Dec 192010

My mind wandered the other day, thinking about my upcoming trip in April.

I think I’ll ask her to bring a skirt for sure. And maybe a dress. You know….easy access. Will it be too cold in early April for the hotel’s outdoor pool to be open? I conjured up a few naughty things in my head of pool activities. Pity there’s not an indoor one.

Maybe we’ll go drive somewhere and park and mess around in my back seat. Two chicks wearing nothing but easy access dresses, making out in the back seat…I wonder how far we’ll get before we’re spotted in the bad sort of way and made to leave wherever we are?

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  5 Responses to “Public Displays of Affection”

  1. Instant heat. And right where it counts….

  2. Let’s hope that whomever is watching will be quiet and enjoy.

  3. Having a reasonably good idea who you’re referring to, I’d like to spot you 2, but I certainly wouldn’t make you leave!

  4. Ok, that sounds really fun. Quite a hot image there!

  5. I have been out of touch for too long! I need details….


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