May 312010

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this bizarre, twisted fantasy. The roads leading to it were different, but the end result the same: a stranger fucking a very willing me in my bed in the dead of night. I would never see much of him. Perhaps the strangers intent had been rape but instead he’d happened upon a half-naked horny girl……(me) one who was already wet, already willing and able. These fantasies have roots in a time when I didn’t fully understand the mechanics of sex but I knew I wanted it. Before I even knew how to pleasure myself properly, I had firm belief that this rough stranger could please me.

I’d wondered how I could live out this fantasy…make it reality and yet still make it safe despite the underlying danger in it. Even if I’d spoken to the man before online I still wouldn’t *know* him and be able to trust him. Trust that it would be just him that night. Trust that he wasn’t a complete psychopath. I came close once to setting something up but I chickened out at the last minute. I don’t think I could safely pull this off without involving a third party. A third, trusted party who would vet the stranger and who would keep a far-away eye on the scenario.

I pictured myself waiting for the stranger in one of those picnic pavilions we have here in parks. Sitting on the top of a picnic table, facing away from wherever he would be coming in. I would be wearing a summer dress and nothing else; easy access to a shaved cunt and braless tits just about to pop out of the top of the dress. I would hear his footsteps and not see him. I would feel a heady mixture of equal parts fear and arousal take over my body. My body would be humming in anticipation of his touch as his footsteps drew closer. He wouldn’t say a word to me. Just come up to me and……

(you finish it…..)

  • SteelHorseman

    The imagery is clear in my mind. No words spoken. Just an intense gaze captured in the moonlight keeping you pinned to the bed while the clothing is removed.

    Eyes that hold you captivated and powerless to move or speak, even as the hard cock slides into your wet and willing body…

    ~ Getting there, but no bed in this situation ;)

  • Hunter Red

    rap my knuckles on the metal table, imagining the vibrations resonating through the chasm that haunts my very dreams. You don’t respond, keeping your back to me. I find this to be unusual. Normally the girls I do this to turn toward me, hop off the table, then find an excuse to me. Unusual things excite me.

    I rap my knuckles on the table again, this time harder thinking that perhaps I was too gentle and your body, your luscious body, felt nothing the first time. I soon learn that you did feel something this time. Your moan tells me this is so. I run my fingers along the long cold table as I walk toward you. You keep your back to me but I know you can hear me. The heavy black combat boots I wear make a loud thump with every step that reverberates throughout the pavilion we are in.

    Finally I get to you. My fingers make the transition from the cold hard table to your warm soft body. My fingers make their way over your ass, up your back and to your neck. Still no reaction. My hand inches it’s way around to the front. I grip strongly, then…

    (you finish it…)

    ~ ohhhh……I like where you’re going with this and the greedy me wants more of YOUR writing ….

  • Chris

    I can certainly see why you’d want a third party involved in the planning process there. That said, its a very interesting fantasy. :)

  • Matt

    …bury his hand deeply into the thick hair on the back of your neck. Pulling your head sharply back against his firm torso, you can smell his scent as he growls, “Don’t even pretend this is for you. I’m gonna take what I want.” He reaches down the top of your light dress with his other hand, and roughly cups and pinches your breast. It hurts, but a moan escapes you before you even realize it, and a deep throbbing erupts in your cunt. Suddenly the fear is gone; there is only the need to be taken, even devoured by his desire.

    ~ Oh very nice, I like your mind ;)

  • SultryK

    Love Matt’s ending. That is exactly how I would have wanted it. Always had the same fantasy..tho mine was just walking into my house after a night out. Sometimes I go to get stuff out my car for no reason at all with a robe and nothing under it…but in reality thats crazy cuz I wouldnt’t want just anybody to ravash me lo ;-)
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  • Lila

    I have likewise always had this fantasy!! good to know i’m not the only one :D

  • adam

    i love this post…that’s been an overriding fantasy of mine lately too…in mine, i’m blindfolded, with headphones on, so i never see or hear who is using my ass for their pleasure…in the fantasy…it’s not just one person using me either…over a period of time, many use both my ass and mouth…and i’m never to learn who they are…so i’m always wondering…is that the one you took me…or him, or him?