Jan 242009

Inner Desire Love Egg

In some ways, this is a step up from the Silver Bullet. In design and construction, it’s almost identical to the Bnaughty (but quite a bit less money). The upgrade from the SB is that reinforced bit of plastic/whatever where wire meets egg, extends the life of the toy. The motor is identical to the Bnaughty – meaning that it’s just a smidge less powerful than the Silver Bullet, but most women are not going to notice or care about that. For those “moar power!!!” women like me, it’s enough to make a difference. But I do see this lasting longer than the Silver Bullet and it gets me off, albeit a wee bit slower.

Keep in mind – this isn’t for clitoral stimulation only! The soft matte finish slides easily over and around nipples. As I mentioned with the Silver Bullet, it’s also a very nice addition to blowjobs.

The only real differences between the Inner Desire Love Egg and the Bnaughty is that on the Bnaughty there is that extra reinforcement not only on the egg end, but where the wires go into the controller. Also, Bnaughty comes in three colors – red, black and chocolate. The Inner Desire Love Egg is a dusty pink.

The material coating the egg and controller is powdery-soft and Phthalate-free. As with the Bnaughty there are 4 levels of vibration at the push of the flush-flat buttons on the controller.

Right now VibeReview is still having their Winter Sale, and the Inner Desire Love Egg is 35% off, making it a very affordable $14.92. I don’t know how long the sale is on for, but I suggest you shop soon as it’s been going on for about a month or so now!

  • Harold

    Hello, found your website from the badmanbadplace–specifically the one about women and fantasies and so on. I don’t know anything about this kind of thing, and I was amazed by what you had said.

    Is that a common experience for women?

    It’s all very confusing :-/

    Here’s the original link:


    Any thoughts on this? Thanks,

  • amoxoma


    I have been a ‘lurker’ of your blog for quite some time and I love it!

    I find you, your pics, your reviews, and your attitude very erotic. We’ll probably never meet – I live in the Midwest, but I do write erotica and you just might meet me that way…so to speak.

    Keep up the great work – I will contribute $$ when I can – recently got laid off like so many others out there. But I have you bookmarked and will continue to ‘explore you.’

    D (yes, I’m a guy)

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