Apr 132009

I really just don’t know many people, especially of the male persuasion, that don’t like bacon. Save for the obvious of vegans, vegetarians and those whose religion won’t allow pork

You see, good bacon – real bacon-, isn’t something that you just have the time or energy to fry up most days. Especially early mornings before work. So we have the tendency to buy the pre-cooked bacon (great price from Sam’s Club) and it takes mere seconds to crisp it up. It’s just not the same. It’s almost a whole ‘nother ballpark. But we got accustomed to it until one day at IHOP I ate the glorious thick-cut bacon on my plate and about died from the rich decadence of it all. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that, and eating sub-par bacon apparently counted as absence. I swooned right in the restaurant as I ate my bacon.

This weekend, we had bacon. Thick-sliced center-cut quality bacon. Oh and steak. And onions.

hashprep sammich

I made this steak sandwich recipe I found over at SmittenKitchen (no arugula, modified dijon spread which I hated) and accompanied it with homemade home fries. The home fries were accented with some of the glorious bacon, and then the sweet onions that topped the sandwich and went into the home fries were both caramelized in the bacon grease.  Cooked the NY Strip steak in my cast iron pan. Everything was just delicious, save for that dressing/spread which I hated but he didn’t mind.

Sunday morning was baked bacon. I heard about this last week as an easy walk-away-from-it way to cook bacon perfectly. And it was, it was perfect. Cookie sheet (the kind with sides) with a cooling rack set on top, and the bacon laid out on that. Sprinkled with some black pepper, 350 degrees for about oh….30 minutes? Somewhere in there. Till it was sufficiently crispy. Served with a french toast casserole that I used King’s Hawaiian bread for – normally you prepare these french toast casseroles the night before but I didn’t have the forethought for that. It was still tasty though! A decadent breakfast AND easy because I just assembled, threw in the oven, checked occasionally, and 40 minutes later we were eating.

So if I made YOU these meals….would you reward me?

  • voyeur36

    I love IHOP as well. I think its the best. And yes, I would definitely reward you.

    ~ sadly there isn’t one close by….we hafta go a ways so it’s a rare trip.

  • Down here you can get sho nuff salt bacon.
    I’d kill people for less.

    you can wrap an alligator butt hole in bacon and it’d be fit to eat!

    ~ that was just a nasty visual, Sage..

  • My mouth is watering! I would so reward you for a meal like this!

  • southerngirl

    LOVE bacon…though we try to save it for speical occassions (like last weekend).

  • Jake

    Your food always looks amazing?

    But you buy ready cooked bacon? Seriously…. In the UK I’ve only ever heard of that used that for making sandwiches, we generally grill or fry our bacon from raw.

    Gotta love bacon in any form though! I think if you presented me with any of that I’d do anything for you ;)

    ~ Yes yes, its half for sandwiches and half for his breakfast on certain work days. It’s convenient and its his choice, lol.

  • Jake

    Oops, that was meant to be a ! not a ?, sorry!

  • Oh I’d find a way to reward you all right!!

    You should check this link out, I think I found it on Osbasso’s blog a while back. All I know is I bookmarked it and someday…


  • God darn it I should know better than to look at your mouth watering inventions I really should *wipes drool from chin and wanders of to the kitchen in search of bacon goodness* aaakk evil girl :P x

  • Bob

    Well, if it’s bacon he wants then bacon everything he should get. Check this website out. It’s for the bacon fiend who thinks he has everything…..:)