Aug 142008

So far, I have had great things to say about all the toys I was sent to review for VibeReview – even if it wasn’t my “Holy Grail” toy, it was still very worthy to me.

But the Slimline G Twin I’ve held until last (last of the first bunch) because I just couldn’t get into it. I tried, and tried and really tried. But it’s just not for me. Plenty of other women on the review page at the site think the world of this toy, so I’m chalking it up to anatomy. It just doesn’t fit mine.

The vibrations are pretty good, but wonky. In that it sounds like the motor is off-balance sometimes. Not often, but sometimes. The length of it all just doesn’t work. I don’t know about you, but my G-spot is up at the front – not 4″ back, like this toy is made. Nor is my clit that far down. I tried this toy in different ways, angles, but it just confused me.

The toy is made of a solid material and is firm and unyielding. Which can be a big plus if you like a good amount of pressure on your G-spot, as a softer silicone toy won’t allow you to get too much pressure as it will bend with your forceful hand. The toy feels smooth though, powdery smooth. It is also waterproof!

As it is inexpensive, it’s still something worth trying.

Soon I’ll be reviewing the Japanese G-Spot Squirmy which appears to have a much better length ratio and all. Another one getting really great reviews is the Fantastic Fusion which has a different design than most Rabbit vibes, with a clit portion that reaches up higher.

None of the other dual stimulation vibes though compare to the Slimline G Twin in affordability, so I would still highly recommend you try it. Just because it wasn’t for me, doesn’t mean it can’t be wonderful for you. I also read that this toy can be used on the boyfriend for prostate stimulation!

For the men: If you want to get into prostate stimulation but are turned-off but vibrations or anything that resembles a dildo, try out the Aneros. I personally know 3 guys who own these (2 bought it at my persuasion) and they absolutely LOVE it. You don’t thrust it or move it, it’s got a bit of a learning curve but produces the most wonderful sensations when you have time for a longer play session. They’ve also kept it in during sex or blowjobs and experienced nirvana, lol. Be sure to fully peruse for detailed instructions and information.

  • Lilly

    I thought about that but….I just don’t see how it would logistically work, lol. No, I think the whole thing is too long – till you got the first egg inside your cunt, the tip would be shoving against your cervix!

  • Mickey

    I love your reviews!

  • dominadoll

    I had the exact same problem with this toy. It is good to see it wasn’t only me. I thought I had weird anatomy or something.