May 312009

Today is the last day of National Masturbation Month. I hope you made the month note-worthy! I sure did.

All in all it was a crappy weekend filled with familial obligations that involved a shit-ton of driving. My time was divided between being in a decidedly irritating environment to an, albeit equally irritating, quiet and contemplative environment (my god does this state have more than it’s fair share of idiotic asshole drivers). I tend to do a lot of thinking and daydreaming and such when I’m driving for long periods alone. When I was still doing jewelry design it was a time period when I would think up the most designs. Handy, right? I’m driving, my memory is crap and so I have to wait until I get home or can pull over to sketch out designs….frequently I’d forget half of the brilliant ideas.

To combat boredom today, in hours 9-12 of driving (hours 1-9 were done in between 7am and midnight yesterday) I decided to be a little naughty.


Well actually…..more than a little naughty.

I even have a couple really really short video clips I strung together, just to prove I am indeed driving and I am indeed driving with my tits hanging out. This is about as close to driving topless as I had the cohones to get to. Perhaps another time in the future, when I’m not alone in the car, I will. And the photos will turn out better since they’re not self-shot.

I’m just not sure about posting it. It doesn’t show my face, but it shows the interior of my car. Perhaps I am being too paranoid with my anonymity.

I’m also not sure about posting the audio clip.   (Edit: I was convinced to do so)

What audio clip, you ask?

One of the things that my mind spent a lot of time lingering on was a certain sweet, sexy curvy gal and the fact that she’s very very naughty at work and the fact that I want to fuck her. Viewing photos on her blog and a few short video clips that she took while at work caused me to masturbate in the most inopportune of times/places over the weekend. One of those times and places being driving at 70 mph down Route 76. A 4-lane divided busy toll highway.  For some reason inspiration struck as I was getting close to orgasm….I used this nice little feature on my phone called “voice notes”, that allows me to record something and then send it – to another phone or to email. So I emailed it to myself and someone special. I had pondered posting it, but I am just about decided against it. I also used the voice notes in a very vanilla way by recording some shit that I thought of to write about either here or the other blog or just shit in general I thought up to tell someone.

She’s not the only person my mind wandered to frequently – the other one knows who he is and honestly it’s nothing news-worthy, not like I don’t mention him enough ;)

And then when my second urging to wank while driving struck, and I found myself needing a little more….I finished off at a rest stop. A busy one. Some guy drove strangly close to my car – he came up the right side and instead of cutting straigh across the row he drove in FRONT of my car. Since he was in an SUV and I’m in my little compact….well I think he could see both hands shoved down the front of my unbuttoned pants. He looked right at me. Yeah, he knew. Old perv, lol. I looked very conspicuous sitting there….just sitting in my car when most were getting out, using the facilities or just stretching their legs or the dogs legs.


I definitely had fun. And I am sure there is more naughty exhibitionistic driving in my future.

  • Deviant Devil

    LOVE LOVE those in car shots!! Absolutely gorgeous. If I remember correctly it might have been one of my “dares”.

    Would love to see more.

    ~ It might have been! Easier tho on the turnpike than city traffic ;)

  • sweet sexy curvy

    That is hot. so hot.

    so lovely.

    perfect nipples.

    I’d watch too.

    Actually, I’d come knocking on your car window.

    I cannot WAIT to listen.

    ~ old man? not welcome. YOU knocking on my window??? fuck yes.

  • Damn…

    I think I need to drive to my moms soon and hope for the best ;-)

    ~ Sure is a lot of seedy strip clubs on that route. You know which one. Scares me.

  • I can’t wait to hear the audio clips either :D

    ~ For now it was one special person so don’t get too excited ;)

  • Oh, I LOVE it! What PERFECT pictures! Your beautiful boobies look absolutely enchanting, and you got the angle absolutely right.

    And, also, you’re guaranteed to NEVER get a speeding ticket with those delicious D cups spilling out!

    ~ *smacks you for using the word “boobies”* Come now, you’re not 12 any more :P And thank you, that was a great angle. Took a lot of shots to get that!!!

  • Jota

    Very hot! Did anyone notice while you were driving? Any honks?

    ~Honks? I guess I wouldn’t know…..I blast my music, lol. Did they notice? I would assume so, but I was busy driving and trying to take pics ;)

  • J

    As much as I don’t want to seem too creepy.. listening to women while they are masturbating is just _so_ hot. A friend of mine once sent me a recording of her… boring train rides suddenly became a lot less boring when I put that on my mp3 player ;)

    But I guess everyone here understands your privacy concerns and nobody will hold it against you if you don’t want to post them.

    ~We’ll see. Perhaps if I received enough cajoling and incentive, lol

  • Matt

    My lovely wife Brenda once called me at work while masturbating, and because I was in a meeting, she left me an unbelievably hot voicemail that thereafter led to many episodes of red-faced clutching of the phone and huge bulges at my desk, listening to that message for months thereafter.
    The point is your post is producing the same reaction in me right now (yes, at work!), and quite frankly, I would be willing to provide my share of cajoling or incentive in practically any form you might require in the interest of you uploading that audio clip. Begging seems unseemly, but I would happily stoop to it if necessary. In any case, awesome post!

    ~ I think I’m just feeling insecure about how I sound…
    Go on now, beg. I like a little bit of “unseemly” ;)

  • Matt

    All right then…

    I beg:
    …that you would consider how turned on you get when listening to a lover’s moan, and trust we would have the same reaction

    …that you bless us with an additional morsel of intimacy with your wicked sensuality

    …that you imagine the throbbing obscenity of my thick, swelling member; charged, powerful and hungry at both the sight and the sound of you

    Shall I go on? Perhaps now you may beg me to continue?

  • Jota

    Mmm…Spectacular crescendo!

  • Sweet Sexy Curvy

    Me again … I LOVE THIS POST!

    For I have done this so very many times and it makes me so fucking horny.

    Once I was driving down the same street I used to drive down completely exposed and a woman screamed at me as I drove by “WHORE” … so I guess the natives were starting to notice me driving down the road, same time every day, exposed and masturbating with the windows down.


    I try to give them less of a show now .. but we shall see how this summer turns out.

    I stripped completely naked in my car the other day – took video and everything … but deleted it … just too much face and I didn’t want to spend the time editing the damn thing.

    You inspired me; it was a different road – more trees and faster cars on this road – I would however completely shit my pants if someone would have pulled over and asked me if I needed any help.

    I think.


  • LOL ~ how many accidents did you cause? ;-)