Aug 182012

Yesterday, and for the hundredth time, someone on Liberator’s Twitter feed acted like a complete asshole.

Being a seasoned social media watcher, I knew that these offensive and idiotic tweets would eventually disappear so I screen-capped them. And heyyyyy, lookie there….they’re now gone! But thanks to posterity, not forgotten.

Lest we think that the asshattery is limited to whatever dumbass Liberator decided to entrust with the Twitter password this week, it’s also going on at Facebook in spades. SPADES I TELL YOU.

First up, we have this one. I shared it, I commented my disgust in their negative attitude and nothing has happened. Yet.

But then when I shared the following photo from their FB stream with my outraged comments, and then others did the same? Well now suddenly the photo in question is gone. And since it was a share, when Liberator deletes it, it gets deleted from all streams. But this is the photo:

Of course it had many likes, and many “high five bro” type comments. I didn’t see anybody on Liberator’s initial posting saying anything bad about it. Which is kinda my point….do we really need a sex toy retailer perpetuating this kind of sex negative attitude??

Due to their bait-and-swtich-esque treatment of Epiphora and previous acts of douchebaggery on Twitter, I’d already lost interest in them as a company. Now? I’m done. No, really. I will find other sex support position pillow companies to recommend, because I am D-O-N-E. Just like I won’t support Chik-Fil-A because their profits get donated to anti-gay-and-lesbian organizations intent on making the lives of gays and lesbians even more unsafe and even more difficult, I will not support a company who spouts off immature, sex-negative, queer-negative shit like a drunk 18 year old frat boy.

This isn’t the first company to lose my support. RubyGlass21 was probably the first company I’d ever seen behave like a child on Twitter. They first started off by tossing out thinly-veiled digs to Crystal Delights. Then they would, unprompted, start spouting off even more lies and bullshit about Crystal Delights via email to the few bloggers who tread carefully and agreed to review. Slanderous shit. Then they’d apologize for puking their drama-llama bullshit all over Twitter in some text-language that is worse than the average 13-year-old. I couldn’t even fucking understand what they were saying on Twitter. It was embarrassing for them.

They started this shit way back in May.

This was after I’d said to them “Honestly, I don’t even know what you’re trying to say because your tweets make no sense grammatically.”

  June…and they still don’t get it

Later on in June…they’ve still not STFU.

I wondered if perhaps English was a distant second language to this person, but I don’t think it is. I love the response that tweets are not term papers, that I should lighten up. Hey, I’m not asking for  tweets that would pass muster by an English professor. I’m asking for something that is: Professional, Readable, Courteous, Intelligent. Whoever this MJ person is, possesses none of those qualities. And frankly RubyGlass21 could be producing the most awesome glass dildos ever, and because of their behavior on Twitter and in email to other reviewers, I will never, ever recommend them. The height of professionalism and maturity? Crystal Delights, for holding their tongue and not engaging in a pointless Twitter fight with these idiots.


It is that simple. If companies cannot comprehend this, then frankly they deserve whatever backlash they get. It’s common sense. But apparently, neither Liberator or RubyGlass21 have any common sense.


  9 Responses to “Why your poor social media skills have cost you my business”

  1. And yet again an Atlanta-area company makes me sad. Thank you for pointing out what Liberator since has erased.

  2. Both of these companies have lost my business as well. It’s a shame because they both have good products. Maybe if enough people vote with their business these companies will catch on.

  3. It’s been awhile but another company that lost my support was For Your Nymphomation. I don’t know if she is still in business since I can’t find her products at most of the sex toy retailers I frequent, but if she went out of business I wouldn’t be surprised. I stopped supporting her over a year ago when she just went OFF on someone. Watching her tweets was like watching a drunken debacle at a cotillion. Scandalous! I think that one time she railed against a nameless customer and another time she got into it with a blogger. She never learned to separate herself from her business social media accounts and once she outed herself as a gigantic bitch, that couldn’t be taken back or separated from For Your Nymphomation.

    ~ I think I remember what you’re talking about and yeah, her actions were highly unprofessional and way over the line. I’m sorry to report that she’s not changed since then and I also recently cut ties due to her behaviour on Facebook.

  4. I wasn’t familiar with Ruby Glass but a gander through their Twitter stream is equally entertaining in the train-wreck sort of way and just plain sad. I will admit to finding that tshirt mildly entertaining at first – I think it’s sending a different message because the shirt is worn by a woman – I do admit that its very inappropriate for a company like Liberator to be sharing like that.

    Thanks to the politicians and their dick shots, the “I’ve been hacked” excuse just doesn’t fly with any social media user anymore.

  5. I had always thought some of the more nonsensical company tweets were bots of some sort.

    Of course, that doesn’t excuse the companies for what’s there. Douchebaggery, insensitivity, and general stupidity are all still there whether they’re written by bots or otherwise.

    ~ At least in the case of Liberator, it’s never been bots. Usually after a big enough of a stink is raised a higher-up will come on a apologize and say that the team member responsible for it has had their privileges yanked. But hacked accounts usually spit out tweets that are never in response and are very out of character.

  6. Thanks for bringing such an important issue to our attention!

  7. Thank you for this post. Upon reading a lot of critical tweets about Liberator over the last day or so, we’d been trying to figure out exactly what they had said/done. As customers who have long used and repeatedly recommended their Throes, we are distressed by their attitude – although given the fact that in our single correspondence with them via Twitter they transposed “your” and “you’re” we should have known.

  8. Lord above.

    I find it incredible that companies can still mistake having friends on facebook as actual friends that you can be chummy and politically incorrect with. How can their PR person(s) not understand the proper way to act towards and around customers? That’s truly what it comes down to. I don’t care if I walk into a brick and mortar, call a hotline, email or buy online: I expect professionalism when my money is concerned. If you won’t take pride in your appearance, why the fuck should I give you my money? Easily: I don’t.

    Thanks for this article. I was unaware of these events but now that I’ve read it, it completely zaps any interest I had in them before (which is too bad; I had been building up my own set from Liberator’s Home Collection).

  9. Hello, My name is Mj
    Yes the MJ from rubyglass21,
    We are very sorry for airing that we had gotten screwed over for a product we came up with entirely.
    I understand that you and others were upset, Rubyglass is over it!Oour new line of products will speak for themselves.
    We regret our decision to air our problems with crystal Delights.
    However Having all the facts would have helped your decision to not try to slander a small business sticking up for themselves.

    ~ First, I had the facts that I needed. Second, my statements were observations based on your behaviour plus my opinions.
    The very definition of “slander” is “oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed”. What you actually mean is libel: “to publish in print (including pictures), writing or broadcast through radio, television or film, an untruth about another which will do harm to that person or his/her reputation”. However, given that what I wrote was on observation of of things you said publicly and it was my opinion, and therefore I said nothing “untrue”….it’s neither slander or libel. I have my opinion, and I’m holding on to it.

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