May 032010

Every once in a while I chat/email with someone and the “click” is there immediately. I wish I could produce the formula that equates to this click, but I don’t really know. It was like that with R, too, except that I had the pleasure of knowing a little about him before he even emailed me. Yet still, R took my bait and we chatted and we never shut up. It was kinda like that with this mysterious J (that’s all he called himself). He emailed me to pay a few compliments about the blog and there was just something there, something in his words. What he said, what he didn’t say, how he said it and his “voice”.

We  both recognized the click and the too-easy banter and the immediate intellectual attraction as being dangerous. Dangerous with the chance of addictive.

And so….at the end of that day full of flying emails, we said goodbye. He gave in briefly once more via my chat box but that was it. Today, nearly 4 months later, I tried to contact him only to find that the email address he’d been using was now closed.

Maybe he was just a ghost?

A figment of my imagination?

An entity capable of communicating through the wires and currents but not of being real?

Pity. I could have used a little more J right now.

  6 Responses to “The Ghost of the Mysterious “J””

  1. gotta watch those J fellas!
    Just sayin!

  2. Maybe he’ll reappear after he sees this post?

  3. You hear this story ALOT from women with ads on various personal sites. Seems like alot of guys are dipping their toes in the water but don’t really want to swim. I wonder how many are married?

    ~ A lot I’m sure, just like women who do it.

  4. there is a good chance, J is married and didnt want his wife to know he was having some online chat with a sex blogger. so, J made up a disposable email address and emailed you…which led to a chat. perhaps J got scared or caught (or both) and abandoned the relationship.

    ~ Oh I’m well aware he wasn’t single. As I said we ended the talk that day knowing it was a bit too “forbidden fruit” and too much temptation. I just didn’t expect him to have gone the disposable email route, but whatever.

  5. That’s too bad…but I guess he had his reasons….

  6. I know exactly what you mean, and I tend to open myself up very quickly to these people that I feel the instant “click” with, for good as well as bad. In our (swinging) lifestyle, too it’s even more dangerous, because I may feel a click only to find that they don’t, which can be disappointing, or downright upsetting. And vice versa.

    I also know the tinge of disappointment when you realize that you simply shouldn’t continue despite the click, and how it is when people simply…disappear.

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