Feb 152009

Talk, talk and more talk. Pretty words, sexy words, dirty words.

I told him

“Enough already.”

Put up or shut up, boy.

I need some skin on skin, lip to lip contact.

“Come here. Come to my door.”

I said

“It’s after midnight and we can hide in the shadows that fall on the side of my building.

Flash your headlights and I’ll see you pull up

I’ll come out my door and duck around the corner.

You don’t have to use any more words, just kiss me

My back up against the cold brick wall

Cold hard against my back, warm hard against my front

But you have to go now.

You have to come here now.”

And he did.

Disregard for the windows of the other apartment facing my brick wall

Disregard for anybody passing by on the street

My leg snaked around his thigh, pulling him to me

His hands under my shirt, groping twisting pinching like a high school boy

After 10 minutes of hard kissing, of grinding my pubic bone against his bulge

After 10 minutes of gasping and whimpers and almosts

I sent him back home.

All I needed was a little kiss.

“I’ll let you know when I need another fix.”

  • I bet I know what he did when he got home…..

    ~ I know, too…

  • Me too! Very well written…you tease you!! I love ya for it!

  • Elle

    I’m sure that’s what he did, too, but I wouldn’t have thought of it if it weren’t for Sage… :P

    Great post!

  • max

    you sent him home? after so hard and so hot? poor guy, but then again he has you (and vice versa). good for him.