Aug 032009

Sunrise. Just barely.

And I can’t sleep any more.

No one else is awake. I don’t have much email to read. No new blog posts in my reader. Hmm.

Well, I can go read I guess. I check the weather and it’s slightly warm so I decide to just throw on my long terrycloth robe. Nothing underneath. Why bother? Being as quiet as I can be I grab the most readily available book and head out into the rest of the apartment. First things first, I make myself a cup of coffee. I take note of the book I picked up….Hm. One of my erotica books I’m reviewing. Ah well, that’ll pass some time as good as any! As I gather up my things to head out to my balcony, I pause and think. Do I? What the hell. I grab my bullet vibrator, just in case.

The view from our balcony is, well, not a view. It’s a corner unit so to my left it is open and I can see the other building that is 50 feet away. In front of me I see other buildings situated down a bit (we are up above on a slight hill) and the parking lots and driveway through the complex. But it’s early dawn on a weekend, and I can’t imagine many will be up. I set myself up to relax on the lounge chair and soon I am lost in my book.

I read one story and my robe slips off one shoulder, baring more than half of one breast, my nipple hardening to the air. At the next story I part my robe and slide one finger in between my lips, burying in the slit, testing the wetness gathering there. I am slowly drawing a tight circle around my clit when I hear a noise from the ground below. I quickly stop what I’m doing and look around, but I don’t hear it anymore and I don’t see anything. I assume that it’s an animal down in the overgrown bushes and tall grass. I ignore it.

I go back to reading but not before I part my robe and slide the bullet between my lips, nestling against my clit. As I turn it on I startle at how loud it seems in the quiet of the morning. But that doesn’t stop me. Soon I have both legs exposed; one bent up with my foot on the lounge chair, the other foot is resting on the floor. I read my book with one hand while the other hand presses the bullet against my clit, rubbing slightly.

As I finish the story I let the book rest open, pages down, on my tummy. I move my bent left leg down so that my foot is on the floor, mirroring the other leg. I am straddling the lounge chair, essentially. I use my left hand to spread myself open more, pulling back the hood of my clit as my right hand holds the bullet and rubs firm tight circles around my clit. I am concentrating on pulling this orgasm out.

And so, I don’t notice the rustling noise again.

And I don’t notice the head of dark brown hair. Or the eyes peering at me.

It’s all in my periphery and it’s just not registering on my radar. That is, until I start cresting the peak before the crash…..and by then it’s just too damn far gone for me to care. I lock eyes with my Peeping Tom as my cunt spasms and my heart races.

I let my legs spread wider, and my robe drop off my shoulder completely to fully expose one breast. His eyes sweep over me…. lingering, staring.

And then he’s gone.

  • Ooo… Yumm! Can I borrow your balcony?

  • Wow, to be your neighbor!!! ;)

  • Whether real or imagined, it’s just the neighborly thing to do… :)

  • SpclAgentH

    This is great. I’ve never wanted to be a peeping tom, till now ;)

    ~ Never?? Never, ever???? Wow I can’t imagine not wanting to watch!

  • Deviant Devil

    Wow, just fucking wow!

  • blueyeguy

    :) Now that’s the Lilly I know! :)

    Kinky, risk-taker, hot, hot, hot!

  • Talk about an early morning wake up call! To hell with risk, it’s all about the pleasure seeking!

    ~ Exactly :)

  • Oh you very naughty girl! *wink*

  • Oooh yummy! Sexy post. =)

  • The point of no return – nothing else you could do.

    I enjoyed reading this one – I’m a new girl to your blog, and I’ll be sure to be back for more soon.

    LadyP x

    ~ Welcome :) I’m glad you liked and I hope you come back! I’ve already browsed yours a bit.