Mar 092009

As he leaves the room to clean up, he hands me a dildo and a vibrator with instructions to not stop but yet not to come without permission. I see him in my periphery here and there, he keeps a casual eye on me but won’t say anything. I am already halfway there and it doesn’t take me long to get to the point where I have to start backing off with the vibrator, or I will come.

I know he wants me to come and I know he’ll make me beg for it. But this time he is not egging me on with filthy words. As I move the vibrator a fraction of an inch away from my clit I call out softly to him for I cannot see him.

Please, Sir…..I’m getting close

No reply. I don’t know where he is.


I am whimpering pathetically, and suddenly I see him. He is watching me with purpose, still he says nothing. As a moan and short sob escapes my lips he comes closer, his eyes focused intently on mine.

My eyes glaze over; my eyelids flutter in attempt to stay open.

I can’t…..please…please, Sir

He brings his hand to me, to my face. Slowly, methodically, sensually he traces my lips with the faintest touch of his fingertips. Still staring me down without a word. It is killing me. His gaze travels from my face to my body to my cunt and I feel the heat and shame of being under perceived scrutiny.

I am flushed and shaking now and I am on the verge of disobeying. He is at my side so close that I feel the heat from his body. His hand goes behind my head to the other side and his fingers graze my neck; right on my sensitive spot. Our foreheads touching now, his nose to my temple, he finally sets me free:


And I’m gone. My breathing is quick and heavy and I moan and I’m cresting the hill with the tingles; the second I go silent and he sees my eyelids spasm and flutter –

His hand clamps over my mouth.


It is done in such a way that I cannot breath and I squeal in fear but the lack of oxygen is intensifying my orgasm as it crashes and my cunt contracts and my lungs burn and I arch and twist and ride it out. As soon as I begin to truly panic he removes his hand and the air rushes back to me. With a “good girl” he is gone from my line of sight and I am left to recover on my own, gasping as my brain cries for more oxygen.

The erotic intensity is shocking to me.

  • psykotedy

    I’m left hot’n’bothered. That’s really all I can say. Wow….

    ~ You look like someone I know…..kinda sorta…and thanks :)

  • Mmmm this was delicious and sexy! Oh I enjoyed it very much.

    ~Thank you :) Was starting to worry, lol

  • Dragon Mage

    oh, that’s really really hot!

    ~ thanks for letting me know, i get needy when it seems i scared off people :)

  • Alex

    I sent this to my boyfriend, which in retrospect might have been a bad idea. God knows I don’t need to be giving him ideas… ;) In any case, this is raw and intense and terribly, terribly hot.

    ~ Oh yes you DO need to give him ideas ;) Thanks!! Nice to see a few others share this kink, hehe

  • Wow, that’s seriously hot. I’ve only recently discovered I love having a hand over my mouth, but no breath’s been cut off yet. You make it sound really good though!

    And I can’t believe I haven’t really looked at your site properly until now! It’s darn good!

    Slowly working my way through the archives as I speak :)

    ~ I always feel a little…apprehensive, when I see/know people are reading through the archives, lol. It’s nice but I feel more exposed, I guess. But yet it’s nice that people want to read back! :) Thank you for the very flattering praise :)

  • Y’know, it’s got to the point now where I can’t read words like ‘exposed’ without thinking of them in a good way. And to think, I used to be such a nice girl…. ah well. :)

    And you’re welcome.

    ~ I used to be a nice girl, too. It didn’t get me anywhere fun.

  • Thursday’s Child

    Oh wow, though I had a feeling that was coming, it still crept up on me quite unexpected! Mmmm, something about breath control always gets me hot.

  • I’d never thought breath control was something I wanted to try, til i read this. Now…damn. Hot!


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