Mar 282010

You know, I don’t get ALL my sex toys for free. Sometimes I get impatient and just buy them. Sometimes I do a “buy out” for review at which means I get a discount but I still have to review it, such as the Devine Play Chest or the Fleshlight.

But there’s things I purchased with my own money (err…I mean EF giftcards that I got from writing for Edencafe plus the commissions I got from affiliate sales at EF) recently that I want to talk about, both the good and the bad. So read on for my thoughts on the Toiboks Original, the Erosillator 2, a couple of toy storage bags, some rope from Twisted Monk, the Nobessence Seduction dildo, and the Wahl 7-in-1 2-speed Massager.

Toibocks Original

This is a pricey yet unique toy storage item for someone with a few bedside toys that needs total privacy and discretion. The Toibocks IS beautiful, a dark mahogany wood that looks like a plain box and the lid opens to reveal a jewelry-tray thing. Keep cheap jewelry there, watch, anything that you like that’s average and doesn’t warrant a closer look. To anybody that looks at it in depth they’ll know that the box is big but the tray is shallow and try to lift up the tray. But it is locked in place with no obvious key hole. The key is contained within this piece that is stored inside the box magnetically to the metal logo on the underside of the lid. Problem is, in my eyes, that “key” is obvious that it doesn’t belong. In other pictures I had thought it to be metal, but it’s just plastic. Not even fake-chrome-plated plastic, it’s the swirly metallic-silver and so it looks like an oversized play-money coin from a child’s board game, and that’s really my only disappointment with this whole thing. The box is lined with velveteen-flocked cardboard and appears to be well made and sturdy. Like I said…..pricey, not for storing serious valuables, but it IS pretty and inconspicuous. Good choice for bedside storage if you have roommates or kids.

Toy Pouches

These are being sold under EdenFantasys as the brand, and are cute drawstring toy pouches. I purchased one of each, unable to tell exactly if one was better/different than the other. Other than one having the EF logo in glued-on rhinestones, there’s absolutely no different and IMO not really worth sending the extra $6. They come in black or purple on the outside and it’s a faux-suede material. The inside is a hot pink satin. Sturdy, thick cords make up the drawstring. Shiny silicone dildos/vibrators will not smoothly glide along the satin on the inside, so I took one and turned it inside out (that’s the pink one you see above). While the suede will likely stain more easily if the dildo isn’t clean, it can be easier to use it this way for some toys. I was able to fit the Wahl in the pouch by removing the attachment and just dropping it in the bag. I could probably fit one more attachment in it. Toys longer than 9.5-10″ won’t fit in and still let the pouch close.

Eroscillator 2

After reading Epiphora’s stellar, glowing review I decided to try it out. However….her review was for the tippy top super deluxe package of every attachment plus the stronger motor. SheVibe carries various packages, but the one I first tried was the “2 Plus” basic kit. I liked it….but it wasn’t perfect for ME. I like pressure and with the oscillations you can’t apply pressure, or they’ll slow down a lot. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this though for other women, so long as they don’t require pressure like I do. It can be powerful or subtle, good for a wide range of women. Even my husband liked the sensation of it when I applied it to his hard cock, at the frenulum. I think that I could love it if I was able to try out the super deluxe package, with a more powerful motor and different attachments. In the end, I wound up loving  the Wahl so much that I no longer reached for the E2 and so I gave it to Backseat Boohoo as a surprise. (she loved it)

UPDATE: I eventually was able to try out the “Top 2 Deluxe”, the model that boasts more power. Combined with the absolutely-essential Fingertip Attachment, I finally understood what everybody who loved it was talking about. I could truly get rid of all other attachments and solely use the Fingertip. It makes the difference; without it, I was feeling pretty lukewarm about even the Top 2 Deluxe model.  It’s a pricey spend, but will offer you a lot of variety with texture and sensation plus could be the thing that changes your mind about vibrators. It’s an “oscillator”, not a “vibrator”.

Wahl 7-in-1   2-speed Massager

That sounds so clinical, doesn’t it? This is another “body massager” that has become a pervertable vibrator in disguise. Not for those with sensitive clits, but it’s very different from the Hitachi’s power. The type of vibrations can’t even be compared. The Wahl comes with 7 little plastic attachments but to ME most are not going to work was a sex toy. Especially the scalp massager attachment (the one with nubby spikes). Ouch. There’s 2 speeds and they deliver more than just differing speeds….it’s totally different types of vibrations. The first is almost buzzy and surfacey but yet….not. Because long time readers will know that my clit doesn’t like that type and my clit loves the Wahl, both speeds. The second speed is…..whoa. Only for the aroused clit. The word “jackhammer” comes to mind, but not in a scary way. It’s not a numbing buzz like the Hitachi, it’s…..literally like a hammering/thumping sort of vibration. That might sound painful but I swear, it’s not. And holy shit is this thing QUIET especially on the first speed. On the first speed you wouldn’t be able to hear it from a few feet away. The cord is nice and long. The Wahl has become my go-to vibe now. Sure it looks funny but I can’t even tell you the last time I reached for my Hitachi since I now own this and the Climax Twist. Also, unlike the Hitachi, I never ever go numb from it, clit OR hand. This paragraph doesn’t even do it justice, maybe I’ll write about it more elsewhere, another time. LOVE IT. Buy one. BUY IT. You’ll love it.

Nobessence Seduction

It’s called the “S-shape” on the EF site….why, I don’t know. They do that with all the Nobessence dildos – list them on the site as a weird, generic non-Nobessence name. It makes it hard to locate them, IMO. While you can’t have the choices in wood type/color that you’d get if you bought it directly from Nobessence what you CAN get is the occasional really good sale. This dildo is NOT for those who think their vagina is small. This is a dildo for the size queens, but yet with some “warm up” most women should be able to handle it. LOVE IT. But I don’t use it on myself, because I can’t get the right angle. Love having hub use it on me though. It’s pretty wood, too. They use a different finishing method than Hans, and it seems to seep into the wood giving it a 3D glowy sheen almost. It’s a pricey dildo but SO fucking worth it. And the packaging? Cute. CUTE! Hard pressed/colored/textured cardboard similar to Lelo but the inside is padded and has a few elastic bands to hold the item in place. I can’t wait to try other Nobessence toys.

Color of the Month Rope from

Twisted Monk‘s much-hyped “color of the month” always run out quickly. Whether that’s because it’s a tiny batch or people flock to it, I don’t know. I used to think the COTM was actually monthly but since the annual Midori rope came out in January and there hasn’t been anything new since (or for a few months prior) I’m not sure how helpful my review is going to be. I can tell you without a doubt that this rope is different from his run-of-the-mill colored hemp rope. The description calls it a “premium 4-strand Bavarian Blonde hemp”, which is normally listed under the Exotics section. I bought the rope because I really liked the color, and having seen his regular colored hemp rope back in November, I had high expectations. It was also for a good cause, benefitting Midori’s charity of choice, LifeCycle. While I realize that the site disclaimer says that one should expect some variation from what’s shown…..I didn’t expect to be disappointed. And I was. Really disappointed. The color was dull and drab, and the application of said color reminded me of makeup – surface only. With his normal rope, the color saturates maybe 3/4 or more of the rope and it’s tightly wound so you rarely see the non-colored portion. I had asked Monk on Twitter if the color saturation that I was seeing was normal and he said it was.  This COTM rope though had light patches, un-twisted at every bend, and showed a whole lot of undyed rope. Beware his shipping prices, too. You don’t find out the shipping cost until the very last page of the ordering process – he uses only USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate and charges $13 for it. Even though I only ordered 15 feet of rope and it came in a very small box I paid $13, the same as anybody would even if they ordered 5 large kits. So if you plan to drop a few hundred and order enough rope to suspend 3 models – you’re getting a really great deal! If you’re like me and only are buying a little bit of rope, you’re going to feel cheated on the shipping cost. If there were more standard colors available, I would buy his regular rope again someday (but only going in with someone else on the order to save on shipping) but never the COTM rope. Perhaps this Bavarian Blonde hemp isn’t good for dying….perhaps the dye wasn’t good…I don’t know. I know that I’ve seen his standard rope and had been impressed.




  • Epiphora

    Ha! I love it! Even though you weren’t into the Ero, we agree completely on both the Wahl and the Seduction. Such amazing toys.

  • Backseat Boohoo

    I actually almost always need pressure myself–really, REALLY strong pressure–but for some odd reason, I can get off with the Ero. No clue why! But thank you again for it, you know I love it. :)

    I’ve been wanting a Wahl for over a year now, but ended up buying the Hitachi instead. It’s currently at the top of my most-lust-worthy list.

    ~ Well sorry chica, my Wahl is mine….ALL MINE!!!!!! mwuhahahahaha. Actually though it’s cheap so I’m sure you can get it for review if you ask nicely.

  • Adam

    Wow when you buy sexy gifts for yourself you go all out! Nice!

    That is some disappointing rope I would agree with you. The photos make me think twice before ordering that’s for sure! Did you try to return it? Is that even possible?

    ~ At first I thought it was just me, being overly picky, so I didn’t even think to try and return it. Now, however, I might re-think that but I’m sure it’s too late. At least it was for a good cause; I just hope that more than a couple dollars went to the charity. And yes when I buy things, I buy big ;) Actually, I tend to buy what I know I won’t be given to review for free.