May 212010

She was a tomboy. Always played with the boys, and played as rough as the boys. But the day she showed up for touch football in a wife-beater sans bra….they looked at her a little different.

After the others had gone, they hooked up.

Right there on the field, in the dirt.



clothes-ripping fucking.

He was pleased to note that she fucked as roughly as she played football.

This post brought to you by:

“Your challenge for this Friday, 5-21-10, is to use the photo above to write a flash fiction of 52-72 words. As usual, nobody’s checking word counts, but you only cheat yourself if you break the rules. Unless you’re breaking them to earn a spanking….in which case, see me after class.”

  • Rough and sexy…nice piece!
    Happy FFF!

  • Man, I am just having a ball and a half reading everyone’s takes this week. Everyone is bringing their own delightfully filthy perspective to their tales. I love the idea that she’s a ballplayer.

    Thanks for playing! Hope we’ll see you again in future weeks.

    — PB

  • Dick

    Lilly – you just spawned a new fantasy for me. Very hot!

  • I’m a girly-girl but after reading this I am seriously considering the benefits on becoming a tomboy.


  • Good thing it was just “touch” and not “tackle” then… *laughs*

    Nice take on the pic.

    Happy Friday!

  • Soren

    Really enjoyed the way you shaped the words. Very creative. :)

    Happy FFF!


  • Lila

    gotta love a football-playing girl! wonderfully written and formatted so well. :D

  • Cate

    Fuck yes! I just had a flash back to playing flag football as a pre-teen and wanting to do soooooo much more.


  • I love this! Very e.e. cummings of you! ever dabble in haiku?

  • Netsfan_44

    Next stop … the shower .. together … excellent story !

  • I am oh-so ready for some football! Happy FFF!

  • Oh! YES! That’s the way I want to “play”, too!

  • Spring Flower

    Dirty & rough, just the way I like it. :) Great piece!

  • This is my first time at your blog. I really like it a lot. I can’t wait to check it out more. Have a great week.