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I realize that this is an unorthodox request, especially coming from a woman. Never known a woman who likes to spy and watch others having sex? Then either she was too uptight to admit it to you or even herself.  I’ve posted this under W4M because I figure that more men will check here than women or couples. But I’m not looking to just watch a man by himself. My preference would be to watch a couple.

I’ve had fantasies bred by some really hot erotica books and blogs. Some scenarios I’ve wanked to are ones like I’m in my car at night in a parking lot that’s nearly empty – suddenly a car comes in, and no one gets out right away….but then they do. Both of them. Why? Because they can’t fuck IN the car. As I silently watch from the safety of my hiding spot, they fuck against and on the car. OR. Parking lot this time is in front of your apartment complex. You get your wife to feel kinky enough to fuck in full view of the window that I can see into, with enough lights on so I can clearly see. Obviously a level of trust is going to be necessary here, so this isn’t something to jump into blindly. I’m not doing this so that I can record you or take photos, you won’t find your bare asses posted somewhere on the internet. This is purely for my own fantasy enjoyment.

Yes I’m real, yes I’m female. This is just my particular kink and I’m trying to find a way to indulge in it. I don’t want to meet in person, this isn’t an ad for sex or to join you and your wife. This is not an ad to watch you jerk off while I sit in a chair. If I wanted to see that I’d log into a chat room. Please don’t suggest situations in which my safety would be compromised, I’m not that stupid.


I posted that ad some time ago in my local Craigslist. I, surprisingly, didn’t get all that many replies. But I did find just one suitable reply – and in the end, one is better than none. We conversed for a week or two and fleshed out details.

He and his co-worker/mistress had started fucking in one of the empty offices where he works, whenever they work the later shift together. To keep up appearances she apparently pretends to leave when all others are going home, and then sneaks back in after the last one goes out. Their workplace is on the first floor in a large office building that is part of a complex of other buildings. In short, it’s not private property and my car there wouldn’t be conspicuous. He gave explicit directions as to which window (on the side) and which nights they closed up together. I didn’t tell him which night I’d be watching. I just randomly picked one.

I arrived early and put my seat back a little to read my book. It appeared as though I was waiting on someone, it was nothing to cause a second glance. A half hour later, as dusk was settling in, I noticed a lamp being turned on in the previously dark room. I quickly put my book down, put my glasses on and sat up in anticipation of the show. First I saw him alone; moments later she eagerly went to his arms. It was plainly obvious that they are a newer couple, still intent on devouring each other as much and as voraciously as possible. After a few steamy kisses she took note of the raised blinds and the lamp that was on; she said something to him and made a move to turn off the lamp – I held my breath as he quickly diverted her. He pressed his body up against hers from behind and wrapped his arms around her as his lips found her neck. She melted and slowly became more caught up in the lust. The moment his hand grabbed her hair was the moment I relaxed and knew she wouldn’t go for the lamp again.

The flames between them fanned quickly and they tore off each others’ clothes in that way that new lovers do. I felt my clit thump and pulse and knew how soaking wet I was already. I started slowly – my cunt already bared by my wearing a skirt and no panties – and I did something I never do when masturbating in semi-public locations. I took off my top. I pulled my breasts out of my bra cups and as I teased my wet cunt lips with one finger the other hand was busy pinching my nipples. I watched as they attacked each other with passionate kisses and gropes and fast movements; I was equally envious and turned on. I watched as she bent at the waist to suck his cock.

As she sucked his cock I started rubbing my clit in earnest. When it became a tug-of-war between them of his hips pumping to fuck her mouth and her sucking the life out of him, my own hips moved of their volition.

As he moved her up suddenly to sit on the desk I brought out my vibrator. When his lips locked around her nipple and his fingers dove for her cunt, she threw her head back in an obvious gasp of pleasure, my own gasps escaped as electricity flowed from my cunt and the vibrator worked its magic.

Then when he pushed her to lay back on the desk and his mouth sought out her cunt, I felt my orgasm begin to climb as I watched her back arch and her hands grab his head.

I couldn’t help it, moans and curses flew out as my cunt spasmed and flooded in a powerful orgasm. Mere moments later, before I could catch my breath or calm down my pounding heart, I witnessed her obvious climax from his oral skills.

He didn’t give her more than a moments rest before he sunk his cock easily into her cunt. She wrapped her legs around his waist at first and then he grabbed her legs and pushed them back – this allowed me to see brief flashes of glistening cock as he pounded into her. Did he do this because he hoped I was watching?

As I watched her get fucked my own cunt needed more attention. I grabbed my Pure Wand to try to fill up my need for cock at that moment. It didn’t take much at all before I felt the frenzy of a building g-spot orgasm. I backed off on the bullet buzzing on my clit so that I could wait for them. I didn’t wait long.

He must have said something to her because she moved her hands to hold her own legs against her chest and she spread them as much as possible. He was fucking her so forcefully, with a hand digging into her hip, that I could see her tits jiggle. He moved his free hand to her cunt and presumably started rubbing her clit. Within minutes her body shook and twitched as she climaxed; the feeling of her convulsing cunt was too much for him to bear and I watched as he stopped pumping, leaned his upper body back a little and clenched his jaw. Without hearing them I knew how strongly they had just climaxed.

I returned the bullet to my clit as I witnessed the finale, I roughly fucked myself with the hot steel wand, and I had my own massive, wet, noisy orgasm.

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  • mrs. m

    i never have fantastic luck on craigslist. i’m glad someone does.

    i think i’ll try again! ;)

  • D

    I am a lurker on your site. I read it all the time. I enjoy your pictures and your stories. This one however was amazing! I would love to get a chance to do this. And it would have been fantastic to be able to watch you watching them.

    I am so jealous of your life.

    ~ Well I’m glad you came out of the wood work! Thank you.

  • Jim

    Wow, that was an incredibly sexy story! I love to be a voyeur and an exhibitionist and the whole idea of semi-public sex just thrills me.

  • Red

    Jim took the words right outta my mouth!

  • Now that was hot!! I wanna go with you next time you get to watch!;)

    ~ Sure thing but I can’t promise I’ll be good! :D

  • blueyeguy

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Riff Dog

    Yes, I could definitely go for this. Being the watched. Watching the couple. Or watching you. I think my favorite of the three would be watching you.

    ~ I could go for all that too ;)

  • Fruit Taster

    Ooooo, sweeeeeeet!

  • Jarnevon

    I can’t tell from the story (maybe you couldn’t either) if the woman knew or didn’t know about you watching them. I’m not sure which way would’ve been better.

    ~ Given her move to turn off the light….I assume no

  • Ok, that was really hot! I love the idea of watching without touching, it’s so… pornographic! I kind of hope the woman knew. If it were me, I’d want to know. I’m so glad I discovered your blog, I’ll be reading more.

    ~ I don’t think she knew. And thank you :)

  • there’s something so deliciously naughty in watching,
    deliciously naughty in playing-whilst-watching too!

  • Happy

    Ohhhhh wow, Sensational stuff.
    I bet the thought that you were maybe watching really spurred him on to a peak performance.
    The thought of you getting off in your car, top off and really going to town on yourself, Ohhh such a delicious visual thought.
    I had a similar experience with a woman about a year ago.
    She just wanted to watch as well, no touching.
    One of the hottest things I have ever done.

    Love your work
    Cheers , Happy

    ~ Ohh bet you enjoyed that! Was she watching just you or you and a partner?

  • wow.. just wow… that would have been so intense to watch. Lucky you *grins*

  • Shimp

    Great story…many people love to watch..many years ago when I was putting myself through college I rented a room in the back of a home in the woods and put on sex shows to paying customers…$20.00 per head…5 customers in chairs outside my window..a row of blinds was tilted so they had a perfect view…a red light bulb illuminated the scene..young college girls were seduced without knowing what was going on…I actually paid most of my tuition with this money…did it for three years…never got caught and had a hell of a lot of fun. After I got my degree I married and we became swingers..true story.

  • david

    Very hot story.. I too have a fantasy of this. This is exactly how i want it to go. id love to be on either side, watching or giving..

  • Awesome. I have recently realized that I am as much of a voyeur as I am an exhibitionist and this is some excellent writing!

  • Terrence

    Awesome! That is my number one fantasy and you got to live yours. Thanks for the fantastic story.