Jan 272011

Facebook alerted me this morning to watch Rihanna’s newest video for her song “S&M”. They’re not even TRYING to be coy about it, lol. I for one cannot wait to hear the backlash from the conservatives, see if it gets banned from anywhere, etc.

Leave a comment if you spot a new toy/fetish/kink that someone before you hasn’t found. This should be fun.

My quick-look picks: Mummification; suspension rope bondage; age play; gags; slut-shaming….or is it acceptance towards the end?

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  • Add to that puppy play, forced submission, latex fetish, erotic food play, voyeurism/ exhibitionism and whipping/ cropping. Looks like a good time! :D

    ~ There’s a lot here that’s going to shock people. A lot. For some reason the puppy play surprised me, but I guess she didn’t think any line should be left uncrossed!

  • janeblow

    food play, ball gags, captives, breath play, bondage tape, daddy issues, leather, fem dom, puppy play, latex/pvc wearting, whip toting, midgets, furry heads, voyerism, medical play, shibari, sspension, lesbianism, balloons, exobition, public humiliation… and thats with one viewing… I wonder if she made a list and threw in as many elements as she could. lol

    ~ Lesbianism is a fetish? I thought it was just a sexual orientation….

  • Delta O.

    Clowns & piggy play (pig mask!)

  • 13messages

    Thanks for sharing this. It gave my morning a nice little kick.

  • Ah, leave it to Rihanna to stir the pot a little. I think the idea is great, I’m surprised it’s coming from her, but I don’t think it’s there to educate people. It looks too deliberately ‘candied up’ for that. But as far as pop videos go, it’s fun in all the right ways!

  • This made me smile. I bet that was one fun video shoot!

  • Sarahbear

    It took me a bit to figure out what I liked about the video so much. I know it’s bright and fun, to match the song, but I think that was a statement, just like the song. All of the scenarios, aside from the first room where she was being shamed, were done in the light. I think it says that these aren’t things to be ashamed of or that only happen in dark dungeons. It’s a really catchy song too. =)

  • Vanilla Kinks

    I want to send the link to all my friends.

    Only problem, most wouldn’t get it!

  • Love this video!! HOT!

    Yeah, this already got banned in 11 countries (could be more now) and the name of the song has been changed to “come on”.

    ~ Wait they renamed it?!?! LAME-O