Nov 122010

Guest posts are something new here – It doesn’t have to be erotica, it can be anything really but it should kinda fit in with the place a bit, ya know? But the first one IS erotica because it’s something that’s been seriously lacking on this blog due to my own lack of a muse or simply ability to properly finish a piece. I have a whole bunch of ideas and a number of half-finished ones that I cannot seem to do. Interested in doing a guest post here? You don’t have to be a blogger, even! You can be as anonymous as you’d like if that’s your cup of tea. Erotica, OpEd pieces, or even a plea for advice from my readers. Just email me!

This guest post erotica is written by Psycosis – visit his blog or follow him on Twitter. Like what you read? Comment and let him know!

The lights are out. I slide into bed. Immediately I feel that warm body pressing against my back, curling to match the contour of my body. A shift of the hips and I suddenly feel it.

A bulge, through two layers of cloth. Instantly I have one to match, though much harder than the one I feel. It wasn’t meant for use, just for a tease. Something that was quite easy to do with me.

Another shift, and a shudder in response. The noise I make is caught somewhere between a whimper and a moan. A hand strokes my hair then slides beneath my head to cradle it. I shift this time, until my neck comfortably rests on the thicker bicep. I close my eyes, ready to fantasize before drifting off.

Suddenly I feel a hand slide over my hip, only to grip my obscene bulge tightly. It was almost painful, drawing another whimper from me. Nails bit through the cotton boxers and I tremble, not able to utter a sound this time.

The arm beneath my neck flexes, and I manage to draw in a breath just before the arm closes down on me and robs me of that gift. Finally I hear a voice, soft in my ear only enhanced by feeling that warm breath brush my cheek.

“Good boy, it’s time to sleep.”

Her voice was a delicious mix. Equal parts sadist’s narcissism and lover’s nurturing. For that woman, for that voice, I was ever the willing puppet.

I could feel her lips brush the rim of my ear, my cheek, my temple. After that my memory falters. The lack of oxygen and the over-stimulation sending me down that dark rabbit hole at suicide speeds.

Breath. A deep, sucking one as she relented. Her arm now lay across the bed and I heard a single word from her lips, “Sleep”, before her chin rested above my head. Still, her hand cradled my bulge, and her body pressed close so I could feel hers.

Sleep did soon claim me. Exhausted from such short but intense teasing. Secure in her embrace. That other sort of darkness came for me quickly, and I found myself dreaming about the things she would do once she had gotten her fill of teasing me so.

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  • Hey Lily!

    I’m looking for some input on the subject of swallowing…would you mind stopping over and weighing in?

  • Lilly,
    It’s a great idea, and I’ll be interested to see where you go with it. Perhaps you could invite guest submissions based on a theme?

    I liked this particular piece, but… it feels unfinished to me. To me it read more like a draft of a potentially really good erotic short story than a finished product.


  • Geisha Affair

    I definitely had a visual on the scenario. Though as much as she teased the writer she teased the reader.

    Will there be a Part II?