May 112010

The most delicious part of a perfect kiss is not the pressing of lips together. It is not the claiming, lustful engulfing.

It’s the moment of hesitation. When lips are millimeters apart, when time freezes, when your brain stops thinking and just reacts, just feels.

Perhaps it is the hesitation before lips meet for a first, tentative kiss. Or maybe it’s a hesitation in the transition between small, explorative kisses and giving in to lust. It could be that the hesitation is due to uncertainty. Or fighting a losing battle over lust. With an established partner that hesitation could also be intentional and meant to merely be a maddening tease. Draw out the longed-for moment of contact.

The hesitation is one of those times where so much more is said in the inaction than the action. And I keep coming back to it in my mind, and it is just as prominent in my memory bank as the actual kiss. Recalling the brief second where a whirling eddy of thoughts and wants ran through my own mind is almost more arousing to me now than the kiss that followed.

  • that is the same to me as the moment when my cock brushes her lips, the instant before I plunge inside her.

  • Agreed, wholeheartedly. That moment when mouths begin to incline toward one another, when want and uncertainty are melded together, before you really know how that other mouth will feel and taste. Before you are 100% sure a real, mutual kiss will even occur. On the verge of commitment to the first physical joining. A kiss is a taste, a test.

  • you have such sexy looking, kissable lips!

  • Soren

    I know exactly what you’re talking about. And I’m an absolute prick about it; I’ll make her wait and wait and plead and beg. Unfortunately, such teasing DOES tend to invite physical violence past a certain point…

    Still, it’s those long, wordless moments of tension that make the greatest memories and a night that won’t soon be forgotten.

    Great picture. The hair around your neck seems haphazardly perfect for this shot.


  • such an awesome moment really….that hesitation just builds the moment.

  • SteelHorseman

    Wow, you really captured that moment. Now you have me thinking about it,.

  • It also kind of makes me sad. I shared that first kiss with my now-husband about three years ago. We’ll never get it back…

    Of course, we have lots of opportunities to seduce and tease each other now and in our future…

    But there’s nothing like that first kiss.

  • Really like that description x

  • This is actually one of my favorite things about being a swinger, I’m able to experience these first tenative kisses quite often with new and exciting people.

    Often at the bar we frequent, we’ll be talking to a couple, then we’ll split off into pairs a bit, me with the mrs, my wife with the mr, and we’ll be talking close in order to hear over the din of the (unfortunate) open mic night at the bar. There’s always a few moments in here that match that kiss pause. The first brush of my hand above her waist, the slightest touch of my cheek against her temple when I whisper in her ear, and then, of course, that hesitant moment before the first kiss.

    I get a smile just thinking about it. You may have made my night!