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In this photo is every toy I own, minus the leather restraints. Back before I officially put up my first review, I took a photo of my collection. My how it has changed. I’ve only kept two of the (older) pictured toys, and prior to that photo I had thrown out quite a few. So in the above photo, only 2 of the 17 are ones I already owned and have proven to need a spot in my collection still.

1. Miracle Massager and attachment via VibeReview (review). I still use this one, but rarely do I use it on myself. Only at times when the Hitachi is failing me because it’s become too much. It is frequently used though on my partner – as a back massager and sometimes a fellatio companion.

2. Hitachi Magic Wand via Vibereview (review). This is used frequently and is in my top 3 for vibrators.

3. NJoy Pure Wand via Babeland (review). My newest addition, but it shot up to the top of the pack. As obvious by my review, I cannot say enough good things about it.

4. We-Vibe via VibeReview (review). I don’t use it much for it’s intended purpose, but it is nice once in a while. I use it more as a ummm…mobile teaser ;)

5. Vinyl Vengeance Dildo via EdenFantasys (review). This review wasn’t published on here, I was only allowed to put it on the EdenFantasys site. It’s the only seriously big dildo that I own, at 2″ wide. I don’t use it every time, but I do when I want the very full feeling. Despite the fact that I don’t love the material (Silagel, it has an odor), it’s used often. This is the only item EdenFantasys gave me to review, and it will likely stay that way. While their site is great, very informative and has a feature where you can view the product at life-size, they haven’t been very good to work with. I was promised the ability to review off-site, and that fell through – I later learned via AAG’s blog what happened with the site. Because of their treatment of her, their renegging on helping out the NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar and, most importantly, their renegging on Butterfly’s Life.Love.Cancer deal….I can’t say that I’ll do anything to support them. So yeah. great dildo….but not so great company to affiliate with, methinks.

6.  This is the very first clit vibe I bought, it’s one of many versions of the Pocket Rocket, but this one is quite a bit stronger than most others I’ve tried. When all else fails or I need a quick O, I tend to grab this one still.

7. Silver Bullet via VibeReview (review). Even though I said great things about it in my original review, I had mentioned that I wished it were stronger. You know what? I don’t anymore. I LOVE this bullet vibe. It is literally with me every single day at work “just in case”. It’s the perfect size for me to use it hands free while at work (for the most part, until I need to press it to that particular tiny sweet spot in order to come); it nestles just right between my lips. While my panties and pants help hold it in place, a slight rocking of my pelvis while seated provides the absolute perfect stimulation. I can’t praise it enough, and I think I’ll be hard pressed to find one better.

8. Layaspot via Babeland’s Eco Sexy Kit (review). It’s a nice shape, and I wish it were a bit stronger, but it gets me off eventually. Because of the shape (laying against my mound and being somewhat unobtrusive) I used it recently with the Pure Wand.

9. Elise via LELO (review). While I haven’t been reaching for this one as much as I would like to, that’s been because I have been using a dildo of larger proportions instead. But when I want something for internal fucking, that vibrates, this is it!

10. Pleasure Tops via Babeland (review). It has a special purpose – when I feel like fucking something stationary, I go for this one. Such wonderful hands-free action when I’m sitting at my desk at home.

11. Japanese G-spot Squirmy via VibeReview (review). I can’t say anything more about it than I did in my review – I don’t reach for it much simply because I have other toys now that best it. Doesn’t mean I like it less, I just like others better.

12. Hardwood Dildo via Hardwood Dildos by Hans (review). I still love it. I still use it when I want a dildo that won’t get pushed out during orgasm, something that I don’t move, I just contract my PC muscles around it during masturbation. It’s short, it’s more portable than other large ones I own.

13. Feeldoe – this is one I’ve owned for awhile but I don’t use. I’ll keep it, as it’s the only one I have that is like a double-dildo for fucking someone else with.

14. Mia via LELO (review). It’s not in my top 3 for clit vibes, because I need it to be stronger. However, it comes with me when I’m traveling to places where I want something quiet and small. This and the Hardwood Dildo are my current travel set.

15. Sunflower G-spot via VibeReview (review). I don’t reach for it anymore. I now have ones that I like better, it’s as simple as that. But to be fair, the ones I like better are also 3 times the cost.

16. Venus Penis 2 via VibeReview (review). I still hate it. I don’t know why I still had it in my toy drawer, but it’s getting tossed out today.

17. Slimline G Twin via VibeReview (review). Same as above, I still hate it and don’t know why I kept it. It’s going buhbye as well.


You know what I just realized? The premium toys have their own housing, lol. Be it satin or velvet bags, box or weird case, they all deserve special treatment.

  20 Responses to “Sextoy Review:: Roundup and Revisits”

  1. How did you GET all these things to review? I only have Babeland offering me stuff to review so far – and there wasn’t a njoy wand on my list! (Oh and one toy from Lelo)

    ~ VibeReview is a very generous company to review for. I’ve been reviewing for them since about 3 weeks into my blog, I think. They send a few at a time, so for awhile there I had enough for consistent ever-other-week reviews. With their new reviewer system, however, I haven’t heard anything about the next set of review toys. As far as the Pure Wand, I believe it’s one that was offered in the newsletters some time ago, since it’s an All Star, and I begged and pleaded with Mae :)

  2. Now THAT is a collection! ;)

    ~ I need to start a new collection…of real men…care to join?

  3. Holy shit! We couldn’t even come close to imagining that many! LOL

    ~ And there’s more on the way….heh. heh. heheheh.

  4. Again, I have total toy-collection envy…gotta start building up mine… :D

    ~Somehow, I don’t think you have much need for many toys, dear. At least not the kind with batteries ;)

  5. Now that is one BIG collection and by the sounds of it, its going to grow even more!

  6. This would put most men’s “toolboxes” to shame. Good lord dear, that’s quite the arsenal you have there.

    ~Yes it is….I get to experience 17 different flavors of orgasm, lol

  7. *tag* U are it!

    and yeah, i agree with SR that is what i’d call some kind a arsenal indeed!

    ~Uh oh, requires more thought and dredging up shit in my head ;) Will post mine in a day or so!

  8. I like imagining the places all those have been.

  9. Thank you for your writing. Your writing make me feel drunk without drinking.A kind of euforia with only your words.

    ~ Lol, thanks Netherlands guy :)

  10. I like to think you keep these on display in a trophy case, or perhaps in a dedicated room so you can lead visitors on a guided tour like an art museum.

    ~ Hmm, interesting idea….Perhaps in another few months I’ll have something worthy of that :)

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  20. Wow! What an awesome photo! I’m a history buff, so I’ve got loads of books about World War 2 military history and it kind of reminds me of “this was the standard equipment of a US Marine” or whatever, except with sex-toys laid out and numbered instead of Thompson sub-machine guns and pinapple grenades!

    Really great photo, the colors zing on it, with the pinks and purples.

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