Aug 302009


Happyland is my new name for Maryland. We had a “honeymoon lite” this weekend, just 24 hours and it was most decidedly not enough. The bayside town we go to is a spot where his family owns a little place; for a while there we went every year but due to being newly moved, more poor and less time off from work we had to forgo our week-long summer escapes there these last two years.

It’s always nice to go back; in a way it feels like going home. Is it sad that we (especially me) were super duper excited to see that they put in a new (and huge and wonderful) Target closer to our town? Some places on the eastern shore are a good 20-30 minute drive to “civilization” and chain stores (or farther!). The new Target means that decent shopping is now a little bit closer AND we no longer have to go to Wal-mart for non-grocery things. We bought dessert there – Target has a food brand called Archer Farms and a lot of their things are quite good. We got a Tiramisu from the frozen section and we were very pleasantly surprised! The filling part isn’t as thick and pudding-like as mine, but it was really tasty and even better than some I’ve had in restaurants!!! Another reason we love Maryland is that somehow the roads there are far, far superior than Pennsylvania. It doesn’t matter which highway we are on to get into Maryland (so far it’s been 4 different ones), the moment you officially cross state line the road changes. From pale, crappy, cracked, riddled with potholes and untold amounts of tar patching to smooth and hassle-free. It’s sad, really. Even the median and the shoulders are far superior. And, of course, the drivers are better for the most part.

Dinner was divine, at one of our favorite local seafood places. After dinner we took our usual drive to one of our spots; I had an urging for beach glass. It’s a bit of an obsession with us on the last couple trips and we’ve gotten a decent collection from various beaches in the eastern shore area. No red glass, sadly, and only two little pieces of dark blue glass but the rest is quite pretty. This was our haul from one of the nearby little beaches. I guess “beach” is a bit misleading – more like “bit of shore with some sand and shells and rocks for about 100 yards”. But we like it.

maryland-honeymoon-025fix maryland-honeymoon-012

We love this place so much and don’t spend nearly enough time there, that I’ve got a bit of vacation drop after a mere 24 hours. Really really don’t wanna go back to work tomorrow.

As soon as Drew, my dealer and enabler, firms up a few details for me I will announce a sex toy giveaway contest that I’m really excited for. And I already have my HNT pic (or pics, we’ll see) for this week because last week I wore a top I hadn’t ever noticed is so thin that it’s see-through in certain lighting. Oops!

Aug 252009

It is rare these days to be in a dressing room that has curtains instead of doors. At first this made me insecure and paranoid that I wouldn’t get it closed just so. The curtain was very heavy so luckily it would not get disturbed by a breeze created by someone else going past it in the hallway. It was a T-shaped section in the middle of the store. In the front of the T were a few chairs, a large mirror, and exit doorways on either side. Going down the length of a short hallway were the dressing rooms. I was in the very first room closest to the chairs and exit.

I was surrounded by so many things in my little room, I just gathered up as much stuff in one run as possible. A few dresses, a few tops, a bunch of bras. After trying on the tops I found one I really liked but found that perhaps it would be more flattering in a different size. So out I went to grab a different one. As I padded back in and stopped to examine the one I had on in the large mirror, a cute guy sitting in one of the chairs complemented me quietly that the color was good for me. As I headed back into my little room his wife/girlfriend came to model her outfit for him. As I was trying on the second dress, a woman with a large armful of clothes swooped down the hallway, hangers sticking out and one or two heavily brushed my curtain. Apparently enough to make it move a little. I was left with a 2″ gap but I was all tangled up in the dress and unable to do anything about it. I got it on and fretted in the mirror over how it looked on me. I remembered the curtain and turned to seal that gap; as my hand went up I noticed the waiting guy staring right at me. Very boldly.

Startled and embarrassed I jumped back, my heart racing. Wondering what he saw. Feeling self conscious of my body. In a minute my adrenaline rush cleared and I peered out cautiously. Yet again his girl was out there twirling for his opinion. She was about my size, so I guess he wasn’t offended by my body. She headed back to her room and I leaned back so as not to be noticed by her. When I peered out again I saw him watching my space and he offered a tentative, flirtatious smile.

Well. Huh. Now what.

I left the curtain where it was.

From there on out, every move I made I was conscious that I might have an audience of one. When I started trying on my bras, I wore only my panties. When I needed to try on the next bra, I bent over in a way and spot that ensured he’d get a glimpse. I completely ignored him; did my best, in fact, to pretend I didn’t realize he was watching. Every moment that ticked by I got a little more bold. He got eye-fulls of unbound breasts. If I were a thinner girl and more confident in my body I’d like to think I’d have been full-on brazen. Given him a deliberate show. A mini striptease, perhaps. Or more…..

As it were, I kept up the charade until I was done and about to get dressed.  Standing there completely bare chested I faced the curtain as I was putting on my jeans and as I did I saw him staring yet again – and I caught his gaze this time, on purpose. He was no longer casually leaned back in his chair, now he was bent forward, forearms resting on his thighs.  I looked at him with a level gaze that didn’t betray either direction – if I was upset or if I was enjoying it.  I guess the fact that I stood there and did nothing to block his view was a positive enough reaction for him to feel he was free to break eye contact and openly stare at my tits.  I let him for a minute, then stepped back to get dressed and gather my things. As I opened the curtain and walked out I shyly looked at him from under my lashes; he winked and grinned and I couldn’t help but smile back.

I think I’m going to check out my local Craigslist – the “missed connections” section. It’s a long shot, but who knows….

Aug 242009

For those that follow me on Twitter, you already know the “secret”. I got married yesterday. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision (about a month ago) due to my husband (wow that’s kinda weird to type) not having health insurance at this job and the fact that he really should be on it for prescription coverage and in case he gets injured on the job. So very long story short, we had a small, simple civil ceremony.

What was, at first, going to be a courthouse casual thing turned into a weekend thing with our parents. Me stressing out about making myself a bouquet and it matching the blue dress I picked out online (which ended up ugly and I ended up in a 12-store hunt for just the right shade of blue or purple top to go with a skirt I owned and lemme tell ya those colors don’t *exist* this season) and coordinating with the minister from and writing up the ceremony and vows myself so that I was secure that it held to our (non)religious beliefs while also leaving out wording that would be a sham – i.e. “forsaking all others”.

Yes, the open relationship will continue the way it was. In fact, this ceremony didn’t really change a damn thing except make it legal and recognized by the government and my employer!

I thought it was going to be simple and easy, but every step there was a snag.

~We couldn’t do it during the week because my SO couldn’t take a day off (yeah yeah I know) plus our parents needed to drive a few hours. No judge or JP does these things on the weekend.
~After searching online, I found someone who turned out to be great in the end but took 3-4 days to respond to each email, lol
~Found the spot to have the ceremony, but when we met w/ the minister and such a few weeks later, found that the gazebo was on a teeny island into the pond…and had no grass. And we’ve been in a rainy season, heh. It was muddy and my heels sunk in, but it didn’t rain the morning of the ceremony like we feared
~Since I wanted the ceremony before the heat of the day, celebratory dinner turned to lunch and man hardly anything in this area is open for lunch on a Sunday!! Turned out to be great though, the food was *awesome*
~As I said, hit snags all along the way with my clothing. That part stressed me out the most, I think. Couldn’t find a nice dress that I looked alright in (I’m not a dress girl for now) but I went ahead and made my bouquet to match a dress I presumed would be perfect….it wasn’t, it kinda sucked, so I had to find clothing to match the flowers. Yeah yeah, I know. When I finally found the right top….the zipper to my skirt broke, in the dressing room. Luckily my man is good with broken zippers, and he fixed it later. Whew!
~His wedding ring was shipped out immediately and arrived 3 days after ordering. We didn’t admittedly leave the optimal amount of time for this but time was not on our side. Mine, however, didn’t ship out when his did (perils of ordering from the same site, different vendors). Vendor informs me it wouldn’t arrive in time. Canceled order, got same ring elsewhere, I paid Express USPS shipping. Promises that it would arrive in time fell flat, and I had to borrow a ring for the ceremony. STILL don’t have the ring, in fact!! Twitter also heard about my panic with my engagement ring….it got stuck! I hadn’t needed to remove it for a year and I think one of my new meds made my fingers a little bigger – I tried and tried, every suggestion in the book, but it wouldn’t come off (I was going to get it resized bigger) so I carted my ass off to the jewelry store less than a week before the ceremony to have it cut off and resized (and then they made it too big).

Were these all signs along the way??? If they were, oh well. We’ve been together for a very long long time so this all was inevitable anyways. And no, it doesn’t really feel any different at all.  The reason we waited so long in fact was due to jobs and money, so that’s why it was prolonged until now and why it wasn’t a “white wedding” and there’s no honeymoon. Next year, maybe. Maybe then we can do it up properly.

We got a few monetary gifts and we’re hoping to be able to buy a laptop with it, we both really need one (to share). Mostly though we didn’t tell many people in advance and we don’t expect to get gifts from the family and friends until next year.

I’ll have a naughty HNT post this week featuring my flowers that you saw a little bit of!

Aug 202009


If you know…..then sssshhhhhh

If you don’t know…..then all will be revealed soon

I won’t be posting again until Monday at the earliest.

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Aug 182009

My good friend Bad Bad Girl is having a monumental contest going on right now, in fact there’s more than one! I’m mainly doing this for the Grand Fucking Prize, to get the list of giveaway items one item bigger. How does this work? How can you enter this yourself? All you have to do is post something on your blog similar to this, and make a wishlist at Post your wishlist in said post, and let BBG know about it. For every person, up to 100, that enters, another prize is added on. Below is the full list. Prize #100 is a fucking machine!! Holy crap! Can you tell how much she is loved, given the magnitude of this contest?? I think it’s the biggest and best giveaway that any sex blogger has been able to do.

While some of the stuff on the prize list doesn’t interest me at this time in my life since I’ve decided to walk away from many BDSM things for awhile, I want whoever wins this prize to get a lot of great stuff! I created my little wishlist over there, and here’s my items. I  have to admit to being a bit of a wuss when it comes to many items that ER carries, so my list right now is small. When I go to physical therapy for my back issues, they do electro-stim on me at the end. After seeing these stim kits meant for sexual purposes and knowing how it feels on my back….well, I’m very intrigued by it and hope to try this someday.

Electro Vaginal Shield Electro Vaginal Shield
Folsom PSG-202 Box Folsom PSG-202 Box
Zeus Deluxe Digital Power Box Zeus Deluxe Digital Power Box
The Plus-Size Crotchless Corset Strap-On The Plus-Size Crotchless Corset Strap-On
Clitoris Enhancer Clit Pump Kit Clitoris Enhancer Clit Pump Kit

Here’s what you can win as the entries increase:
(with mine we’re up to the Sunset Plug)

Sign-ups Item Retail


Electrogasm $45.00


Ratan Cane $11.50


Trinity Silicone Butt Plug Kit $38.00


Trinity Pink Waterproof Rabbit $18.95


Orgasmic Vibrating Cock Ring $8.00


Luv Balls $26.00


The Sunset Plug $17.99


Strict Leather Flogger $165.00


Clit Enhance Pump Kit $114.00


Vibrating Silver Bullet $8.50


Vibrating Remote Control 7 speed egg $47.95


Leather Blindfold with Velcro Closure $16.50


Strict Leather Locking Thigh Cuffs $76.00


Trinity 7 Speed Vibrating Silicon Butt Plug $28.95


Delux Digital Power Box $130.00


Trinity Pocket Rocket Massager $14.00


Trinity Heart Throb Glass Dildo $28.00


The Love Pacifier $14.99


Strict Leather 4 Foot Leash $18.00


Vibrating Lipstick $26.00


Hitachi Magic Wand $49.95


Ball Gag Training System $15.00


Trinity Rosebud G Vibrator $22.50


Strict Leather Punishment Strap $37.50


Bondage Tape $7.95


Strict Leather Studded Paddle $48.00


Clit Clamp with Bell $10.00


Strict Leather Low Rise Leather Collar $48.00


The Love Seat $99.95


Premium Bondage Rope Nylon 10ft $12.00


Wartenburg Wheel $9.50


The Anal Hook $78.95


Tower of Pain $88.00


Strict Leather Forced Orgasm Belt $78.00


The Curvy Steel Dildo $95.00


The Power Box Fucking Machine $449.00
Aug 162009

The movie was decent, but I was reminded why I hate going to movie theaters – too many annoying people all around. We had seen an 8 o’clock showing which meant that the mega-cineplex was bursting with people and the parking lot so full that we had to  park a dozen or more rows back. By the time we got out of our movie though the lot had cleared out a good bit.

We started out in the front seats, kissing and making out like teenagers. It was erotic but also an exercise in frustration. After the third banged knee against the gear shift column, I realized why people don’t fuck in cars anymore. The change in the automobile industry to move from bench seats in the front to individual bucket seats was such a detriment to getting it on in your car. Our hands roamed above waist level but our bodies could not touch. My pelvis was humping the air of its own accord, a testament to how horny I was getting and how badly I needed a finger or three in my cunt.

Finally, I looked to the back seat and said “Move back. Now.”

And out we scrambled, like a perverted Chinese Firedrill, all mussed-hair and disheveled-clothes. Ah, the back seat. Considerably better than bucket seats and gear shifts. Speaking of gear shifts, in a brief “that would be so hot” conversation in between kisses we lamented the fact that the car had the straight-up style gear shift typical of automatic transmissions rather than the bulbous fat shape of manuals. I think that sort would have filled my cunt and given my hips something to buck against.

We got more daring and soon clothes were a hindrance to our insistent hands. I fully believe that there is little else more delicious than the slow drawn-out saunter from second base to third base and so on.

Hands groping with thin barriers of satin or cotton adding a frisson of naughty teenage-like lust.

Lips always kissing, never parted from skin in some way.

And when hands finally dare to delve into skin-on-skin contact it is electric and heady.

We tried in vain to find a good position in the back seat to allow easy access to each others’ bodies but it wasn’t happening. We stopped, frustrated and breathless and thought. At apparently the same time we both realized that there was one more area to explore: the back cargo area of the SUV. Of course this meant that we had to get out, yet again.

“Move back….”

A quick glance around and we confirm that no one appears to be around. So I grabbed the keys and we got out. I unlocked the back – up went the window first and then the bottom half of the door. The dome light came on but a flick of its switch killed it. We had enough light from the parking lot, we didn’t want more.

But before we got into our makeshift sex cave, my hormones and need got the better of me. I lifted his tshirt over his head and quieted his protests by explaining that it would waste too much precious time and energy trying to remove clothes after we got in. He quit complaining the moment I was topless, standing outside of the car in the parking lot light. We scrambled in and closed the door behind us. He went to pull the window portion down and I stopped him. “It will get way too hot in here if we don’t leave that open”, was all it took to convince him.

So we laid in the back, limbs entwined kissing as we got comfortable with the latest stage of undress. Not only were we more exposed to each other, but the thin layer between us and the outside world was distracting. We heard the crickets and felt the warm breeze over extra-sensitive skin, and slowly relaxed against giving a shit about each car we heard drive by somewhere in the lot. Before hands resumed exploring, our bodies teased. I ground my cunt against his hip, groaning as the pressure and the friction from our underwear made me even more wet. I brought my knee up slowly, lighting pressing and rubbing my knee and leg against his hard cock that was trapped in his boxers.

Soon hands took over and we giggled as noticed that we each had a big wet spot on our underwear. Much semi-chaste rubbing commenced, teasing each other with fingers over fabric. This is the stage of getting drunk on lust. Riding a line between bliss and torture, the ache in your chest from the need for more fights with the pleasure being given that is both mental and physical. Mental in that its a game of how far can you drag it out, of extending that high-school overtone of “we shouldn’t be going this far”. This is foreplay at its best. Where each long-awaited step is so utterly satisfying.

When his fingers first slid across my slippery cunt I let out a string of lusty curse words. When my hand closed around the head of his cock he groaned loudly. Our breathing so rapid that we’d have used all the oxygen inside the car had we not left that window wide open. Speaking of that window…..we didn’t remember to stay quiet until we realized that things had gotten more noisy outside. We had been at it so long that a movie had let out. I licked his cock from base to head with a slow stroke and moans drifted out to the people getting in cars around us. I saw the tops of a few heads walk by out of the corner of my eye. As I rolled to my back to let him bite and suck my nipple my whimperings caused someone to walk by us closer; close enough that we locked eyes for a second.

I needed release, I had reached my breaking point. When the noise around us quieted down, I climbed on top of him and rubbed my cunt on his cock, my hips bucking as I teased him. I was so wet, audibly wet, that no hands were needed for his cock to slip inside of me. He snaked his hand in between our bodies and his fingertips found my clit. I was grinding my clit into his fingers with his cock buried to the hilt. I sat up enough to put one hand on the frame of the door for leverage. I felt the urgency climb and the tingles start to spread at the same time I heard car doors slamming in the distance. As my pelvis bucked furiously against him the lights from that car softly illuminated me from the shoulders up. He noticed this and used his other hand to push on my belly, push me away from him so that I was sitting up more. My skin, from tits on up, glowed now in the bright lights as the car approached. I was in a race to come before the car got to us. It was a tie. With a few jerks of my body I came violently as the car closed in and slowed down, presumably they caught sight of me. I turned my head from the blinding light as I heard the sound of gravel crunching under tires as they drove past slowly. I didn’t look, I couldn’t. But they saw and they knew what they were seeing and what remained hidden.

We laid there a while, naked and recovering on our backs, cooling down with the breeze, just softly talking and laughing. We agreed that our third date had a lot to live up to after following an act like that.