Apr 222009

In a nutshell……it sucks. Hardcore.

What sucks, you ask? Let me give you a brief (ish) rundown:

My supervisor:

I had not worked in the same office as her before, so I never had to deal with her full time. I can’t stand her.  She’s a giggler, at everything and at inappropriate times. Laughing at people’s inability to perform a job function that is new to them, AS she’s making a shitty attempt to explain it again. She’s really not being a very good supervisor.

My cubicle:

Oh hell. Now you all know I was “on display” before, being at a receptionist type desk with the 4 foot wall in front of me, open to everybody that walked by. Now, the walls are 5 feet to my front and my back, and about 6 feet to my left where the overhead cabinet is. To my right is the separating aisle and then a mirror of my cube, where sits my supervisor. To the front is a wall that allows people to peer at me and down the row, which I’m finding annoying. It’s a main through-way-aisle, and being on the corner of aisles I get a lot of loiterers, busybodies and other disrupters.

I moved my computer from the standard of being in the corner of the U, to looking out at that main aisle that’s now in front of me. I did this to attempt to angle my monitor so that what’s up on the screen is just a bit less fucking visible – otherwise totally visible to everyone that walks up the aisle coming towards my desk from the back. It helped a little bit, but as soon as you get to the back wall of my cube you can see my monitor and what’s on it.

My solutions? Well the monitor can only be resolved by buying one of those privacy filters, but they are just NOT affordable right now. I also need to purchase some new clothes for a slightly less casual dress code. anyways. I bought some plants, they just need to grow so I can create my jungle foliage fence. I have one here today, bringing the other two tomorrow. I just set this one in this old fashioned wooden double inbox thing so that it was a little higher….but it looks like a potted plant sitting in an inbox, lol. I need some ideas though to make that look nicer.


(there will be another, slightly smaller, potted plant joining this one in the inbox tomorrow)

My worktime shenanigans:

As for naughtiness and online time and all that…..I’ve temporarily snagged an aspect of the new job that requires me to be at my own desk. Otherwise, if I’m in the imaging room, I’m at another computer and cannot be online. I can access a Yahoo chat application through my phone, so I’m not totally disconnected but, enough.

I’m still able to access m remote log in sites so that I can do what I did before….all browsing and chatting is happening on the home computer.But, since the monitor is visible when people are passing my desk….the window is shrunken, its crappy quality and B&W, I can’t use Twitter, I can’t really visit blogs…it sucks.

For some reason my preferred remote site, gotomypc.com, isn’t working here and there’s no reason that I can see why not. Logmein.com works. Anybody familiar with gotomypc should shoot me an email.

I don’t talk to my friends as much. I still am concerned about the relationship with Q deteriorating severly, slowly. We’ll see.

  8 Responses to “An Update on the Office”

  1. Hey You.

    I just wanted to say hi and that I empathize with your work situation. I hope that it gets somewhat better very soon!!!

    If you are on Yahoo though … look me up. ;-)


  2. Lil,

    Hopefully, your relationship with R- won’t crash and burn. If it does, there really wasn’t much there anyway. You are appealing and outgoing enough that you will find another if this fails.

    Sorry to hear the work space and your supervisor are kinda crappy. Seems that you are doing what you can with your foliage fence. Maybe a bigger potted plant might help?


  3. I’m sorry to hear that the new workplace is so bad :-(

  4. It’s just a crappy deal but I love the idea of the “plant wall”, ferns are good for that nice and bushy hehe. As for the space just how much can you personalise it? Chin up hunni xxx

    ~ Not much. Manual says to limit our personal items. Are ferns ok for office lighting? I couldn’t find any potted ferns at Home Depot

  5. Well there are always going to be snags, but at least it’s not TOTAL hell. :)

  6. Ferns and ivy plants are always fine :) Hardy plants. x

  7. What a drag. On so many levels. I hope things change for the better somehow.

  8. I am not a plant person myself. I think the screen protectors are about 20 dollars at their cheapest. Sorry you’re not getting along with the new sup. She sounds like an ass twat and perhaps she needs to be reported to HR?

    ~ reporting to HR is a last resort. somehow i don’t see that doing me any good, i’ll just look bad…

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