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UPDATE: This review is for the original We-Vibe. Since then, improvements were made and they came out with the We-Vibe 2. However, the one I’d be much more inclined to recommend now would be the We-Vibe 3 – more powerful vibrations and a little remote, to end the fumbling for the hidden power control. You may also want to look into the also-updated Lelo Tiani.

Ever since I saw this first reviewed a few months ago, I coveted one. It’s truly something unique in sextoys. It could be used solo, but the main purpose is to be used during intercourse. Yes, while it’s inside the woman. 

The packaging was pretty, no sleazy porn box – just something showcasing the toy in a very electronics-geek way. Inside you find the purple U-shaped toy which was a lot smaller than I anticipated (I think I was expecting something somewhere between the actual size and the size of the Rock Chick, which confused me); also there is the recharger and a lacquer-shiny black case reminiscent of hard-shell case for sunglasses. It could fit both the charger and the toy if I tried really hard to wind up the cord, but I haven’t pushed it yet. The toy is covered in silicone, with no tactile seam. It’s mildly shiny/tacky silicone, not the powder smooth variety. When you first look at it you’re baffled – where’s the switch? How do you charge it? Now if you’re like me and a few other bloggers who’ve reviewed it, you’ve ignored the manual. Instead you were too intent on getting this hot little number in your hands. One glance at the manual and the toy and in 30-seconds flat he had the power plug inserted.So, in other words folks – RTFM. Until you pierce the silicone skin with the plug the first time, it’s a barely-visible dimple.



The downside to the instant-gratification types is that you’re supposed to charge it for 24 hours. Because I kept “visiting” it and turning it on (for the first 50 times I’ve turned it on or switched the speed, it was a minute of fumbling), I can tell you that max power is reached in a mere 5 hours. How long it would last on its own with that amount of charging, I can’t say. I slid it in my pussy  after that 5 hours to see how it felt, where it would lay, etc. I waited until the next evening to use it during sex.

First, my disclaimer: I do not possess the most sensitive of cunts. I suspect that due to a currently-untreated dopamine disorder, this will change once I can return to “normal”.

I was not overwhelmed by the level of vibrations. Low speed is merely a tickle to my clit-o-steel. High speed is much more like it! My first experience with it was solo – I slid it in, nestled it between my lips and against my clit, and walked around. It stays put! It’s not intense when up and walking, but when I sat down….and gyrated my hips a bit…oooo nice. One day, I went to the store with it in. So long as you’re not in a completely silent location, I don’t think it would be detected. The noise level is very low, it’s not at all disruptive during sex.

No matter how wet you get, I highly recommend lube (water-based only!!). Because this is the slightly-tacky silicone, it doesn’t glide against skin unless wet – especially if your partner is above-average in girth. In my first attempt with this during sex, I could feel the toy sliding out of me a slight bit with every out-pull of his cock. It still stayed put on my clit though. The vibrations were great for him, not at all distracting. For me to climax from clit vibrations I needed a bit longer and to press it against me. This toy would be absolutely perfect as a warm-up for her, a kinky secret as she’s walking around, and then a delicious addition to hot sex. The pressure this toy provides against the G-spot isn’t all the much during solo play but is wonderful during sex. When I tried this toy out again during sex, something quickly became apparent – it’ll move with rough hard fucking. During slower sensual thrusting in which he kept his pelvis to mine, it slowly ground the clit vibe portion onto me and felt -wonderful-.

Another thing that was reported as being a delicious tease….a bit of a lapdance with the We-Vibe in.

It’s made of medical-grade silicone (very easy to clean), soft and flexible U-shape which is about 3-ish inches long. There’s two motors of course, and the bendy U curve opens up. It has a 90-day warranty from the manufacturer, as well.


Update: Well, this toy no longer gets used to be honest. The concept is wonderful, but the vibration intensity level just isn’t enough for me. And the more it was tried during sex (as opposed to me just wearing it around) the more annoyed we got with it, it wouldn’t stay in place. So, it’s been sitting in the toy chest for ages now.

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  1. The We-Vibe is a fun solo sex toy, but I don’t like it as a couple’s toy. I know some women and men who do, but it felt awkward and uncomfortable when used with a partner. But for solo fun or foreplay … combined with the Pocket Rocket Booster, I can focus on direct stimulation of my entire vagina. Have you doubled-up on clit stimulation yet? Try using a clit vibrator with the We-Vibe. I have my best orgasms that way.

    Hope you are well,


  2. Methinks this is a good toy to get. Definitely on my list of future purchases. (Yeah, like my crazy ass needs more toys. LOL)

    I have a feeling SG will love it…he’s definitely not afraid of a little prostate fun.

    ;-) Thanks for sharing, gorgeous!

  3. Ohhhh this one is part of my wishlist, now I definitely want it even more :D

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