Mar 292010

Thanks to this blog I’ve been to NYC four times now whereas I’d never been there before. I’ve become friends with people all over the country, and even in other hemispheres! But this time, the blog is taking me to Seattle.

Literally, the blog, because it’s advertising money that bought my plane ticket, lol.

Why Seattle, you might ask? My girl, Coy Pink, lives in Washington State and so I’m going to visit her in a month from now and one of my days there she’s going to show me around Seattle. There’s another reason for our visit, but I’m keeping that a secret for awhile ;)

I’m actually pretty damn nervous about it, to be honest. For one, she’s hot. Have you seen her???? I go to her HNT’s first and um, well, I tend to save some on my hard drive…..ya know…..for um. artistic inspiration. Um. yeah. Aaaaaanyways. For two…..I’ve essentially never flown before, and I’m doing the flight all on my own cause I’m a big kid now! I’m afraid of heights. I’m afraid to fly. I get all furklemptz when I have to go blindly into places & situations that I’ve never been in. I would honestly not be surprised if at some point during the trip I screw up and miss a plane. Sadly I couldn’t afford a no-stops plane so I have layovers both ways in Atlanta for an hour or so.

If you’ve been in the Atlanta airport, tell me a few good places to eat!!! I’ll be there for breakfast on Saturday and dinner on Monday. I don’t think they serve food on flights anymore, right?

For anybody who has flown out of the Seatac airport – do I REALLY NEED to get there a full two hours before a flight?? Really? Truly?

Totally Random Unrelated Question Time:

Does it bother you when people mis-spell your name? Am I being childish when it bothers me that someone will call me Lily when it says Lilly right there in front of them be it in the comment field, my email sig, or Twitter? How bout I just call you Tom or Jane next time, regardless of your actual name?

God I’m getting cranky in my old age. In a couple of months I’ll be more into my mid-30’s than early-30’s.

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  1. In response to the Totally Random Unrelated Question: Absolutely you should be bothered when people mis-spell your name. If they can’t take the time to realize that your name has two Ls (okay, technically three if you count the first one) then why comment in the first place? Wait… it wasn’t me who forgot the L was it? I hope it wasn’t me…

    As for Seatac, I’ve been there when it wasn’t busy at all and everything flowed smoothly. Some days though… well, an extra two hours would’ve helped. It really depends. (That probably wasn’t the answer you were looking for, but there it is.)

    Good luck with your trip!

  2. Yes, it bugs the shit out of me. I don’t care that my spelling is “non-standard”, it’s my name and there’s only one right spelling if you’re referring to me. It especially bothers me when I get emails with my name misspelled. Either the person just got an email from me with my name signed to it and is replying to it, or they are typing in my email address (which has my name right in it!) to send me a new email. There’s no excuse!

  3. The Atlanta airport is HUGE- 5 concourses, if you want to walk from the first to the last it’s like a mile, no kidding. But, there’s a tram connecting all of them and each airline is normally just in 1 concourse, so connecting flights on the same airline are all in 1 place. Be glad you’re not flying into concourse E then have to go to baggage claim, it can take longer than the flight!

    But, there are plenty of places to eat if you have the time to kill, don’t worry about it.

    I’ve only been thru SeaTac a few times, don’t remember any details about it, sorry.

    My last name is misspelled all the damn time, drives me nuts…

  4. Woo-hoo on your trip to the Pacific NW! I’m sure you will have a blast!

    Seatac has never been that bad during the times I’ve flown it, but given my trips are usually short (given I’m coming from just south of Seattle), I’m probably not a good judge. But, generally, I like giving myself time. Being late or feeling late stresses me out too much.


  5. Whenever I get an email with someone referring to me as “Euphoria,” I puke.

  6. Heh, once I flew into/out of Chapel Hill, NC, which is a fairly small airport, so I thought “oh, and hour before I have to leave will be fine.” After all, it was DEAD when I got there. Figured I could be through security in ten minutes.

    Yeah, and then I got there to fly home, and there was some kind of sports conference at UNC that was leaving that day, so the airport was FILLED with hundreds of teens, all with bags of hockey sticks and golf clubs and who knows what else. It was a nightmare, and I would have missed my flight if they hadn’t pushed me to the front of the security line.

    So, now I get to the airport 2 hours ahead of time, every time. That was the most anxious I’ve been in my life, I think, and I never want to deal with that again!

    Have a safe, happy trip! :)

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