Dec 082009

Despite working on the top floor, the stairs in the building keep going up – to the roof, I guess. While that would be a pretty fucking awesome place to sneak off too in the middle of the workday for kissing and groping….we’re just not that daring, yet.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t use the stairs. We figured that if anyone should somehow happen upon us or hear us, we’d have about 4 seconds to break apart and pretend we were just sitting there talking.


Sitting there, just talking.

YOU would believe me, wouldn’t you??

I didn’t think so.

One day last week or so, after an amazing amount of tortuous teasing, we surreptitiously snuck into the stairwell at afternoon break time. He went up first, I followed a minute later.  We were taking a huge risk and taking things up a notch. To this point we had not touched anymore more so than his fingers brushing my nipple for a moment. We didn’t say to each other what we were meeting in the stairwell for; I’m not sure either of us really knew until the moment things happened. We smiled at each other as we stood there in close proximity, listening to the door open on our floor and a few people head downstairs. We didn’t speak; we just kept looking at each other and looking down the stairs to make sure no one had noticed us.

As their voices faded, he grinned again and moved his hand to my breast with his thumb lightly caressing my hardening nipple. My lips parted and I drew in a quick breath but I didn’t break eye contact with him. Then he moved his hand up a little to the neckline of my low-cut shirt and slipped his hand underneath my shirt and my bra – bare hand on bare nipple. He already knew I liked it rough so he didn’t hesitate to pinch. A small gasp and a small smile from me encouraged more. The next pinch was harder, and he held on longer. My eyelids shut for a moment and my head fell back; I lost my balance just slightly, just enough for him to steady me at the waist with his other arm. This move pressed our bodies together from the pubic bone downwards and I could feel his cock, hard against my stomach.

Instinctively my hand sought it out and lightly caressed the length of it through his pants. Our lips were barely touching, we were too busy trying not to drown from the touches to actually kiss at first. But then we were. And then our hands and lips worked in a frenzied, passionate tandem; He tugged hard on my nipple while I grasped his cock as best as I could and stroked. I broke the kiss with a near-silent “ow ow ow” because my nipple had reached the pain threshold. Yet still I let out a tiny whimper when his hand left my breast. Then suddenly he pulled down my top and exposed the same nipple he had been roughing up. His head dipped down and I braced for more pain, but instead he traced it with his tongue. The light pressure and warm, wet tongue was an overload of senses after what he had done to me.

I put my hand at the back of his head and pushed him, crushed up, up against my breast so that he would suck or bite or something more. Anything. As he took the cue and began sucking, we heard a door open and the voices of people in the stairwell. He stopped for a split second as we listened, hearts racing, but then I whispered “More, just a minute more please” and he continued on. That was so incredibly hot to have this guy sucking my bared nipple in the stairwell with people two flights down. When we heard another door open and close and the voices went away, I made him stop.

I straightened myself out and he did the same, in silence, until I said “Holy fuck that was…….wow. I absolutely must go jerk off in the women’s room now. Right now.” We exited the stairwell and both headed for the restrooms. The way he grinned at me before he went inside let me know that he had the same mission as me.

  • rage

    Omg my heart got going-especially when you heard the door and the voices…talk about a close call! You have guts girlie, but that’s what makes it fun, right?

  • SteelHorseman

    I think that stairwell is going to see a lot more hot and heavy action.

  • Damn and we have several stairwells that go nowhere – now I just need someone to drag in there! Nicely written, captures the moment quite well.

  • Wumpus1299

    To be a fly on the wall in that Stairwell. Fantastic.

  • There must be something in the air today; I just finished up an entry about workplace fun. Mine takes place in a supply closet, though, rather than the stairwell. Nice to see you living up to your journal’s title….I loved this, in case you couldn’t tell.

    — PB

  • Kayla

    Sounds like it was something you guys will be doing in the future. Sounds fun too. :)

  • What a thrill!

  • I so need to get a job in a big office.;)

  • Noggin

    I so love hearing about your adventures…Please keep it up