Jun 302010

My big 2-year blog anniversary (no way that I spell “blogiversary” looks right. Bloggiversary? Blogoversary? meh) giveaway ends tomorrow night (Thursday July 1st)! Have you entered yet?

There’s three ways to enter: A blog post, Tweets and submitting a post of mine to Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious, etc. For the exact entry method be sure to read the rules!

You still have time to do at least the submitting and the blog posts, right there that’s 15 entries! I’ve noticed that some people are forgetting crucial parts of the entry rules so here’s a highlight:

1. For every entry, there must be a comment. If you do a blog post, you get 10 entries, which means 10 comments.

2. In your comment, you have to tell me which prize (just one per comment, you can split up your entries though) you want! If I don’t know, it won’t count! I have hundreds of entries.

3. As I said in #1, you must comment! I’ve seen Twitter entries from people I don’t know that never came here to comment. I can’t count it if it’s not here as a comment, Twitter is inaccurate for finding the entries!

Take a look at the comments in the post and make sure all of your entries are there, and correct!I’ve had a TON of entries for the Maui Kink prize, and of course the Njoy Pure Wand from SheVibe. A lot for the Fleshlight from Fascinations, too! So if you enter now for the Kink Academy membership, the Tantus Twilight Vamp Dildo from MyPleasure or the Wahl massager from GoodVibes, you’ve got a really excellent chance at winning!

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  1. I’m keepin’ my fingers crossed for that Vamp dildo! ;)

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