Nov 192008

It’s no fun being home sick. I’m thinking I grabbed it from someone at the party, a few other weekenders got sick as well.

I really want to write part 2 about the trip, but my head just isn’t there.

Now hiring: A muse. I need inspiration. Also, for the day, entertainment. So email please!!

Random quick things:

I’m going to be reviewing for 2 new places, so be on the lookout. One place offers a huge selection of BDSM stuff and so upcoming reviews will be for a flogger, a paddle, and some rope (provided I can find some quick n easy instructions somewhere for ropework with only 16 feet of rope).

Big shocker here….I wanna go back to NYC! I’ll need tourguides. Perhaps a place to stay. It’ll be after the holidays, that much I know. How far into next year is something I haven’t decided yet. I didn’t get to sightsee enough, but unless you spend a week there, I don’t think that’s possible.

To any sex bloggers who don’t follow Agent Ansley on Twitter, check out her Secret Santa XXXChange! I’ll be doing it, it should be fun!

Oh also, take it from me: Zinc Lozenges? Not worth it. I’ve temporarily lost my sweet tastebuds. FAIL! Last one was like 12 hours ago.

  2 Responses to “Home Sick”

  1. A friend, whom I will call “Dick”,
    was home, all alone, and quite sick.
    His girl-pal (in thong)
    tugged on his short dong
    And Dick, although sick, came quite quick.

    (Sorry…it’s the best I could do on short notice. Next time, schedule your sick days, ok?)

    Feel better…or feel what you can }8-}

    Upton, “I’m not a’s just a game I play at home”, Ogood

  2. Zinc only works in the very early hours of a cold.. sorry you got sick from having so much fun~~
    Get well soon and tell us the rest of the story!

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