May 032009


Rock Chick is an oft-reviewed dual stimulator sex toy. It’s one of the first that I wanted for review back when I started reviewing – and while some retailers that I review for carry a knock-off, I wanted to review the original. Now I have! I was so interested in it because not only did most of my peers rate it highly, but it offers dual stimulation that is (supposed to be and usually is) hands-free, can be used in multiple ways/positions and theoretically could even be used by me at work.

I’ve tried this three times. I’ve watched the “tips and tricks” video on the manufacturer’s website. I’ve talked to my peers who rated it highly. And it pretty much comes down to two reasons why this is not the toy for me:

1. My anatomy – my very full lips and my not-so-prominent clit just don’t do well with a design like this. I have to spread myself around the Rock Chick, but even then it usually won’t stay pressed firmly to my clit. And if it does, some movements/positions it actually hurts, because it’s pinching my labia.

2. The vibrations just are not quite strong enough. But I suspect that that aspect is very much YMMV and I possess a clit of steel. I will say though that the vibrations do suffuse throughout the entire toy quite nicely, and that is stronger than I expected.


The We Vibe and the Rock Chick

As you can see, the Rock Chick isn’t small. It was much too big for me – my g-spot isn’t that far back, and the clit part extended about a half-inch past my clit. For other women who are built different that won’t be a problem. For me, it was.  It is soft but firm silicone. It isn’t squishy but it moves, it is bendy.

The bullet that is contained is different now. Apparently it used to be just your standard generic wireless silver bullet (you can see that in the toy photo on for this product). But the same company that makes the Rock Chick also makes the RO-80mm Bullet Vibe. I had actually wanted to review one of these (in silver please because you know I care about what color my toys are, lol) because it claims to be stronger than the typical generic version. While I can say that yes, it is a little stronger and the point can offer very much pin-point accuracy….it’s still too buzzy for me. Too high-pitched buzzy. But I think that it has a shot at getting me off, just not an intense or quick orgasm. They say that the bullet is very silent, and while I would never call any vibrator “silent”, it is quieter than say a pocket rocket or remote-controlled egg.

I think the vibration level of the Rock Chick is a little more powerful than the We-Vibe. The Bullet takes a little effort to get it into it’s hole, but it’s even harder to get back out. It takes one of those dreaded watch-type batteries. There is one already installed and ready to go, though.

The Rock Chick as a whole though isn’t going to get me off. Sadly. It’s a wonderful concept and I would recommend it to most, but it’s not for me.

Oh, I did want to say about the “theoretically I could use this at work” bit I mentioned – yeah, I could. I was able to walk around with it in (although it might not be comfortable enough for a lot of walking, say if you’re out running errands) and if you can get off on this level of vibration this toy could be a really good public-play item.

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