Jan 052009

Every piece of furniture is occupied. Most of the couches contain two couples. There is a makeshift bed in the middle of the open space. There are a few rooms with doors for those shy couples needing some privacy from prying eyes, but prying ears can hear everything.

Some are watching. Some are being watched. Some are doing both – watching others and giving a show. It is a visual feast before us, a hedonistic dream.

We are sharing a couch with another couple. They are relentlessly devouring each other, as if sating a hundred year hunger. The heat and scent of her arousal is nearly overwhelming me, is also feeding my own arousal. We are both half-dressed; he wearing nothing but his khaki pants (commando, of course) and I in nothing but a full skirt and my bra. In between deep kisses, in between pinches to my nipple and my hand gripping his cock, in between wandering caressing hands and tongues…. we watch. It is difficult to tear my eyes from the couple sharing the couch with us, but I need to see everything. I hear moans and screams, sighs and grunts of pleasure; skin against skin sounds and wet, slippery sounds.

That woman over there, wantonly deep-throating that man’s cock; she is taking her time, making him groan as his eyes roll back in his head in pleasure. My breath catches as I glimpse two pale, very naked women on the floor; kneeling, kissing each other with no regard to their surroundings. The larger woman of the two seem to be in control, her hand in between them, fingering the other girls cunt. As I watch, I feel the strong pull of longing to be either one of them.

I look up at the man I came with and see that he is watching the same women; he glances at me and smiles knowingly.

The most erotic scene is happening on the mound of pillows and blankets there in the center of the room. 3 women and 2 men, everyone latched on to someone else’s body part. Everyone getting or receiving pleasure, a few are fully occupied in both areas. A part of me aches to join them. Literally, aches. My wetness is coating my thighs, my breathing is ragged and I can feel the flush of arousal spreading. I need release right now as much as I need air to breathe. He pulls me to my feet so that I am standing in front of him and he stares at my body while his hands skip over me. He removes my bra and unzips my skirt, it falls in a puddle at my feet. I soon realize that the couple sharing the couch is staring at me as well. My cunt twitches in anticipation of what he’ll do to me in front of these people.

“Turn around. Face away from me and bend over and grab your ankles”

I pause for a split second as I realize what this position does to me.

I feel his fingers trail lightly down my ass and trace my swollen lips. I am so achingly aroused and wet that he has no resistance at all when he plunges three fingers deep into my cunt. Thankfully his hand is holding my hip, for I nearly lost my balance as my knees weakened with the rush of pleasure. Just as abruptly as he entered, he pulls away. And then I feel the heat of the first loud smack to my ass. Things are hazy for a moment and the next thing I know, two strong hands are around my arms, pulling me up. A hard cock is right in my face, and it’s not his. I don’t care. As he continues to alternate between fingering me and spanking me, I take out my oral fixation on the man in front of me. I won’t need much….I push my ass towards him, a silent beg for mercy. Mercy in the form of orgasm. Finally…..with his fingers assaulting my clit and my mouth firmly wrapped around another man’s cock, I feel it beginnning. I feel the tingle and rush of sensation go down through my body and release through my cunt. I can barely stand up as the orgasm claims me. Before it is over, I feel his cock being buried to the hilt inside of me. Two cocks are really all that are keeping my body afloat.


A big thank you to Naughty Secretary for giving me advice when I was stuck with this piece, and the nudgings to finish it up.

  • Riff Dog

    I do like this one! I would love to be either guy. Maybe a slight preference for being guy #1. You know . . . in case you were wondering . . .

    ~ You know, I was wondering ;)

  • Oh my wow! You write in such awesome detail but it doesn’t feel like it’s too much, you know? I love this post, it’s hot. =)

  • Jake

    My goodness that’s hot. The last paragraph really did it for me…

  • You make the reader feel he or she is right there with you. That was hot…

    ~ Thank you dearest, I try…

  • Very nice fantasy…sometimes I wonder if you wrote fantasies because those ARE the ones you want to live out…only you know, right? ;)

    ~Yes, I do want this. Every fantasy I write, I want it to come true.

  • Damn that was hawt I’m so glad you perservered and finished it … the last paragraph … brilliant! x

  • Phaedra

    I love, Love, LOVE this story. You did a really great job writing it out.

    I actually sent X the link because I liked it so much. He really enjoyed it too. :)

    ~Wow, thank you, that means alot :)

  • lea

    Very HOT.. I can’t imagine that you really had trouble finishing this one..it just flowed reading it!

  • iVAR

    Even “Reaaaaaaaaally Tempting” would be an understatement …

    Although, I must add, it looks like a scene right out of the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”

  • Well done sexy thing! What a fabulous piece – you had me immersed in the richness of the scene. Beautifully captured.