scary, they get stuck and I have to pull really really hard. It bothered me so much stopped using beads alltogether. But this might be the solution for me then!

  • Kirby

    I have the Mini set, and I agree that the noise is definitely audible when they’re not inserted (if I’m carrying them to the bathroom to clean them, for example). However, I don’t hear them when they’re inside me at all.

    I’ve used the smaller/lighter pair a few times and have the same feels-like-a-tampon-starting-to-fall-out situation going on. From reading this blog, it seems like that indicates that they’re too small. Am I right about that? Should I use larger/heavier ones? Is it the size or the weight that’s the issue?

    I like my Mini ones enough, but I’m concerned that they’re not effective because I’m not using them properly. Do I insert them and just let them do what they do because they’re “passive”? Or should I be physically squeezing with them inserted for the best results?

    Thank you.