Dec 282008

Microfantasy Monday……..”strap-ons”…

She’s a tiny little thing. Impossibly pure, smooth skin. B-cup tits with small pink nipples to cap them off. And I am her opposite…..where she is small, I am imposing. Taut skinny limbs to my lush plump expanse. Young perfection to my wizened curves that have been ridden hard.

And I have the power. It’s right between my legs. This big, imposing purple faux-cock that has her eyes wide as saucers and her breathing labored. I haven’t even impaled her yet…..I am just hovering above her. Waiting, watching. Testing that the restraints pulling her lithe legs up and apart are firmly in place.

I tease her with the tip. I shove a mere centimeter or three in her cunt lightning quick just to hear her squeak. She’s never taken a cock this big before, you see.

So yes, in so many ways, I have the power and I am nearly drunk with it.

And I plan to fuck her brains out.

  • Such a delicious little fantasy. I always thought that I couldn’t be with a woman–I lacked the desire–and recently I think I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I could be with a dominant woman…

    ~ My dear girl, you do realize that you fit the description of the victim in this scene quite well….don’t you? Where do you think I got the inspiration from? ;)

  • If y’all keep on I’m gonna…… Damn what a vision I now have in my mind!!!

    ~ LOL good

  • Now that was rather hawt! It seems I am not the only one who like the idea of restraints lol ;) x

    ~ Restraints are so……versatile… ;)

  • lalana

    That was just fucking hot…

  • Mmmm. Me likes! From both ends.

  • Oh, love the descriptions here. Very sexy.

  • JAM

    goodness i’m hot and bothered now. i’ll have to…..

  • Panthera Pardus

    Awesome, awesome awesome. *purrs*

  • I can relate to loving the power that comes with a strap-on, but more importantly, with the attitude, the swagger, that seems to come with it.

  • Would love to make some photographs when this microfantasy turns real ;-)

  • Wilhelmina

    Mmm. Yeah, such a powertrip.

  • *Blush and twitter*

    I um…didn’t notice at first reading…

    My, my, woman. Is it vanity to say that makes it even hotter?

  • Dayum.
    its getting hotter by the comment!!
    y’all are killin a cracker.

  • Ang

    Awesome. I like where you ran with this one!!!

  • Tracer Bullet

    I realize this is a “microfantasy” but I really think this particular fantasy needs to further expounded upon. Preferably with pictures.