Sex Toys on Sale!

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Nov 302011

EdenFantasys is having more sales, this is a great time to get those toys you’ve been eyeing up. There are some really decent toys in the 30% off section, and a lot of rabbit styles too:

Looking for the luxury items? Tantus, Lelo, Nexus, Bswish and more are 25% off:

Still didn’t see what you want? Well this code is good on everything, sitewide!

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Nov 282011

Lelo Tiani vs We Vibe

UPDATE: Since this post, We-Vibe has revamped their design, come out with a different remote and an app, while Lelo has also revamped the Tiani. Review to come soon for the Tiani 3.

UPDATE 2: Nothing here is relevant anymore. We-Vibe is continuously revamping their couples vibrator and their latest and best version (as of Jan 2018) is the Sync. It is more powerful than the Tiani 3, more likely to fit you, etc. Ignore this entire damn post.

In the last few months we’ve seen two very similar, yet very different, “couples vibrator” on the sex toy market. While the We Vibe has been around for years, it lacked a remote control. When Lelo created the Sensemotion remotes for the latest Insignia line they introduced the Tiani which many have compared to the We Vibe because it is meant to be worn by the woman during penetrative sex with a guy and claims to provide hands-free clitoral stimulation. The shape is similar and comparisons can’t help but be made. Please note: This post has been updated from the original to showcase the changes in the Lelo Tiani with the “Design” Edition, or Tiani 2.

Lelo marketed the entire Sensemotion line with dual purposes – the other reason for the remote was for someone else to control the vibrator. In public? Maybe, if you’re discreet about it and manage to set it up properly. Lelo drastically improved the range and reliability of the remote control connection from the original Tiani to the Tiani 2 – the signal will transmit across a room, through most clothing, etc. Their remote requires a couple of regular batteries while the vibrator itself is rechargeable. The remote can get confusing with all the various settings and functions and if it loses connection with the vibrator, the person holding the remote doesn’t actually know it – because the remote keeps on vibrating. With the original Tiani, the vibrator would stop working if the remote dropped a signal. Now, the vibrator will continue to work, you just will not be able to change settings until you are back in signal range. You won’t know this is happening unless you communicate with your partner.  The Tiani 2’s internal arm is much smaller than the We-Vibe 3, so this is best for women who cannot tolerate much more girth than the penis inside of them. The Tiani 2 offers two different internal arms to choose best for your comfort level.

We Vibe just came out with the We-Vibe 3 and they included a remote this time because a common complaint was that the placement of the button coupled with it’s size and the fact that the shiny silicone would quickly become slippery when wet made it damn near impossible for many to change the speed or pattern during sex. We Vibe is not marketing this remote control for any use other than to control it more easily during sex – they do not mention at all that you could use it while she wears the vibrator and you control it without sex being in the mix. Because the We Vibe has always been about enhancing hetero-coupled sex. And the remote isn’t designed for the controller to not be right there – it doesn’t light up, it doesn’t do anything to tell you what setting it is on. However, the We Vibe 3 WILL still work if you lose the remote because there is a button on the vibrator. And the remote does not require any batteries or recharging, it is a permanent 5-7 year lifespan battery.

The We Vibe, any of the models, is actually for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation during sex.
The Lelo Tiani 2 has vibrations on the clitoris, with the arm for placement or slight g-spot pressure.

Both claim though to provide clitoral stimulation that doesn’t get in the way during sex and requires little effort. Except, for some couples, it’s simply a basic fact that a cock pumping in and out of a very lubricated vagina is going to provide friction and movement to the toy and it will move. It just will. Either one also may not be enough stimulation for you –  neither is truly all that powerful as a vibrator but they can be useful to some.

Price is certainly a decision maker for some, but the Lelo Tiani is priced higher than the We Vibe 3, for two reasons: 1) Lelo is cashing in harder every year on the reputation/hype that’s built up around the company and every line that they come out with is increasingly more expensive and more disappointing 2)  Sensemotion technology is a reason for the $20-30 price increase of the Lelo Tiani over the We-Vibe 3.

Who will actually like either of these? Both Tiani and We Vibe 3 are best meant for women who do not need a lot of power in the vibrations of their sex toy to get off. Women who will be able to use either one successfully are those who need just a little help during sex. If your male partner is already pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone with the size of his cock, then the We Vibe will be added girth that you may not tolerate. While the Tiani would excel there due to the small arm it also will not add anything to the party for g-spot stimulation during sex.

  We Vibe 3 Lelo Tiani Sensemotion
Vibration Type Rumbly Buzzy / surface only
Intensity (1-10) 4 4
Remote: Pros Small; requires no batteries or charging; Remote is not required for vibrator to work; Works well during sex; Vibrator does not turn off if remote signal is dropped Remote holder knows what setting it is on; various functions allow for unique uses; Remote holder is “in control”
Remote: Cons Single button; remote holder does not know what setting it is on; range less than 10 ft; Doesn’t transmit through much clothing Requires 2AAA batteries; requires special tool to access batteries; remote often vibrates and isn’t exactly the most discreet thing; remote is fairly large
Intended Use Hetero, coupled PIV sex Hetero, coupled PIV sex
Other Uses none stimulation for her from afar, possibly public
Body: Pros Vibration stimulates both clitoris and g-spot; completely sealed and 100% silicone and 100% waterproof; button on body that turns it on, off, changes settings; easy to clean Silky matte-finish type silicone doesn’t attract dust/fur, creates less friction; smaller internal portion gets in the way less for him and creates less added girth inside; waterproof; 2 options for internal arm, body will work without remote.
Body: Cons Silicone attracts lots of dust & fur, creates friction; larger internal portion can be too much added girth for some couples Plastic portion creates seams that can make cleaning more difficult; no added g-spot stimulation for her;
Prices $129-$149(MSRP) $108-$159(MSRP)

Wondering how I rank vibrators in intensity? There’s a guide on my sex toy reviews page. Not everyone will agree with how I rank the vibrators listed, I’m sure, but I try to be as accurate and fair as possible while still acknowledging that I’m not a scientist and my opinions are skewed a bit towards my preferences.

We Vibe 3 vs Lelo Tiani Sensemotion
We Vibe vs Lelo Tiani


Nov 232011

I wonder how many people have the cohones to truthfully respond to this question?

I will allow you to be anonymous and won’t spill the beans if I know who you are, I promise ;)

My confession:

A bedpost. Oh I know what you’re thinking. Like this, right? No no. no. The one in question was more like this. Yes it was long, and I yanked it off the bed. Yes I was desperate for anything that had a chance at helping me orgasm since I had nothing that could vibrate.

Why was it dumb?

1. Because it was probably dusted at some point using a chemical spray, like Pledge.

2. The accidental ramming of my cervix resulted in an hour or two of moderate cramping and spotting later on.

We-Vibe 3: Now with a Remote!

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Nov 222011

How to Use The We Vibe 3

I was sent one of the newest couple’s vibrators to review, the We-Vibe 3. Long ago I reviewed the original We-Vibe which had only 2 settings (low and high). That one has been replaced by the We-Vibe II which featured a change to the control button and added in pulsation functions. All of the We-Vibes have been the same size and shape and all intended for the same use: Hetero-coupled PIV sex. The latest We-Vibe has “40% more power” and a remote control. Given my disappointment with the Lelo Tiani Sensemotion remote and vibrator, I held high hopes for the We-Vibe 3.

We-Vibe 3 New Features

WV3 has claimed 40% more power than previously – 40% more is a little bit hard to measure. If it were 100% more power than previously that would mean it is twice as strong and that could be definitively felt. I charged up both models and until I actually inserted them the power difference was barely discernible. Once inserted I could tell that the We Vibe 3 is more powerful than We Vibe 2 but for those who have tried out the other model, and found the vibration intensity extremely lacking, this increase will not be enough to seal the deal. The vibrations are diffuse throughout each “pad” so if you do best with pinpoint stimulation then this won’t exactly work for you. Personally I had to press down on the clitoral portion and massage my clit with it to get the most out of the rumbly vibrations but it still wasn’t quite enough to push me over the edge – but then again 98% of the time I can’t orgasm from just fingers on my clit so there’s that to consider. 

The We Vibe 3 Charging Dock, Vibrator and the Remote ControlRemote Control – I think that a complaint of the other WV models was that it was difficult to change the vibration speed/function during sex easily. That is the purpose of the remote. Since it has a short range of about 10 feet and the remote is extremely basic, I don’t think it will work well as a public/wearable remote control vibrator just for her. It doesn’t transmit through clothes very well, either. There are no lights or anything on the remote that would tell the person handling the remote if the toy is on, or what setting it is on. There is only one button – click to turn it on and continue clicking through the cycles. Quick-release “off” by pressing and holding the button for a few seconds. There is still a button actually on the WV3 like the previous versions in case you misplace the remote. The We Vibe 3’s remote control does not have to be charged. There is no battery to replace. It has a special battery that is tested to last 5 years but is manufactured as a 10 year battery. If you should ever find that your remote might be dead you can get a replacement remote from We Vibe. *The manual does not tell you this fact. I was pretty clueless about what the hell was going on with the remote until I asked.

The We Vibe 3 in the charging dockHigh Tech Charging – previously you had to plug the We-Vibe in to charge. Charging the We-Vibe 3 is much more simple now and since it does not require that you puncture the silicone it means that the vibrator is safely 100% waterproof. They don’t tell you how it works so process of elimination says that it is induction charging. It takes 24 hours to charge it up at first and a full charge gives you 2 hours of use (about an hour of that at full strength). The base has a tiny yellow LED light to let you know that the toy is situated in the charging cradle properly but it won’t tell you when it is fully charged.


Travel case for We Vibe 3 vs We Vibe OriginalTravel Case – Apparently they did away with the case that came with the original We-Vibe for the remake of We-Vibe 2. The original case looked pretty and didn’t have a logo until you opened it – but it highly resembled a hard-shell eyeglass case which would be cause for an unsuspecting person to open it up if they were snooping. The new travel case is actually the charging cradle – it just has a lid that, while it doesn’t snap on, stays on the cradle fairly well. If you were traveling though I think some jostling and such could dislodge the cover from the base. The base also has a spot for the remote control and if settled in properly it doesn’t rattle around. There is no place inside the case, however, for the charging adapter. Of course the original case didn’t exactly fit both the toy and the charging adapter easily, either.

If you really love pulsating patterns, you’ll be a tad disappointed because the WV3 has 4 patterns while the WV2 has 7.

We Vibe 3 Travel Case (Charging Dock with the Lid On)All in all, the changes made ARE beneficial to the use of the toy as intended. If you’ve used a We Vibe in the past and liked it but didn’t quite love it, you might very well love the We Vibe 3. This is no powerhouse of a vibrator, so keep that in mind. However the vibrations are pleasant and manage to go beyond the surface.


Thanks to We Vibe for letting me review this [blogger disclosure here].
This is a silicone vibrator, please be sure to read about the care & cleaning and lube requirements for silicone.

Sweet Embrace (by Evolved) Vibrator Review

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Nov 202011

Sweet Embrace g-spot vibrator by Evolved Novelties

Fed up with lackluster “luxury” sex toys I turned a curious eye to the Evolved Novelties brand. I’d recently written product descriptions for pretty much all of their line and while many would have appealed to me a lot more about 5 years ago some of them still give me pause. I don’t judge a toy on how much it costs, learning that harsh lesson from too many over-priced under-whelming vibrators. I settled on the Sweet Embrace, frankly, because of the combination of girth and supposed power. The fact that it has 7 functions and a dual motor were secondary. The shape of it overall and the size of the larger end also reminded me of a wooden dildo I love, the NobEssence Seduction.

Sweet Embrace vs NobEssence Seduction

When I first tried out the toy I thought it was broken. It acted like a defective product – the power button was all wonky, it would turn on and then stop, I wasn’t able to find the straight vibration and then I wasn’t able to turn it off. Tried another set of batteries, same thing. Ready to return it to EdenFantasys for a new one I tried a last-ditch effort with a pair of absolutely positively brand new batteries. Success! Turns out, if your batteries are lower on juice than you thought….the vibrator doesn’t know what to do with half-assed battery juice and just goes all random. Defective product? Probably not. High quality product? Probably not. So I have kept my original item.

The Sweet Embrace is marketed as a G-Spot vibrator. Therefore, meant to be inserted. The dual motors (and yes, there is a motor at each end) and their product description indicate that both ends are suitable for insertion depending on your size preference. But man that’s a big jump! The smaller end has a max width of just barely an inch while the big end has a max width of 1.75 inches. But here’s the other problem – it’s short. Which at first I didn’t think would be a problem. After all, the g-spot is located anywhere from 1-3 inches up the front vaginal wall so a maximum insertable length of 3-ish inches should be enough to do the trick. If you don’t want the button actually inside of you (being right at your entrance isn’t much better though) then the insertable lengths are a bit less than stated in the description on the site.

The bigger end appealed to me more but after insertion I figured out why this won’t work: the power button faces your ass and by the time you insert it so that it is more comfortable, with the widest portion resting back on your g-spot, the button is either right at your entrance or just inside of you. *blinks* Ok, fine. I don’t give a hang about the functions and we all know I only care about the top speed so I don’t need to hit that button, but many users might. The thinner end at least has the button facing your clit but the thinner end is also a bit shorter. The button remains buried in flesh. Luckily it is a silicone button with a raised power symbol on it so it is slightly better to push when it’s all wet but it’s a bitch to get to no matter how you slice it.

Ok so what about using it for clit stimulation, instead? It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries,  a fact that some of you may scoff at. I didn’t think anything of it, since my two favorite bullets are powered by 2 AAA batteries and they are gorgeously rumbly and powerful. I have read reviews that say that the Sweet Embrace is buzzy; for once I disagree. It’s a lower-pitched vibration, it isn’t itchy; it’s certainly more rumbly and powerful than the Lelo Tiani, Isla, or Mia; more rumbly than the Bnaughty bullet, the G-ki or Zini Roae; but certainly less powerful and deep than the Vanity VR6‘s insertable portion. I pretty much need the power and depth of vibration provided by the VR6 to make my g-spot give a shit about vibrations. But the power of the Sweet Embrace just isn’t quite enough for me to use as a clit vibrator. The larger end seems to be more powerful (so if you were thinking about enjoying more pin-point, forget that). With fresh batteries and on top speed the larger end could give me a clitoral orgasm if I’m willing to wait a little longer – I can get off with less power if the motor is rumbly enough and this is rumbly enough (the smaller end I might classify as more buzzy, though). I’ve figured out though that because of the dual motors, each motor is powered by one of the batteries. One goes into the smaller end, one the bigger end and you screw it together. If you were able to shut off one of the motors (since you can’t possibly use both at the same time because it is S-shaped, not C-shaped) and have the power of both batteries this would be much more to my liking. Plus if you are holding the larger end you’ll be distracted/irritated by the vibrating handle.

Many reviewers said that when used externally, the Sweet Embrace is quite noisy – it can be. The problem is that the motor, like in many bullets, is sensitive to angle. At certain angles it suddenly goes very rattly and loud. That effect is lessened when it is firmly grasped, inserted or otherwise “steadied”. I’ve actually been sitting here writing this review, clothed, with the larger end on my clit; because of the S-shape the vibrator can be more vertical rather than say pointing outwards like a unrestrained hard cock. Because the smaller end (which I find is more susceptible to the rattles) is firmly against clothing and the larger end is pressed firmly to flesh it isn’t very loud. Granted I’m in a room with two running computers so it isn’t total silence in here but I can barely hear the thing. If I change it to one of the pulsating functions then it gets more noisy because there are a few functions in which the strongest pulse is stronger than the top steady setting. Irritating, because I know it had the potential to be that strong but they chose not to. If I go to move it though it does get louder without the pressure around it.

Will I actually use this as intended, as a g-spot vibrator? Nope. Only because it lacks the power I need for me to really feel that internally. BUT I do quite like the fat end’s shape – that pronounced bulb lends a different g-spot-only quality as opposed to a dildo that is 1.75 inches around the whole thing. This bulb design offers the girth I want for easier massage of my g-spot but with a tapered neck so that my vaginal opening isn’t being stretched. Sometimes I want that stretched feeling all over and sometimes I don’t. I can see myself using this as a dildo. The more I think about it, this might be a pretty decent travel toy – keep the two halves unscrewed and the batteries elsewhere and it’s decently portable. Combined with my bullet on my clit and using this as a dildo I’d get off wonderfully. With this as my only toy I’d have to alternate between g-spot pressure and a long, slow climb to a clitoral orgasm (which means I’d have to be sure to keep a spare set of batteries on hand) but it’s doable. Is this a perfect toy? Definitely not. But I don’t think it will go unused. Which is a lot more than I can say for the last 4 luxury vibrators I’ve tried.

Sweet Embrace ready for travel

Don’t like pink? Evolved also makes this exact same toy in black but markets it to men as a prostate massager, the Provoke. I don’t think this would be a good prostate toy, though. Inserting the smaller end is safe because of the larger end, but inserting the larger end then means you have no flared base for safety. So there you have a fat, vibrating handle to hold, a max insertable length of less than three inches and a definite certainty that the button will be covered in lube and will require thorough toothbrush scrubbing to get it really clean. Oh and as I figured out, the button is actually the lesser of two evils for cleaning. See that raised crap there? WTF is that. It’s not even a logo. Anyways it is a bitch to clean. It requires a toothbrush for that bit.

  • 3 speeds, 4 pulsating functions
  • Waterproof (although using it in the bathroom would be stupid, IMO, if you’re at all concerned about noise levels)
  • ABS hard plastic (silky, matte finish as opposed to shiny and slick) – click here for cleaning and lube info
  • Single button – push to turn on to low steady, then it will move through the other 6 settings. To turn it off, you must press and hold the button for 4 seconds
  • Rumbly vibrations that are moderate but pleasurable
  • Travel-friendly if you leave the two halves unscrewed
  • Give it a helping hand: Use fresh AAA batteries by Duracell or Energizer in their “more power for high drain devices” type (which are, yes, more pricey). Try a warming lube or one that stimulates the g-spot or clitoris if you’re like me and not an easy O. 

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Nov 192011

There will always be people who don’t like you or something you’re doing. After all, you can’t please everyone all the time. And because I am me – emotional, headstrong, attached, fucked up – I tend to hear frequently “Don’t take things so personally”. I can try but ultimately I fail at that often.

Recently on Twitter Kit O’Connell shared his find of a WordPress plugin called Broken Link Checker and he mentioned that having a lot of broken links looks bad to Google. I paused for one moment when he mentioned that most of the links he was removing belonged to e[lust] and pleasurists but I quickly realized he was correct – there is absolutely no reason or need to continue to link to a blog that is gone or a post that is gone. It is gone! Logic prevails. And so I installed the plugin on both sites. When going through the broken links on e[lust] I would check things out if it came from a site that I knew was still up and running. A couple people have chosen to delete some old posts for various reasons; if they had moved the post I would have updated the link. I found some people who had deleted all their old stuff and with the deleted e[lust] submissions they also deleted the e[lust] digests. I’m sure that these people are not the only ones who have deleted old digests but they’re the ones I was alerted to for alternate reasons. One person continues his site and so I asked him why he removed the old editions from his site – yes, I took some offense to his action and his response. He said that he didn’t like e[lust] or any “aggregator” since Sugasm. I wrinkled my brow in confusion. Then he said (I am paraphrasing here or creating complete sentences) that they are repetitive and muck up blogs and feeds and are self promotional as opposed to curated, reviewed or filtered content.

Again I am confused but realize he can have his opinion and my words will never change his opinion – nor will his further explanation of his opinion change the fact that I think he is quite wrong. So I do not respond. I am offended in part because he said unkind things about the project I work the hardest on that benefits more of you than it ever will me and also in part because I chose to make guideline changes so that it was anything BUT an “aggregation” site and actually yes the content IS reviewed and filtered. By its very definition e[lust] is not an aggregation site. I summed up this change in the recent post on e[lust] about the upcoming changes for the new year:

I hope that my change this past year in what type of post/site is included in the digest has helped you all feel even better about participating and sharing the digest with your readers – unlike Sugasm I strive to include only real, genuine content from genuine bloggers as opposed to content from aggregation sites or highly commercialized “blogs”. While you may not see what goes on behind the scenes I do end up turning away a submission because it does not fit in with the new rules. I don’t want to promote those sort of sites anymore than you do. What I want, what I think we all want, is respectable method of putting our best foots forward and gaining new readers to our blogs while also finding new friends and promoting each other.

Newer bloggers are not familiar with Sugasm. The few veterans left that will read this surely remember. I don’t know about you but there were often times sites/posts that I did not want to be linking to. One could get around this because Sugasm only required participants to publish the Top 3 & Editors Picks on their blogs. And many people did just that, myself included. Did that mean a lot less cross-promotion of fellow bloggers who did not land in the Top 3? Yes, unfortunately. But it also allowed me to not publish those links I didn’t always want to promote. The ones to sites that actually were by definition an aggregation site; commercial sites filled to the brim with ads and pop-ups; posts that contained no real content, just links to services or items that they were selling. It was most definitely self-promotion at its “finest”. A number of the sites were high-traffic commercial sites and I still to this day get referral hits from them….perhaps that is the reason he preferred Sugasm; not for snobbery but greed? Sure we all could get more traffic if I allowed those sites to participate but I learned something back when I used to get included in Fleshbot: there is relevant traffic and there is useless traffic. Relevant traffic from other bloggers means you are getting someone to your site who is already interested in your type of site. The high traffic numbers from the commercial porn-type sites are people looking for fap material, who will never comment or participate or likely become a regular reader of your words. While I modeled much of e[lust] after Sugasm, I also changed a lot. Those changes were my effort to regulate via rules. Occasionally something fishy would still get in and so I took the bad guy role and now filter the content, disallowing submissions from sites that might at first look ok but contain sex-negative writing or are barely-disguised SEO blogs. The only thing that I don’t do is filter by talent. Are there some submissions that are…..well, not going to win any awards? Yes. But at the least it is all bloggers…..just like those who make derisive comments about e[lust]. But there are always going to be self-centered people in this for themselves once they find a way to start making some money off of their site and I feel offended not just personally but on behalf of everyone who does participate. Taking it personally on behalf of everyone is why I am so hard on the people who don’t re-publish – they’re not just hurting me, they are hurting everyone who participated who published the edition and are linking to them but they won’t do the same. It is why I go so far as to remove people from editions when they eventually refuse to publish. 

But anyways.

The jerks and pompous douchebags are far outnumbered by the great folks of the community who participate in and help with e[lust]. And as I said in my post at e[lust] I welcome suggestions for change. The schedule change was inspired by a suggestion from Molly Rene about basing the schedule around a date, something more steady and concrete. Thank you Molly, you might just have saved e[lust].

I hope that the changes I’ve made are all for the better. And for those of you who participate faithfully in Wanton Wednesday, Sinful Sunday or HNT – if you ever see a photo that should be highlighted by e[lust], let the blogger know that I’m now taking self-submissions for consideration. It doesn’t mean that there will be a publishing of all the photos I am linked to….it means that I will cull the submissions to find something really great. I don’t want my own lack of time to prevent this feature/aspect of e[lust] that I liked.