May 172009

I had been eying her up for weeks, this enigma. Reasonably confident exterior, with a shy and easily embarrassed girl peeking out sometimes. I had witnessed the duality enough to know I could fuck with her. Sarah. Thin, pretty in a different sort of way and very attractive, C-cup tits, long straight light brown hair. A little younger than me but not by much.

After more than a month of laying the groundwork and getting things to a flirtatious and covertly dirty stage, I taught her how to communicate via email without risk of our naughty words being read.

I confessed a few things to her, one of them being my relationship with R and what we did. Her response was positive and then I laid out one more bombshell – that he wanted me to find a submissive girl to play with in the same manner. What a delicious and dangerous twist it would be to do this with a girl in my office….

I asked her, outright, if she considered herself submissive. She answered that she didn’t really know, as she had no experience in it – but the erotic stories she’s read online gave her a taste and at least knew that she wasn’t dominant.

Obviously I had to tread carefully; I could deal with that. I sent her off this email:

“Hypothetically speaking – what if, right now, I told you to go to the restroom and remove your panties? Would you do it? And what if, when you exited your stall, you found me standing there waiting for you to hand them to me? Would you do that? Would it make you blush? And then… what if… you stood over the sink washing your hands, I slid my hand up your skirt to your bare ass and down the crack and slipped my fingers quickly into your sticky wet cunt? Would you fight me? Or would you like it?”

A hypothetical situation, a little bit of control by me and a little bit of dominance. To be honest the short paragraph made me instantly wet. But I had to ignore the throbbing. The moment I hit ‘send’ I got up and walked down my cube row, over to her aisle and then I stood there quietly as she read my words. So engrossed that she didn’t see me there right away. I watched her lips part and her face flush to pink. A good sign. As she looked up and noticed me, she blushed a furious red throughout her face and chest.

“Oh I can wait, don’t let me interrupt you, go ahead and finish off your email there” I said nonchalantly as if I were there to just ask her a silly work question. But the hard look on my face told her that she best not argue with me, she should indeed answer that email.

She typed away for a minute, casting quick sidelong glances at me as she did so. When she finished I kept up the ruse and asked her a silly work question. I walked back to my desk and went straight for the email.

“Would I do it? Yes.

Would I hand them over? I hesitantly say Yes.

Would I fight you? The shock of it would take me by surprise and the fact that someone could walk in at any second would cause me to fight it at first. Would I like it? Again, a hesitant ‘yes’. Even as you are standing over me right now trying to embarrass me, I know deep down I’d like it no matter how it appeared on the outside.”


Just the answers I wanted to hear.

{Thank you Muse Mina, you were a big help and a good bit of inspiration for this piece}

  • cutesypah

    That was extremely sexy. Although I’m by no means shy, this fantasy is one I’ve had for years. The only bad thing? I don’t wear underwear. *winks*

    ~ heh well then missy you might just have to start! Usually it’s a good thing if you don’t wear them, but if you’re not…what do I have to strip you of?

  • ohhhh
    sounds like the fun is on the way.

  • Really living up to the name of your blog, huh? Hot story!

    ~Thankfully its only fantasy, not reality

  • Rowr. This is really hot. Makes me want to hand you my panties.

    ~ And this was really only the intro ;)

  • txvisionary

    wow, this just made me think what some of the sexy ladies in my office might be emailing each other about at work.

    This is great.

    ~ Sadly, I think I’m more debauched than most, lol

  • Kitten

    If only someone would do that to me at the office. hehehe.. =]

    VERY erotic piece! My panties are wet.

    ~ Thankies :)

  • Oh my reading this was fantastic! Rather hawt infact it got me wondering how i would react in that situation and her reply was spot on hehe.

    “Hypothetically..” hehe one knows that is never as clear cut as the definition of the word is intended.

    Moar puurlease? xxx

    ~ Moar coming up ;)

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  • awww sweetie… I am happy to be your muse… you have inspired me as well and I hope you enjoy my part of the story. *kisses*

    ~ I am completely loving your post!

  • Riff Dog

    I like this a lot! Love the “test” email.

  • blueyeguy

    I love this post!

    I wanna play too!

    ~ Sorry, girls only ;)

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  • Quite titillating. I instantly wanted to don a part of heels, a too tight skirt and make my way to the office restroom. What happens next?

  • Sweet Sexy Curvy




    OH YES!

  • Wow, stopped by via the Sugasm…hot hot hot. Can’t wait to read more!


  • rocketman

    Very hot.

  • Nice. I’m Dominant and it put a zing in MY panties!


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