Jul 262009

She will occasionally send me photos. Sexy photos. Cute photos. Beautiful photos.

But it is her husband that will send me the naughty photos. The downright dirty photos. The pervy photos.

Her husband will send me life-size close-up photos of her beautiful cunt and it makes my own cunt ache. It makes my tongue and lips ache to be on her. (It made me wet and it made me come hard)

Her husband will invite me to watch them over webcam, naked and beautiful.

While she is my friend and we are vocally mutually interested in each other, it is her husband that indulges the horny pervert in me.

Will I whisper in her husband’s ear, in the noisy bar, “Does your wife want to kiss me?”

Will I ask her husband, before I check for myself, “Is your wife wearing any panties?”

While her husband watches guard, I will sneak my hand up under her skirt and tease her clit while we’re surrounded by people.

While her husband kisses her neck, I will kiss her lips.

Before my lips assault her naked body, I will ask her husband what she likes. I will ask him to show me how.

Before I fuck her with one of the toys they have, I will ask her husband to guide my hand. To show me how deep and how fast and how hard.

Can you tell I’m anxious to meet my beautiful, sexy friend……and her husband?

  • Yes. Where/when shall I show up with my camera and tripod?

    ~ Oh he’s a wonderful photographer, I’m sure he’ll be clicking away for awhile!

  • *blush*

    ~See that’s one of the things I like about you. You pose for the photos and post some to your blog, but you blush when I compliment you and publicly admit to jerking off to your pics. It’s so damn cute! ;)

  • Gotta love the kink in you girl!

  • Hot Momma

    Amazing and alluring :o)

  • Labyrinth

    Lovely fantasy – wish it would come true for us! We’d love a kinky little thing like you to play with!

    ~ I don’t intend for the second half to be fantasy forever, let me assure you!

  • blueyeguy

    And I thought you had writer’s block!

    The last two posts were sexy and kinky as usual.



    ~ I do, lol. They were both very short, lacking detail. The last one was…. meh.

  • Tracer Bullet

    Damn. I gotta get a webcam.

    ~ Why? Gonna let me watch? ;)

  • I’ll be waiting for that experience, the second part for sure … waiting with bated breath. I think your muse has simply been hiding of late. x

  • Ooo sexy!! Love it.. :)

  • Coquitten

    I am a little wetter post reading this post.

  • Deviant Devil

    Can’t wait to hear about that.

  • i’m sure they’re every bit as anxious to share some fun with you too…what a night that’ll be!

  • Tracer Bullet


    ~Then you’d better get one!!

  • That’s really hot. I’d be hella anxious. Lol.

  • This was one of my most favorite posts to read in months….. I hope you all meet very soon!


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