Apr 232010

Ana’s challenge all semester has been her professor. To break his will. Make him break his rules. She’s sneaky about it, too. Today when she walked into the classroom, her skirt wasn’t quite that short. She lulled him into a sense of security, she let him see her come through the door in a fairly modest mid-thigh pleated skirt. She knew better and knew he wouldn’t allow her up at the chalkboard wearing something slutty, something tempting. So when he wasn’t looking she rolled up the waistband of her skirt to just the right (practiced) length. Just enough to show the tops of her thigh-highs….enough to show off her panties in the right circumstance.

When she spun around after finishing the equation, she caught him staring and blushing.

And as the class let out 15 minutes later…..

“Ana, may I speak with you please? Meet me in my office. Now.”

See who else is playing….

  • “Meet me in my office” never sounded so inviting. Or so mouth-watering. Enjoyed this one a great deal.

    Thanks for a fantastic picture. It’s inspired people to new heights of creativity this week. I hope you’ll play along with us again in future weeks!

    — PB

  • Definitely loved the picture Lilly! And the story was perfect. I can remember in high school practicing rolling up my too long skirts in the mirror at home. Happy FFF!

  • Soren

    Excellent picture, and a wonderful prose to match. Teachers… tisk tisk.


  • Something about those 3 letter words… “Now”, “CUM!”… *smiles*

    This story sounded a lot like our Ms DeVero… perhaps she and Ana are related by their sensuality.

    Happy Friday!

  • Ooooh….Ana is in big trouble. Welcome to FFF, Dangerous Lilly!

  • Totally used to roll my skirt in highschool :)

  • Spring Flower

    These are my kind of challenges. :) Welcome!!

  • ava

    I have a special place in my heart for professors… since I am seeing one.
    And students too… :)