Jul 202009

As we headed home from an afternoon of driving around and getting lost, we started driving past one of the many “adult” places on this stretch of highway. For some reason there’s a lot here, be it a store or a strip club. The stores all look shady to me, and I wouldn’t likely ever step foot in one, but there’s usually a car or more at nearly every one.

There’s one strip club that’s a little more out in the open, with regards to what is surrounding it. It’s right next door to a gas station, I think. I honestly don’t recall because I never pay much attention to what’s surrounding it. Especially this day.

It was a fairly hot day, not too bad, and late afternoon. I interrupted our conversation and whip my head around, eyes completely off the road in front of me, and stared at the girls washing cars outside the club. It’s clearly some event for the club; there’s a little canopy tent with a table under it and a handful of big burly men drinking and watching the girls. There’s about 4 girls that I was able to count in my split-second view. All wearing cut-off shorts and bikini tops. My eyes widen and I turn to him and say “Whoa! Can we turn around and go get our car washed???”

He raised his eyebrows and smiled at me, “Aren’t I supposed to be the one saying that?”

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

I pulled into the parking lot. The girls were working on two cars, parked in front of the building which faced the highway. Pretty close to the highway, too. There’s no more room left there so I just slowly come to a stop as they all notice our car. I bet they were wondering if we were lost since I was the one in the driver’s seat. One comes over to my car as I put the window down all the way. She leans in, forearms resting on the door; she’s right in my face. She asks if we’d like to get our car washed, they’re doing it for free today. I just smiled and said “Sounds great”; she told me to pull up a bit and I parked to the side of the building.

He looked at me like I was crazy. I think I did suffer a moment of temporary insanity. Between the traffic on the highway and the men (whom I wouldn’t like gawking at me while naked, ew), I started feeling really self-conscious and wondering what the hell I just did. Too late, I realized, as a cute brunette sashayed over with various rags and towels and a bucket of water. She smiled and dove right into the small talk; I think she asked where we were from, what we were doing in the area but I don’t honestly remember. I was too busy watching her.

God she was good at this. The right combination of sorority girl car wash and Playboy Bunny car wash. Meaning, sexy and flirty and provocative but not so over the top that I felt like I was in a porno. We were, after all, 20 feet from the highway and 50 feet from another business so things had to be…..clean. I quickly realized that she probably wasn’t wearing panties under those very very short cut-off denim shorts. I think I stopped breathing as I stared at her ass when she bent down to scrub a tire or something – she bent at the waist and kept her ass in the air. Thoughtfully pointed right in our direction. The seam (which was about all that was left in the crotch of her shorts) pulled and wedged itself in the crack of her ass and the slit of her pussy affording me a view that couldn’t be rated PG-13. Suddenly I realized she was looking back at me expectantly. I startled and said “I’m sorry, what?” because I had no clue she had even asked another question. She just smiled like the cat who got the canary and continued on working.

As she quickly washed the car I was rewarded with continuous glimpses of as much as she could get away with out there. Ass cheeks and flashes of her shaved pussy, and a bikini top that had a lot of trouble keeping her properly covered. Somehow the part that ties around the neck managed to work themselves loose so that anytime she bent over all the way the tiny little knit triangles fell away from her breasts just enough to show nipple. If you were looking. And I was. Staring like a dirty old man, in fact. I don’t think I’ve ever concentrated so hard on hoping for a “wardrobe malfunction”, for the damn thing to just fall off entirely.

In an all-too-short blur of time, she finished up. He got into the passenger side while I shyly smiled at her and somehow managed to ask what nights she danced here. I assured her that we would be back.

“After the wonderful little show you gave me, I can’t wait to see the real thing. But please don’t try to tell me this car wash was free.” As I stared at her body trying to find a lucrative place to tuck the $10 bill, she stood a little closer to me but made no move to take that money from me. She smiled when I finally tucked it into the tight portion of strap in between her breasts; my fingers grazed cleavage and I boldly let them wander on over to her breast. When I looked at her she just smiled bigger, so I pinched her hard nipple in between forefinger and thumb. Her eyes fluttered closed for a moment and then I pulled away.

“Yes, we will be back.”

And with that, we left and continued for home.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

*sigh* I wish. Instead we kept on driving and fantasized the above. If only, if only.

Now then, who’s going to take me to a few good strip clubs? I’ve got a couple fantasies that I need to get working on making real, the sooner the better!

  • Hmm…maybe I could talk some clubs into doing the car washes…if I succeed, will you visit our corn-fed girls this time? ;)

    ~ hehehehee I still maintain that’s an awful far distance to travel simply for that

  • Virgil

    (whom I wouldn’t like gawking at me while naked, ew)

    Kinda changed your tune when the girl directed it at you, didn’t you.?

    Now you understand why men gawk at girls. Occasionally, one will offer up a peek at the goodies, not unlike your road trip of not so long ago.

    It’s a simple fact – women’s bodies are made to be looked at and appreciated. And who was flashing 14th St in NYC not so long ago and hoping to be noticed?

    Don’t be so harsh towards men doing what they’ve been trained to do by women.

    More tits and lips please.

    ~ Um no. I think you missed my point entirely. I was not expressing distaste BECAUSE the men were staring at the girls. This has nothing at all to do with that. It was the men IN PARTICULAR that I minded. It was their attitude, their demeanor, their expressions and them in general. No I do not begrudge men as a whole staring at women as a whole. I was saying that I, personally, would not be able to feel sexy and sultry and whatnot being stared down and leered at by THOSE men.

  • Lilly – Girl, if you come to town, I PROMISE to take you to a strip club. So fun! I’ve gotten quite a few nice lap dances from beautiful girls. I know you’d enjoy it.

    Virgil – Did you even read the post before you commented? And I have to address this: “Don’t be so harsh towards men doing what they’ve been trained to do by women.” Um, excuse me? Women haven’t trained men to do anything. All people are responsible for their own actions. There is a big difference between gawking at someone and an appreciative look. When I’ve been to strip clubs, I have admired the women but I also treated them with respect and was kind to them. Your comment reminds me of people who say that women who dress like sluts (whatever that means) deserve or ask for whatever happens to them (rape, cat call, harassment, etc). Welcome to the 21st century where all people are responsible for their behavior!

    ~ I’m sure I would and oh yes I’d love to go with you!!! I think plenty of men I know would also laugh off the notion of women training men. For anything.

  • Oh my god, next time stop! We have tons of this in Vegas..;)

  • thankfully they don’t have car-washes like that in the U.K or i’d have the shinest damn car in town…but no money!
    you really do paint a perfect picture in words x

    ~ why thank you, new person!

  • Lilly … that was a hot piece, lots of car washing that goes on here in summer hehe, you just gave me a nice idea for an HNT ;)

    Virgil … you’ve been trained to perv? Wow where? I agree I don’t think you did actually read that post correctly? Most women like the appreciative gazing, hell I do sometimes but not from just any man, anywhere there are lines and personal preferences. You make it sound like women are pieces of meat. You also try and make it sound like you are speaking for all men … sheesh.Read properly before placing foot in mouth.

  • Garth

    Here’s my takeaway from his post

    -Womens bodies are ‘made’ to be appreciated. That’s right, they were crafted for that very purpose, so he has a right to do so. Hell, it’s an obligation! It isn’t a matter of finding beauty where we may, or in the things that excite us and appeal to us. No, better that it be out of the admirer’s control completely.
    -Men have been ‘trained’ to do this by women. Again, men are absolved of any responsibility in the equation. It’s the fault of those tempting women who have forced us to be this way. They were ‘made’ to tempt us, then they ‘trained’ us to want to gawk at them, so men are ‘blameless’.
    -You are equally complicit specifically, and Virgil will be happy to tell you why, because he’s been keeping a list and checking it twice of everything you did that conforms to his stereotypes.
    -You need to express opinions less and post pictures for his gratification more.
    -He thinks this really happened, despite the disclaimer, so he thinks you should have ‘learned’ from the experience what it’s like to be a man helplessly drawn in like a moth to the flame.

    What Virgil doesn’t seem to get is that when women fantasize about exhibitionism, they rarely are picturing beer-bellied greasy bears as their primary audience (unless they REALLY want to imagine as degrading an experience as possible, I guess, and even then, it’s more about the illicit coarse repulsiveness than about wanting to show off for that kind of guy). Seedy seamy-skinned lounge lizards kicking back Coors aren’t quickening anyone’s pulses, Virgil. And if you gawk in hopes of illicit glimpses of something, take responsibility for it! It isn’t because someone ‘trained’ you to do that; It’s because you are hoping for a thrill, and in your case, Virgil, definitely an unintended one.

    But that’s all gravy to the juicy turd-steak he served up with his comment about sticking to showing tits and lips. He’s a chauvinistic pig.

  • Hot Momma

    That is it! My hubby and I are going to a strip club this weekend! I need some girl ACTION NOW…I can’t take it anymore…I am going to explode…
    This story was just the icing on the cake…whooahh I am getting all twitter-patted…
    Good one :oD

  • and what a wonderful little fantasy! Yum!

  • Next time you are out our way, we will be happy to take you to some fun strip clubs!

    Come visit soon!!!!

  • blueyeguy

    This was a great start – how about a sequel?

    Lil makes visit to club and gets her “private” lapdance… Or visits the “restricted” area…