Jun 122009

Regular readers of this blog have likely noticed that there was a sudden rash of sex toy reviews recently posted. Yeah it’s my blog and I can do what I want, but I do want to mildly apologize because I don’t like it being that way, that high ratio of reviews to regular posts on my blog. MY blog, not other blogs. Just sayin’, I’m not saying I hate it when other blogs post that way.



I do have good reason though. Part is due to my writing funk in April, I couldn’t fucking review toys. I just couldn’t be arsed to do my usual reviewing. And since I fully believe that the whole damn point to me reviewing them is to cover all pertinent information so that a potential buyer has all the information they need, I didn’t want to do a short post or a half-assed review. Yawn, right?

The other part of the reason is that I’m changing who I review for. I know personally quite a number of other bloggers who review and they review for a number of companies – anywhere from 2 or 3 up to 6 or 7. But I’m getting picky. My god am I getting to be a picky little bitch. No jelly/rubber toys. Nothing from Doc Johnson, or Topco, or the awful California Exotics. And I won’t bother to review a toy that others have reviewed and have said it wasn’t powerful enough. If nothing else I have learned that if ANY other reviewer claims that the toy isn’t powerful enough to get them off, it surely will not get my clit-o-steel off.

The manifestation of my pickiness then is coming out in multiple ways.

VibeReview – while I still think they’re a great company, just doesn’t have a decent selection of things *I have not tried*. I don’t want to imply that they don’t stock much in general. But it’s time for me to move on from them for now, with fond memories of them being the first ones to let me review toys.

Babeland and Sextoy.com – I had a lot that I wanted to say, but the diplomatic polite side won out. I will leave it at this: I had minor “affiliate/reviewer” issues with both companies, multiple minor things over time and it all added up to “stop”. Also with Sextoy.com, they have not become the site I thought they had the potential to be, back when I first reviewed the site. Too many products, from too many suppliers, and not enough focus on quality over quantity.

There were other retailers that I had sporadically reviewed for or reviewed for once, that I’ll also not be continuing with simply for the fact that I wanted to pare down.


While I decided against publicly airing my issues, if anybody, reviewer or buyer, wants to know more about the whys – email me.
I plan though to stay on as affiliates of these companies, so I will still get credit if you buy things via my links.


The other side of this change now is that I’m only going to be reviewing for one retailer exclusively, and that is EdenFantasys (didja notice the cool banner that I MADE over there in the sidebar, eh eh?? I think it rocks, frankly, and that I was able to make it change photos. I liked doing it, it’s personalized to my site). I know that a couple of bloggers had major issue with them last year. While the company is still owned by the same person, there were TONS of staff changes and other changes, and I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt, clean slate, etc etc and so on.

I’ll also be occasionally reviewing items directly for Liberator.com.

This change up means that I’ll be doing fewer reviews over all. For those that don’t care much about reviews, it’s good news! You can also expect that some reviews will be in a more fluid format, less “inside the box” kinda like this (awesome. hot. steamy.) review that Sinclair did recently.


  • I had heard a lot of negatives about EF and a lot of folks told me to steer clear when I mentioned them emailing me about reviewing with him. While I just started reviewing with EF and don’t have much of an opinion about them so far I do like that they’ve been courteous and great with communication. And I really like the selection they have, lol.

    The banner you made is flippin’ awesome.

    Less reviews is never a bad thing. Always best to stick with a company or two that can really give you what you want over just taking everything that comes your way.

    There’s nothing wrong with being picky either. Unless you’re being overly difficult or downright obnoxious in it, which I doubt will happen with you. You’re too sweet. =p

    Have a good weekend!

    ~ Thanks. And yes, I know exactly why others told you to steer clear. To be honest, at first that was my inclination because I had read all about AAG’s experiences with the owner, and the issues that the NYC Sex Blogger Calendar had. But, I do know now that there is a whole new set of people doing things and I expect better things to come from them, as a company.

  • NoName

    Wow – what a move!
    I agree with you – Eden probably the most stand out of all and I would’ve moved the same direction as you just did but I’m afraid, I don’t have guts. Wish you all the best and hope you’ll stand your way. Will be following you. Xoxo

    ~ I don’t think it takes guts! I’m standing up for beliefs…and I don’t want to back every toy company that comes my way. I’ve turned a whole bunch down because of what they sell, what they don’t sell, and what sexual health information they don’t give.

  • It doesn’t matter to me what you write about (sex toys review or not), I will still read your blog.

    Temper and I have so many sex toys in our pleasure chest and many just sit there and we get no use out of them. We have our favorites and stand by them. I am a Hitachi girl myself as I have publicly stated on your blog many times. I am also a fan of the flogger but we won’t get into that discussion right now…


  • Good for you. I think what everyone needs to do differs but I think you make some valid points. Sextoy.com is hard to navigate as a reviewer or a shopper because there is just.too.damned.much. I haven’t had issues with Babeland and I really like to review for them but I’ll keep an eye out. I’ve never had issues reviewing for EF and I stayed on cautiously when others had issues but things definitely do seem to be getting only better. Plus, the site is easy to shop.

  • Nice linky, rather sexy and good move sweetie. I think you have made the best decision for you. I recently joined EF and I am impressed with the team and there’s some awesome reviews on the site as well. I sooo get the clit of steel comment *giggle* x