Aug 092009

At the beginning of my sophomore year of college I worked for the school paper doing photography. Since I was the only one of the photographers with good darkroom experience, it was my domain. My escape. My quiet corner of darkness. I knew what I was doing in there, the chemicals didn’t bother me and I could be there for hours. Also at this time I was enjoying a brief period of the singleton life and having fun. Perhaps a little too much fun.

I actually had access to two different darkrooms on opposite ends of the campus. One in a standard classroom building, the other in the student union near the office for the paper. I had keys to these places but my access was limited to the hours of the buildings.

My darkroom didn’t have furniture really, nothing to sit on except for one classroom style chair. I never had time to sit when I was printing, anyways. My boytoy of the time accompanied me one night to the office and darkroom inside the student union building; I had wanted to quickly develop and print a few photos taken that evening. In the eerie darkness of the red room, he started teasing me while the third and final print was in the developer tray. One minute of kissing my neck. He stopped while I moved to the stop bath tray. 20 seconds of pinching my nipples. Fixer tray next, there he spent about 2 minutes kissing me. Finally, the wash, where he spent 4 minutes letting his hands roam and tease under my clothing. During all of this I couldn’t do anything – my hands had chemicals on them, and I couldn’t let the photo paper just sit there in tranquil liquids. As I hung the photo up to dry, he stripped down to nakedness. As I washed my hands thoroughly, he stripped me from the waist down. After my hands were dry I threw off my remaining clothes as quickly as I could because he was waiting for me. Sitting on the chair, condom already on, waiting for me to climb onto his lap and impale myself on his cock.

We no sooner started fucking before I remembered the time; a glance at his watch showed that it was 12:50 – the security guard would be around soon to check that this hallway and these offices were empty. Fine except for one thing – the light outside my darkroom door, visible if you peered into the glass door of the office. The light that clearly indicated that the darkroom was in use. The only way to shut off that light was to shut off my red safety light. I locked the door for good measure and slowly inched my way back to him. While it is visually appealing to see your naked partner’s body and face during sex, there is also something to be said for relying on quiet vocal cues and touching.

Shortly before 1am we heard the guard enter the outer office. Our hearts pounding, we ceased all movement and listened. Or rather, we tried to cease all movement. I started rocking on his lap, just barely. A marginal amount of stimulation, more tantric than anything else. We heard the guard walk to the door of the darkroom; his hands on my hips led me to increase my movements to be a little bit faster and a little bit deeper as the guard tried to turn the handle to darkroom. I held my breath, hoping the guard wouldn’t feel the need to use his keys and open the door. He didn’t. The sound of footsteps grew more distant until we heard the sound of the office door closing. Suddenly he roughly grasped my hips and started pistoning his hips, fucking me as hard and as fast as possible. The huge risk of getting caught tipped us both over the edge, fast.

Did I mention that when the Union closed, I had to be gone as well? You could get in pretty big trouble with campus security otherwise, plus the doors were locked. You couldn’t even get out without setting off the alarm.

We had 5 hours before the Union would be open again. In those 5 hours we fucked everywhere. We started off in the dark office; on the floor, on some editor’s desk. To be cute we each sat naked on the photocopier and copied our asses. Mine showed a portion of my pussy, just the slit but it was obvious what you were seeing (we had other things on our minds that night and ended up forgetting about these – they were found the next day. No, I never owned up to it). At some point we got dressed to leave the office area and hung out in one of the common areas where there were couches and chairs. We ended up fucking there, too. Always slightly paranoid with one ear listening for the sounds of a night guard. Around 4am we were laying on the floor behind a pool table, shadows covering us completely. We were tired but couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves. His fingers in my cunt, my hand wrapped around his cock, and a guard walking the hallway just 15 feet away with no wall to separate us. We slowed but we didn’t stop; neither did the guard.

At dawn we got dressed and plotted our escape so that the guard wouldn’t know we had been there all night. We got out safely and headed to the nearest dorm room where we slept the day away, tired and sore.

  • I too was a photographer and know the feeling you are talking about with the total darkness and just relying on sound to guide you. I think everyone should have that experience. It really heightens your arousal.

    ~ I think this is the reasoning behind some reality show on some channel, “Dating in the Dark”. One of the few of such shows I’ll actually watch. Until it gets annoying.

  • Now that is a time to remember!! Awesome!!

    ~ I can’t remember his name anymore (*cringes*) but this has stuck around, and for good reason!

  • Torn Shorts

    Loved this! Reminds me of the time my college GF and I were almost caught by university police making love on a desk in the office of the campus radio station after hours. Had a close call just as you and your boytoy did.

  • Jake

    Ooh nice, and something well within my reach of doing ;)

    ~ Well if you do, think of me ;)

  • nancy

    Mmmm delicious.. What a great quandry ~~ having to stay there for 5 hours!

  • Utterly inspired thinking! I remember having sex once in Uni in a cupboard somewhere around the halls of residence. Everyone had gone out clubbing and we had the building to ourselves. He chased me around the communal kitchen, then we screwed on the dining table before we decided to tick off another location on our imaginary list – cupboards. Nice and cosy and small enough so I could get my legs up onto the opposite wall to lever myself onto him. It was briiliant and so exciting having to slow the pace and noise levels as we started to hear people drift past as they came home from the clubs at about 3am.

    LadyP x

    ~ ohhh very nice indeed! but I need to brush up on my British, hehe

  • Deviant Devil

    That was one of my fantasies every time I was left alone with a girl in the darkroom. Alas, it stayed a fantasy. :(

  • i was half-hoping that the guard might stumble upon you both at some point but it sounds as if the two of you had quite enough fun without his assistance ;)

    ~ Yeah the possibility was enough fire to add in, much less the actuality!

  • I agree with Adamantixx, I was holding my breath hoping the guard would have gotten his keys out and then put the screw to both of you in that darkroom!

    ~ Perhaps these days I would hope so too, but as a kid I was too damn scared to get in trouble. Mostly. That little bit of me that kept going was foreshadowing of whom I am these days, I guess….

  • Riff Dog

    I think adamantixx and I had different looking guards in our heads as we read this. ;-) I like the idea, though.

    Great story. I love the idea of being “trapped” for the night.

    ~ Yeah I can think of many scenarios I’d like to repeat the “being trapped” part in these days

  • Tracer Bullet

    Shit. All I ever got out of working for the school newspaper was job experience and some hate mail.

  • Amy

    Mmmm…very hot. The thrill of almost being caught is always so fun!


    ~ It is, it’s quite the adrenaline-pusher. Better than drugs.

  • Backseat Boohoo

    I have a book with a darkroom centered piece of erotica that the photographer in me has always considered uber-sexy. I think you just kicked that story’s ass. :P

    ~ Well hot damn :) Thanks :D

  • Coquitten

    I first started working in a darkroom at the same time I was really learning I could be sexual (age 12-13). I never got the time alone in there as you did (too bad ’cause it sounds FUCKING HOT!), but there was this boy… and flirting was always more fun when we were in there.

    I wish I had access to one now so I could re-enact what happened for you! Hmm, maybe my goal at my new uni will be some delish after hours classroom sex…

    ~ I’ll have to live vicariously thru my Uni girls in bloggerland. I look young for my age but I don’ t think I could pass for a college student anymore… have fun and tell me all about it!!!

  • That is so cool that you can remember such intimate details from your college days. What a close call! Whew!

  • James

    Mmmmmmm makes me think of my own experiences. Difficult to repeat the thrill as you get older sadly – but I am trying to capture some of those feelings on my own blog. Please take a look!