Oct 302009

I’ve decided to try out this weekly thing called Flash Friday Fiction, where you write a post based on the photo provided that is 100 words. I just couldn’t keep it at 100 words, I tried but couldn’t get my mind’s vision down to just 100 words. Click on the banner to join in or see what others’ takes were on this photo!



I saw her last Halloween in my neighbor’s window. Naked and beautiful, only a whisper of presence. She looked at me; once she knew she had an audience she touched herself seductively. But she was gone soon; I thought perhaps I imagined it.

This year she proved me wrong. This year she was in MY house. I watched, aroused, as she continued her show from last year. Floating mid-air, reclining as if she were on a bed, she began to masturbate for me. As her pace increased she became more opaque; she glowed. Her silent climax ended with a burst of light and heat.

I couldn’t see her anymore but I still felt her presence. I disrobed and mimicked her actions. As I climbed to my own orgasm I felt her – cool purposeful caresses across my breasts and cunt. As I climaxed I could swear I felt the pressure of a another person on me and in me.

  • Hey, how nice to see you joining in the fun. I liked this tale; thanks for sharing it! I think you’ll enjoy the intellectual exercise. :)

    — PB

  • that really would make for a happy hallowe’en!
    just imagine the demand for a house that was haunted by a ghost
    like that!

  • Hi there,

    Another first time Flash Fiction scribe!!

    Oh boy, I spent a good while on 102 words scribbling away trying to stream line my thoughts without compromising what it was that I wanted to say. Was fun though. Next effort will depend on the photo though lol.

    Your fiction was a great read so well done!!

  • Excuse me while I go masturbate.

  • I wouldn’t mind that kind of paranormal activity…