Sep 082008

Rori of Between My Sheets decided that us sex/sexy bloggers needed a Top 100 list and she wanted to do the undertaking. Brave and sweet thing to do!

She announced this about…oh, a month? two? ago, and told everyone to post about it on their blogs so that their readers could nominate them. I didn’t do it, obviously. I didn’t want to ask for votes, mainly because I didn’t feel that this year I should be on the list. Even though there are others on this list who are just as new as me, I thought I was “too new”.

Imagine my surprise when I see I’m on the list! I’m low, where I think I belong for now. You guys should check out the list, there’s many deserved nominations on there, some blogs not in my blogroll that should be seen. I am really humbled to be on that list, as there’s a lot of great bloggers (I should know, I read half of them, hehe), so a very teary thank you goes to Rori :)

Perhaps in the future I won’t be so shy in mentioning such things here….who knows. But I don’t aspire to be the top of anything as far as this blog concerns.


Keep your eyes open….I may be having a toy giveaway soon! Something good for couples! Details will come soon, but I thought I’d tease for a bit. ;)

  4 Responses to “Top Sexy Bloggers of 2008”

  1. Good for you hon, you’re a nice addition to the community.

  2. You are high on my list of favorites!

    Can’t wait for the giveaway. You tease!!!

  3. This toy giveaway… are they ‘as used’ by you? If so, sign me up!!

    I am sure I can find a good home to some toys (looks over his shoulder at sleeping blonde, and grins wickedly).

    ~ Mickey, that would be….very non-hygienic. And against some law somewhere, I’m sure, at the least, LOL. ~L

  4. You are on the top of any list I would put together.

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