Jun 072009

I told her I wanted her to come for me. Not just for me but for ME. What I had in mind was risky but the high erotic factor of it was clouding my brain and I just wanted it. Hadda have it. I felt my greed take over.

But first….the torture.

Off and on throughout the day.

……and what if Barry, the guy across the aisle and down one, can smell your wet cunt as you…..

……i would do it if you told me to but please….please don’t make me go to……

…..Sarah, don’t you want to show off that body? I know I do, I want to show you off while…..

…..i am torn with your words and torn between wanting and not wanting….

Little bits and what-if’s peppered into the day. I grew more sadistic and suggestive as the afternoon wore on, my mix of humiliation and erotic sensual scenarios had her begging for respite. Just begging for me to allow my slut to escape to the 8th floor restroom for a quick wank. I denied her time and again and told her she needed to wait until 5pm. I wouldn’t tell her why. But oh can you just imagine…a horny girl, skirt and no panties? Hard to resist, isn’t it….

I went to her desk to get her promptly at 5. The majority of people in the office, in the building in fact, worked earlier shifts. Very few people were left and they all tended to practically run for the elevators at 4:58. I leaned down and whispered “Sarah….spread your legs for me…” She glanced around, as if I hadn’t already checked on this, and as she spread her legs I reached up her skirt. I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh and pushed it out to spread her further for me. I let my fingers trail over her mound before I slipped one finger past her lips to find that she was, quite literally, dripping wet. Thick and sticky. I roughly rubbed a finger over and around her clit for a few seconds before I pulled away. She was biting her lip to prevent herself from making a sound.

“Gather your things, Sarah, and follow me. Now.”

I took her to our favorite out-of-the-way restroom and headed to the back stall, the large handicapped one. As I entered it, she hesitated, until it was obvious that I was holding the door waiting for her to come in as well. She looked at me with such uncertainty but didn’t say anything. I hung our two bags on the back of the stall door; I stood just in front of the toilet and I had her stand facing me, her back to the door. I yanked her shirt up over her head, just the front of it, hooking it behind her neck. Her chest exposed but the shirt was still “on”.

Next, I shoved the cups of her bra down and under her tits. I couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t resist giving a firm hard pinch and pull to one nipple, just to watch her struggle with staying silent despite the pain and pleasure that caught her by surprise. I then lifted the front of her full knee-length skirt and shoved the material of it up and through the band of her bra. Her cunt and tits fully exposed for me but her clothes were still on. Depraved and beautiful.

As I kept an ear out for the telltale squeak of the door (I pray they never fix that loud squeak) I sat down on the toilet and whispered her instructions with my lips to her ear, threatening to graze her sensitive neck. She was to sit on my lap. Facing me. Bring her legs up off the floor if she could manage it. I lifted my own skirt up my body so that she would be sitting on my bare skin – there was purpose in this beyond the need to feel skin to skin.

My sweet girl complied and I stared at this gorgeous filthy girl who was mine and just inches away. We had never been quite this close before, this intimate.

“Come for me, slut. Right here, and hurry up.”

The warmth radiated from her cunt, her musky scent filled my nostrils and the decadent wet sloshy sounds nearly drove me insane with lust as she furiously rubbed her clit. Her chest broke out in redness, her brow furrowed in concentration – concentrating on coming for me but also being silent. I just could not help myself as I leaned my head forward and my mouth latched onto her nipple. A small, surprised squeak slipped past her lips as I roughly sucked and bit her. Suddenly her breathing was more erratic and quick; I stopped, leaned back and watched the show about to happen.

She clenched her eyes shut, tucked her chin and bit her lower lip. Then she held her breath for a few seconds and I knew she was climaxing when her eyes opened, her head tipped back and her mouth opened wide, lips forming a big “O”. I watched her cunt and I could partially see the spasms and contractions; my favorite sight. Her feet touched the ground and she put a hand on the stall wall to steady herself as her body came down from the high of climaxing.

I waved her off me and motioned for her to fix her clothing as I fixed my own and cleaned up (the damn slut left quite a mess on my thighs!). She then made a move to reach for the toilet paper to wipe away the wetness that was no doubt running down her thighs but I stopped her. I opened the stall door, peeked around and saw no one. I shoved her out ahead of me and finally was able to speak.

“You’re going to walk to your car like that, all sodden and slutty. The breeze will dry you while also carrying your scent to those around you. Don’t hide your face; act as if nothing is amiss and see if you can tell who notices. Report back to me tomorrow morning.”

I kissed her then, hard and crazed and full of lust.

We walked out together; I wanted to make sure she didn’t secretly detour to a bathroom before exiting the building. We walked our separate ways, while I practically ran for my car. I absolutely HAD to orgasm before I was fit for driving.

Part Two

Part One

  • I had managed to get my horniness under control until I read this. Damn, girl, you write well.

    ~ God I wish I could get paid for this shit…..lol. Thank you :)

  • Mmmmmmmmmmm! That was wonderful!

    ~ Thanks :)

  • Coquitten

    I have tried so hard to find good domination erotica between women – after reading this, I could just read this series over and over and I would be set. God, I wish I was in Sarah’s position!

    ~ Wow, thank you :) I agree, it’s not easy to find it….unless Sinclair is writing it, but even then it’s a gender-fuck angle. Hot, but still different than what you’re referring to.

  • swordfish

    this is very good writing, lilly…you’ve obviously been thinking about this for a long time, haven’t you?

    ~ Honestly….no. This one was actually written within the same couple days as the first two, a few weeks ago. It was about a week in between the time the notion was put into my head by him and the time I wrote it. Just….inspiration kept hitting, my mind kept going there….snowball.

  • blueyeguy

    Damn Lil –

    Not only do you build the tension and the erotic atmosphere, but gift wrap it in sensuality with an orgasmic bow!

    Wow – great work. Truly some of your best words…


    ~ Wow, thanks :) Christ I hate that I need validation, but it’s so nice to hear that others like it. I mean SURE I got whorishly wet and had to wank right after finishing, but that’s because it’s playing in my head.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE your erotica! Very hot woman. I need a shower now :)


  • Cheating Wife

    That was fucking fantastic, L. Loved it!!



  • Yep, that was hot!

  • Subtle Release

    Oh my. Glad to see you haven’t lost your spark, dear :)


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  • WOW,that was Good