Dec 022008

For as many of you out there that enjoy or even prefer tits of my size, I’m sure there are equal number of those we simply don’t. Who prefer A or B cups. To which I have to say…..WTF are you doing here? LOL

I have a profile up on a dating/networking site, and of course I have photos. I have put up perhaps two that have posted here, and maybe 6 or 7 various ones that include my face. And really now….unless I’m wearing a turtleneck (don’t own one) or an unflattering t-shirt (don’t own one) my cleavage is going to be apparent. It’s going to be -there- to some degree. And of course you just cannot please everyone and I don’t expect to. But again….what IS the point in sending someone a disparaging message? This asshat says to me that I lack subtlety. That I’m “risking being pigeonholed by putting that message out there”.

That’s what the fuckin profile is for, dude. Really. I’ve even shown you guys parts of it – I’m wordy, lol. And really what does he care?

Ahh but there is someone who appreciates the photos I have up there. Well, actually, many many someones but this one…..ohdearlord. Murphy’s Law in effect, she lives in California and never has been to this coast in her young life. Young, you say? Yes.

She’s 19.

I do feel ever-so-slightly like a dirty old man but…..nahhhh. I’ll play Mrs. Robinson to her ;) Now THAT girl had some “lacking subtlety” photos up but was I complaining? Nosireebob. I was staring like the cartoon wolf at a photo of her, naked, playfully covering up the naughtiest bits. And hey, SHE contacted ME. So I’m alright. She’s….wow. Beautiful dark brown eyes constantly ringed in smudgy eyeliner. A body that is all the right kinds of curvy while still being thin. No bones poking out, impossibly soft-looking skin, just a body I could literally feast on for HOURS. I would happily devour her and require little in return.


Anyone wanna spring for airfare, and the right to sit quietly in the corner and jerk off while her and I go at it? hehe

It’s Tuesday! You know what that means…..Tits!!

This week’s TfT shot is…well….the opposite of subtle. In fact, it’s nearly 3D. Attack of the tits, even! So if “large racks” aren’t your thing, then skip over my photo there. There’s plenty of skinny girls to satisfy you at TfT!



really now, don’t say I didn’t warn you…..




  10 Responses to “They’re not for everyone…”

  1. I definitely love a tempest in a D-cup (or DD)

    ~ I’ll only admit to being a DD. I really don’t want to be any bigger, lol (but I might be)

  2. Your size is perfection Lovely! Your regular contributions to the world’s morale is always appreciated.

    ~ *bows* I try, thank you thank you, hehe

  3. I love big tits!

    As for feeling like a dirty old man, I know the feeling, a cute 19 year old wrote to me recently. Alas she’s disappeared on me. It was so cute though, she asked if she could take me on a date. Awww.

    ~ Oh that is terribly cute ;)

  4. I admit that I’m A/B Cup man…so, I don’t come here to look at your tits only. I like what you write…and look at your tits once in a while. ;)

    ~ Well at least I can provide you with -some- form of stimulation

  5. Well, I’m glad there are small-tits guys out there, otherwise no one would like mine :P

    Seriously, though, to each their own, and if it’s only to say something negative, people should just shut up.

    ~ Yours, dear, are proportionate to your absolutely stunning body, so you have the whole package thing goinon ;)

  6. Oh, if I only had the airfare money! I’d love to watch you with another girl and sit in the corner jerking off!

    Mmm, attack of the tits…

    ~ Pillows, or weapons….it can go either way

  7. Hee! We’re kind of tit twins. Someday I’ll have to show you mine. :)

    ~ You’re on! See boys! this is what you miss out on when it’s just the girls. We compare tits and …… “oh i like yours SO much better than mine” commence innocent groping, etc.

  8. I like tits period! You know what they say, you can never have too much of a good thing.

  9. I’m siding with the big boob committee—that’s what got me here to start with…and as far as the Mrs. Robinson thing is concerned, as long as it’s legal, and I think 19 certainly is, it presents a whole new dynamic that you might enjoy

  10. fantastic tits!!! amazing aureolas!

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