Jun 142009

You guys know I’m a true foodie. I don’t think I need to go into how well food and sex can mesh and the similarities between them. And no I’m not talking about having sex with food, silly.

The first time a new partner/date stays over at your place for a night of debauchery the smart thing to do to truly ensure a repeat performance (other than being good in bed, of course) is to wow them the next morning with breakfast. If you’re cooking for a woman and she tells you she can’t eat stuff like this because she’s on a diet? Either kick her out or offer up some exercise afterward. Tell her that if she goes cowgirl style she’ll burn more calories ;)

So the last few weekends I’ve provided some great morning treats. Menu 1 can be a little bit lighter and hey it’s got fruit! It takes longer overall but a lot of the time is spent waiting on things to bake. Spend that time burning some more calories! Menu 2 requires more ingredients but in the end is quicker; this menu is also great for those who can handle more food in the late morning.

Menu One: Individual Baked French Toast Casserole served with Baked Bacon and a Poached Egg on Toast.

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{Pictured above is a Blueberry version and a Chocolate Chip version}

You can add anything, really to these little casseroles. I used an oversized Corningware “boat”, it provided a nice serving size. I like blueberries and he likes  chocolate chips. Any fruit that you like can work in this, I think. Traditional Baked French Toast Casseroles are prepared the night before, giving the bread 10 hours to thoroughly soak up the liquid, but I quite liked this version.

Preheat the oven to 350, set the racks in the middle two slots. On the bottom rack will go the bacon. Recently I’ve taken to purchasing the disposable aluminum cookie sheets for this, it’s about a buck a piece. Covering a cookie sheet with foil never prevented the grease from getting to the cookie sheet for me. If you’re using thick-cut bacon (which you should) put it in about 10 minutes before the casseroles for crispy bacon.

011 024

For two medium sized servings, I used about 5.5 ounces of Challah bread, cubed. I did that first thing in the morning actually and let them sit out to dry up a touch.

2 eggs, 3/4 cup of milk, 1/2 cup of real maple syrup, a capfull of vanilla extract and a dash or two of cinnamon all gets mixed together in a bowl and then combined with the bread cubes. I really must insist you use real maple syrup here however….buy the cheap stuff. I found that the store brand of AA grade maple syrup was thinner than Mrs Butterworth’s and a heck of a lot less sweet. Divide up the french toast into the two baking dishes and strategically toss about your toppings. Tuck em down in between bread pieces, get it all even. If you should both agree on one topping you can certainly do this all in one casserole dish.

I believe I baked this for a half hour, turning up the oven to 400 for the last couple minutes. The poached eggs take only 4 minutes once the water is at the right temp. The moment I put the lid on the eggs I pulled out the casseroles and bacon from the oven. Butter up 2 pieces of toast and once the eggs are done you’re ready to go. I followed this advice for perfect poached eggs and it works out wonderfully for me. I do add a few teaspoons of white vinegar, and she says 3 minutes but we find 4 minutes was just right.

cooking-002 cooking-004 cooking-005

Menu Two is a more gourmet version of pancakes. Cornmeal pancakes. You’d assume, I’m sure, that these would be like cornbread but they’re not that heavy. While mine didn’t get as light and airy as other commenters on this recipe claim, they were still wonderful. Three pancakes with some baked bacon was a very filling brunch.

012 014 015

The special twist with these pancakes though is the Honey-Pecan Butter you make for them. It’s really quite awesome. I halved the butter recipe because my partner isn’t a big fan of that sort of thing – if you are all in favor of the butter, be sure to make the full amount. And use it generously.

The recipe is here, but I changed it a wee bit – the compound butter is where I made changes. First of all they call for European butter. Don’t bother. Second they call for the butter to be unsalted. No. I used regular butter and I still added a little pinch of finely ground sea salt. It just enhances the flavors, doesn’t make it salty.

I kept the size of these relatively small, and I threw them on racks to cool. If you throw a hot pancake onto a platter in the oven, one side gets dry and the other is soggy from the trapped steam. This way all sides kept that fresh-from-the-griddle “crust”. Before serving I simply threw them back on the griddle for less than a minute each side.


  • voyeur36

    I cannot believe I read this all the way through. Hey, good job on the cooking. Hot stuff in more ways than one.

    ~ Hmmm I’m not sure how to take that, that you can’t believe you read the whole post. Were you expecting me to throw in some sex in there? Or was it boring?

  • Coquitten

    I loved this post! I always ogle over foodie blogs and wonder if I should incorporate some cooking into mine… After Sex Breakfast Food was a great idea! And I can pretty much guarantee I’m going to make those french toast casseroles. Yum!

    ~ Oh they’re yummy, and easy to experiment with what you add in. :)

  • Now I know I’m missing out!! Damn I could eat some of that for sure!!!
    I can’t cook a lick tho, I’m pretty much just a fucker.

    ~ Did you ever have any doubts, Sage, that you’re missing out?? ;)

  • J

    Awesome menu choices L, especially menu 1. I’ll have to try that myself some day!

  • Mistress Savannah

    One of my favorite lines used to be “So what do you like for breakfast?” you hit the nail on the head again! Sex and cooking tips, you are a giver :)

    ~ Ha! Good one! ;) And yes, I am such a giver.

  • I love your food posts.

    BTW. My kids would *LOVE* to come eat at your house ;) *LOL*

    ~ Really, they’d eat this stuff??? Man. All the kids in my family are picky little brats. Refuse to eat the whites of the eggs. Would turn their noses up at the casseroles.

  • I often joke with one of my friends that the last time I stayed over at her house, I made her breakfast and she didn’t even have to sleep with me. (Sometimes I say “go down on me”.) I certainly WISH she had, but it wasn’t to be.

  • voyeur36

    Definitely not boring. I was hooked. Good food, good sex. What else can a man ask for?

    ~ good conversation. and I have that in spades ;)

  • Oh hell I’m gonna go cook, this is the second blog I have read in the last 24 hours with absolutely mouth watering recipes! Thank you for sharing and I agree, fuck the dieting crap a wicked breakfast after a good night of debauchery … most definitely a win :D

    ~ It’s almost a tie between what’s more evil sometimes, isn’t it? Reading about hot sex or reading yummy recipes! lol

  • Torn Shorts

    I’d lean towards Breakfast #1…Lilly would you mind whipping up a batch and Fed Ex’ing it to Texas? LOL Thanks for sharing some of your culinary talent with us.

    ~ Honey I don’t think it would survive. Its easy, you can doooo eeeeet!

  • You crazy woman why did you have to introduce me to these French toast casseroles? Now I am going to be making them all of the time instead of French toast sandwiches. Holy crap!

    ~ Instead? Nah. just trade off! My next casserole will be strawberry.

  • Justin

    Oh my goodness, I love you! Sex, food, and a recipe! I thought you were awesome before, but now you’re on a whole other level.

    ~ I’m the total package, honey ;) hehe

  • voyeur36

    Good conversation is the bonus

    ~ Bonus?!? Heck no, good conversation is foreplay. It’s necessary!