Jan 172010

Cold, creamy, sticky, sweet, thick, white….dripping down his cock, being lapped up by my tongue, running through my fingers…

Hmm I think I’d better back this story up a few paces.

So there I was, doing a “quick” grocery trip for the “necessities” (how do these trips end up costing $80?) and I’m heading down the frozen foods aisle to the regular ice cream that my hub enjoys. When I am magnetically pulled to a case by the sight of this beautiful, jewel-toned container of frozen goodness:


I stand there, mouth agape, as if I’m staring at a beautiful woman. But no, it’s gelato and sorbetto. In what could possibly be the most ingenius packaging, ever. Clear plastic screw-cap jars. Everything else in this whole aisle is in a printed cardboard tub, except for this brand which just screams “fuck me”.

I mean, “eat me”.

Oh that’s no less provocative, either. Screw it.

I thought about it, I weighed the cost and the calories and the fat. I nearly walked away twice but only got two steps past each time. Finally I chose the Tahitian Vanilla Bean because, as kinky as I may be, I have a deep affinity for *good* vanilla bean concoctions. Had the ruby-red sorbetto been my beloved Strawberry instead of Raspberry, I’d have picked that instead. And so fate sent home a pint of Tahitian Vanilla Bean Gelato with me. It called to me from the trunk. It whispered my name as we took the bags inside. Finally I gave in before hub could even finish putting away the remaining groceries; I cracked it open, dug my spoon in and was rewarded with this sweet, heavenly explosion of perfect, pungent vanilla beans. Quite possibly the best vanilla bean ice cream / gelato / white stuff to ever pass between my lips. My eyes closed in ecstasy and my moans halted my husband to whom I handed off a spoonful. He was duly impressed as well. We stood there sharing spoonfuls and trying to remember what dinner was supposed to be and if we could just have this, instead.

It served to be a good dessert.

Dinner ended with me sitting in my undies, eating gelato in sheer bliss. My husband got aroused watching me lick and slurp my spoon and somehow I ended up on my knees in front of him, smearing vanilla bean gelato on to his hard cock and then licking it up. Sucking, slurping, catching the runs, cleaning it all off from the underside of his cock head. Scooping it up from the jar with my bare fingers and coating it like Plaster of Paris.

He quite enjoyed the gelato, in many ways.

In my hazy, blissed-out state I sought out the company’s website to see if they made a strawberry sorbetto. Unfortunately, they do, but I don’t think my store carries it. After nearly swooning while reading about my two favorite sorbet flavors (peach and strawberry) I honestly and truly pondered paying double the retail cost plus $30 shipping just to try some.

I didn’t do it.

But I considered it.

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Wouldn’t you????

  • I love gelato! I loved it even more thinking about it smeared all over a hard cock. Yumtastic! Thanks for the fantastic mental picture.

  • Tracer Bullet

    Dammit, Lilly. I’m trying to avoid stuff like ice cream. Now thanks to you, I want to eat ice cream AND fuck it.

    ~ Oh, you’re trying to avoid ICE CREAM? Well then, you’re in luck, we found a loophole. This here is gelato and its slightly less bad for you than ice cream. You’re safe!

  • SteelHorseman

    Oh that sounds like some really good ice cream.

  • How deliciously yummy for both of you!! I’m looking at the website right now and am having such foodgasms! I sent an email seeing if they sell near me!! In big trouble if they do!

    ~ I know, it’s almost a good thing that my local store doesn’t carry many of the flavors.

  • Happykindaguy

    If television commercials went like that, I’d skip through the programming to get to the advertising!

    ~ haha, maybe in Europe they could be like that!!

  • LMAO Tracer Bullet. That was freaking hilarious. Are you, by chance, a fan of Eddie Izzard?

    I do so love a good, provocative, sugary concoction.

  • Tracer Bullet

    I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of him, but I can’t say I’m a fan. No, I’m just a man who likes sticking his dick in frozen desserts.

  • You totally had me fooled. Great job!

  • nancy

    Made me want something messy, gooey white and delicious to smear all over.. ..
    oh well.. sigh a girl can dream!

  • Actually I am considering it right now – the ordering and the blow jobs…sounds good to me!