Apr 032009

I just saw that Tess posted about today being National Cleavage Day…..


Does this count?

Or is it the wrong angle?


Maybe the click through is better?

  21 Responses to “National Cleavage Day?”

  1. Oh, that’ll do just fine! Love the hint of your nipples through the bra too ;-)

    ~ One reason why I love that bra!

  2. That more than counts – that wins!

    ~ Yay! What do I win??

  3. yummmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy
    either work for me!

    I love ur lips!! (as well as your wonderful boobage!)

    ~ I know..I remember ;)

  4. Jayzuz, your lips look delicious.

    What? Just sayin’. :)

    ~ *sigh* You tease me when you say things like that

  5. Hehe I thought you weren’t doing photos anymore? ;)

    ~ You’re not complaining…..are you young man?

  6. Uhhh…yep. I’d say that counts.

  7. […] National Cleavage Day? […]

  8. No no…I think you have it just fine. Positively beautiful. Insanely sexy, you know how I adore your lips….


  9. *faint* dam woman.. you are beautitful

    ~ *blushes*

  10. I am a breast woman, so I am definitely appreciating the cleavage. Such kissable lips!

  11. Dang, guess I was too late to view. :(

  12. Spectacular.

  13. You win my complete and total admiration (in more than one way)!

    ~ That sounds promising!

  14. Um…yeah…that might count :)

  15. Amazing pics! You have a great rack and obviously know it. It’;s one of those sets that I’d want to snuggle with after a night of great sex.

  16. ANY picture of you is great. You’re beautiful and have awesome bewbz. ;)

    I wish I had known it was National Cleavage Day! How could I miss something like that? Boo! Next year! ;)

  17. If I *had* to choose a favourite, it would be the click-through. Please don’t be mislead by that, though. They’re both delicious images…


    ~ well well….color me shocked by your presence on my blog, EA! Thank you for the compliment…

  18. I envy that cleavage….very sexy!

  19. Well I have to say both are beautiful you have great lips and amazing breasts!!! I am off to Iraq on Sunday we fly out in the afternoon, so please keep writing and posting pics it helps to get through the time. I always stop by and enjoy reading what you write as well as your pictures. Thanks

    ~ hey thanks for saying hi! glad to be of service ;)

  20. Finally, I had to go to a friend’s computer to see this pic. For some reason it wouldn’t come up on my screen…well worth the effort!! Lookin’ sexy from every angle!

    ~ LOL Oh my! Well thank you, I don’t know why it wouldn’t come up for your computer, that’s pretty odd! And your poor friend having to endure my site :P

  21. Late arriving lurker. Wish I had found this sooner. Busy trying to catch up. Nothing in the world like a soft, smooth, full figured woman. The HNT picture of cleavage and those slips were captivating. Have you posted the pictures you exchanged with Sarah? If not, will you, please? they must be incredible

    You got me drooling out of both sides of my mouth, lady!

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