Jul 312008

Another one of the items sent to me to review by the lovely VibeReview.com was the Miracle Massager and the companion G-spot Attachment.

The Miracle Massager is very very similar in design and function to the infamous Hitachi Magic Wand.




From everything I read though, here are the selling pros to the Miracle Massager v. Hitachi:

  1. Grooved, slightly curved, more “ergonomic” handle
  2. The head doesn’t heat up at all
  3. Lightweight

From what -I- have seen, the G-spot attachment is superior – it’s not just g-spot. As you can see it comes up midway with a special clit-massage part. From the solo point of view, the attachment is built just right. The attachment is quite flexible though, so once I had it angled to my clit I’m not sure just how much it was still pressing on my g-spot. Using the attachment is the only way I’ve orgasmed using this toy.

Yes, I know, the reviewers on VibeReview all say that it’s next to godliness. Well, readers, you know that for now I require a higher level of vibrations. At the “high” setting, the Miracle Massager doesn’t quite achieve that level for me. It immediately feels wonderful and right away I’m halfway up the mountain to cumming but…it doesn’t take me over the edge quickly. Many times it’ll come sooo close, but no cigar. When I finally do though – WOW. Still no ejaculation for me but I do kinda gush. It takes a lot longer than I like though for a masturbation session. So there is a good reason that the Miracle Massager is more lightweight and does not heat up like the Hitachi….the rpm’s aren’t as high.

I tried it out again earlier this week after a particularly sexy conversation with one of my boys. It was a nearly 20-minute roller coaster ride…..like one of those coasters in which there’s a lot of little hills and it takes you awhile to get to the really big drop, lol. I was craving that orgasm so badly I could taste it, my body glistening with sweat and feverishly flushed, writhing on the bed just pushing for that orgasm. When I finally felt the last climb up the big hill it was slower than usual. My back arched and it was such a hard orgasm that I was silent, just gripping the toy as I shook.

You know what this could be great for? Orgasm denial for me. It’s a high level of tease but not enough to push me over the edge (at least not for a good while). This could be used in conjunction with the Hitachi Magic Wand for a long session of tease, denial, strong-forced-orgasm, right back to teasing and so on. Shit, I hope I didn’t give someone any ideas….. (although when I said Hitachi he said t.v.)

The Miracle Massager would be absolutely perfect for the woman who thinks that the Hitachi is too powerful. It would be great to use immediately after you cum from the Hitachi as a way to keep up with the vibrations but not be so painfully strong as the Hitachi would on a just-orgasmed clit. I recall Thursday and D telling me about sessions in which D has restrained Thursday, and he keeps the Hitachi on her clit for orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. If she weren’t restrained she would fight the Hitachi, as it is so powerful.

Toys like this though are great for a night alone, or with a partner. Shit they’re even good for it’s original “intended” (right *wink wink*) purpose, as a muscle massager.

Men’s Toy Pick of the Week: Nexus Vibro. Yes, it vibrates ;)
Let me direct you boys here if you are still a virgin to the world of prostate stimulation – it’s a world you really should visit. All the guys I’ve introduced it to are eternally grateful to me.

And again, thank you to VibeReview for providing me with the toys talked about today!

Jul 302008

Part 1 of….? As an aside to my readers: I hope my fiction gets you off as much as it gets me off ;) I either run for my vibe as soon as I’m done writing, or I have the bullet tucked in my panties while I’m composing.
I had just lost my job and agreed to stay at a friend’s apartment in New York City for a two weeks to take care of things while she was on an extended trip.

I arrived as she was leaving, and she handed off the keys with a list of things to know. Her place was on the 6th floor. Small, but with a few redeeming qualities. At first I thought one redeeming quality would be the large windows scattered about, until I pulled back the sheer curtains to reveal that most of the windows had no view – unless you count someone else’s window as a view. The other building seemed to be about 30 feet away and I saw a lot of windows. I decided to wait until later to check out how many different apartments were within view and perhaps do a little spying.

Nightfall. Friday. I kill all the lights and have a peek. Nothing. Too early perhaps?

10 p.m. Hmmm, not bad. One window down and to the left appears to be a date that is going very well. I watch as she straddles him on the couch, poor boy seems to be taking his time (the clueless thing). It is obvious to me, the recent observer, that she is very into him the way she is slowly and almost imperceptibly grinding herself against him. Come -on- man, let those damn hands roam! Yeah, there ya go….now lower…oh bingo! His hands hit her ass and he tentatively grabs it and pulls her closer. Her head goes back in a silent moan of pleasure while his lips find the sweet spot on her neck.

If she’s even half as wet as I am, he has to know she wants fucked. I opened my robe and tested my own wetness with a few fingers. Clueless-Boy seems to have gotten a little braver, judging by the fact that his hands are now out of my sight and likely doing wonderful things to her nipples. I swear I’m staring so hard they -have- to have some idea. I am bent over with one hand resting on the window sill, my forehead pressing against the window, and my other hand is teasing circles around my slick, swollen clit. Oooo, ’bout damn time boy – her shirt is coming off. Bra, quickly discarded. His head dips down to lick? suck? kiss? her nipple. Alas, the couch is being abandoned….where are they going?? Damn. Another window to the left, out of my view. Sonofabitch. Oh wait, their window is open……I shove mine up. I can’t really hear much, unfortunately. I drag a chair to the open window, prop a foot up on the ledge and just imagine them in there. Very soon I hear something….is that?….ohhhh yeah that’s what I’m talkin about. Clueless-Boy has a clue and knows how to use it! I pick up the pace with my fingers, one hand pressing my g-spot the others mashing my clit. I hear them both orgasm, one right after the other, and soon I follow.

What a tasty first night at the window that was. But if I only knew then what was in store for me the next night……

Jul 282008

“Can I call you?”

We had been talking for awhile on IM and we were both being naughty at work, except that he had an office, whereas I don’t. I had only been talking to him for a few days and it’s not like me to give out my number or talk to someone so early on, but I was so aroused I didn’t care. I hesitated mainly because I was at work, at my desk, and couldn’t just leave. Even if I could, where would I go? He didn’t care, he said I didn’t have to say anything other than pretend it was a business call for anyone walking by my desk.

So I agreed.

” ____ office, how can I help you?”

I had to sit there, poker-faced, pretending that this was a vendor and not an incredibly sexy man breathing sexy lascivious words over the phone, moaning and panting. He would ask me the occasional yes or no question, but mostly painted me a picture with his voice. Oh that voice…a little deep, gravelly with arousal he just embodied sex in words alone. As if my cunt weren’t already wet and throbbing, hearing him climb closer to orgasm was almost torture. As people walked by my desk he came. Moaning beautifully “fuuuuuck” I could just tell it was a damn good orgasm and I was close to one myself even though I could not touch myself. Flushed and damp I hung up the phone and immediately ran for the restroom where I furiously rubbed my clit to a fairly quick orgasm. It was such a test of will to stay silent.


“I can’t leave work yet, but I need to hear you cum, I’ve been thinking about it all day. Will you leave me a voicemail as you’re cumming?”

Another first. I had to consider how long voicemail usually lets you ramble on, and time everything just right.

I got to my car, started it up, and shed as much clothing as I dared from my lower half. There was a train sitting up on the tracks behind my lot and from his elevated height I wasn’t sure how much into my car the conductor could see. Fuck it. I dipped my finger in and moaned at the sheer pleasure of just one finger on my clit, having held off with my vibrator for so long earlier at my desk. I left the vibrator sitting next to me while my finger circled my swollen clit. My breathing labored and my chest flushed, the scent of my dripping wet cunt filling the car, I dialed his number. I was already so close and his damn long voicemail greeting wasn’t helping matters.

“I am sitting here in my car, pussy exposed and dripping onto my car seat, so close to cumming for you. But I can’t hold back any longer, I need to cum, right now. I’m pressing my vibe to my clit and OOOOHHHHHHH FUCK” I lost all control of my brain, I couldn’t form words any more, just moans and deep breaths. Within seconds of the vibe hitting my clit I felt the tingle coursing through my blood, my chest constricting and my face flushing. A mere minute later I came – loudly. As soon as I could speak and my brain remembered that I was leaving a voicemail I finished up – “Listen to this when you jerk off later, and have fun thinking about me”.

Jul 272008

A few weeks ago I had a few prospects from my craigslist ad, all of which are now off the map. Last week I updated you guys on the status of them and introduced a 4th candidate.

Well, HotBoy#2, aka PiercedTongueGuy, didn’t work out. I’m really not sure why, perhaps his embarrassment at the brevity of our oral encounter got the better of him. It didn’t bother me, but alas. It’s not worth pushing for.

HotBoy#1 I did go out with, and that died right there. He is a salesman by day and it came through too much on our date. I can’t figure out why he wanted me so badly, but he just tried too hard. There were a few other reasons why I turned him down but I don’t want to badmouth a guy on here (despite the interesting offer of an orgasm in the mens room, I just couldn’t get into it, even tho bar-bathroom sex is up on my public-sex list).

The new contender I mentioned last week, the one who’s “not my typical type” – fuck that. I don’t have a type anymore. Thats a good thing ;) He continues to do so well in just online conversations, I am looking forward to meeting him in person soon. I’ve been sick with a bad headcold all week and I am just now getting over it. Hey, C, wanna go out this week? Email me, perhaps we can meetup for a drink or ….. something…. ;)

I keep posting CL ads, hoping to find a good FWB that lives really close by. Not only am I not happy with the results, but my goddamn ad on CL keeps getting flagged no matter what I do. There are so many rampart flagtards there that think 75% of the women posting are botters for sex sites, that it gets flagged! I mean really, my B&W shots that I’ve put up on this blog are certianly not “model” quality. My recent ad has no pictures, so I’m not getting as many responses.(I thought perhaps no pictures would keep it up longer) Men here don’t have the balls to put their own pic up in their ad, so trolling the M4W section is pointless.

I am back “home” with my mother this weekend. Oh joy, oh rapture, oh joy. It is nothing but one long headache. I was in the lighting store with her today, trying to figure out how to subtly pick up the guy who was helping us out. I have turned into a scoper! Every decent looking man I cross paths with now, I imagine him naked! Do you know how hard it is to talk to your mother about what is new and interesting in your life?? My mother and I have never been close, and she certainly would not approve or or understand anything that I’m doing right now.

I have a question for you, readers. Should I continue on with my erotic fiction posts? I’ve done 2 stories now, broken down into 2 parts each. I don’t get as many comments on them, but I happen to think they’re good. (are they?) Should I continue on with the erotica, perhaps one a week? You can comment anonymously if you wish on this matter, I’ll never know who you are.

Jul 232008

Lest you all think I’m nothing but a Marylin-Monroe-sex-kitten sorta girl…. let me show you another side. I’m a geek girl.

I spend way too much time on computers, and I can fix them, too. If given the choice, and I know you’ll be shocked by this, I’ll spend my money on electronics above all else.

My current I-can’t-afford-this-shit-but-I-crave-it list:

  • GPS for my car – I get lost frequently. No damn sense of direction.
  • A set of good speakers for my Ipod Nano
  • A set of good speakers for my car – I blew out the front speakers completely. Ripped the entire way around.
  • A replacement really good car stereo, with a touch-screen and Ipod hookup
  • A laptop
  • iPhone
  • Fucking Machine – sorry, I had to throw one expensive sex toy in there ;)

And then there’s kitchen stuff….we won’t go there, as I don’t have a house to put it all in.

Jul 212008

Part 2 in the continuation of The Hotel, co-authored with Jack of RoughWords. POV changes with the author changes, as noted by the different font. In Part 1, Jack and Lilly meet after he “rescues” her. Her repayment leads her down a path she didn’t expect…
Continuation from here

By Jack and Lilly


We left off in Part 1:

I turned back around and ignored our little audience of one; I was too far gone to give a shit. It only made me hungrier. Jack slid the card into the door and unlocked while I remained standing the hallway and facing the wall trying so hard to regain a little composure.

He grabbed the silky restraint he fashioned and literally jerked me into the room, backwards, while I stared at the lurker with passion-glazed eyes. Jack didn’t close the door all the way. Neither did I, I didn’t care at that point; I simply needed to be consumed. I needed a witness to my consumption.

I beckoned the lurker to watch with a half-cocked smirk under hooded eyes. Jack whipped me around and threw me on the bed face first, exposed ass in the air towards the door.

He paused. I could feel the gazes of both Jack and the lurker searing into my skin. The waiting, the knowing and yet not knowing, all collided and drove my desire through the roof. Surely they could tell how aroused I was. My instinct said to run from this but I wanted it so badly. He slowly unbuttoned and removed his shirt, pausing every now and then to slowly run a finger over my ass. The moment I felt myself relax somewhat suddenly I saw his arm move and…


A smack on her ass and then another. A snaking finger finding her wet cunt and pushing deep into it. I liked making her squirm and moan. Her dress looked good pulled up and pushed over her back. I wanted to pull out my cock and push it right into her inviting wetness as her ass pushed back against my hand wanting more fingers and more stimulation, but there was so much I wanted to do first.

I pulled off her frilly panties. Her arms were still tied behind her back with my thick red tie. I sat her up and slipped my hands around her feeling the softness of her breasts.

“Damn I’ve wanted to feel these ever since the first time I saw you.”

My hands went to her back and I unzipped her dress, then fingering the clasp to her bra I opened it. Untying her hands I pulled her dress off, then her bra, pulling off her shoes and leaving her in nothing but her thigh high stockings. Then I guided her to her knees.


I had never felt more alive, truth be told. My mind was racing with jumbled and conflicting thoughts; my brain and my cunt in a war against each other. While the flush of embarrassment spread over my chest and face, my cunt throbbed and ached, dripping with my desire. Fear and desire in my eyes at once told our lurker to cautiously enter but stay his distance…..for now.


The door clicked closed and I saw the guy from the room across the hall standing there leaning against the door. He said nothing and didn’t meet my eyes. He was watching her and she squirmed and blushed at his gaze.

I ran my fingers through the thickness of her hair and pulled slowly and firmly. She winced beautifully and her hands came up and started undoing my belt. She fumbled a little with my dress pants but finally got them open and then she pulled out my hard cock and just held it for a second.

“You should stand up and bend over. Give our guest a better view.”


“No I can’t”

I thought this but did not say it. Did my face betray my fear more or my desire? I glanced at the lurker and could easily see the outline of his hard cock straining against his pants. His arousal drove mine.

I wanted to please both our guest and Jack, so I complied. I rose to my feet and faced away from our guest, feet planted apart, bent at the waist until my lips met hard cock. I started slow- wrapping my lips around the head of his cock and licking, sucking just the head- then licking down the shaft and back up with another sloppy suck to the tip.


“Keep sucking, but reach behind you and pull apart your ass cheeks for our friend.”

She made a whimpering sound as she slipped the length of my cock into her hot mouth. She did it, balancing herself my holding on to me with one hand and reaching back and pulling one ass cheek apart. He studied every inch of her, but said nothing.

“God, keep sucking. You should finger yourself for us too. Show him how wet you are and how you like to finger fuck yourself.”

She let out a louder muffled cry, but I felt her shift and the guy’s eyes lit up as he watched her reach underneath herself and slipped her hand between her legs and spread the lips of her pussy for him. She was moaning more and more and my cock slipped out of her mouth.

“Don’t stop sucking. Come on, you have to put on a good show for both of us.”

I pulled her hair and pushed my cock back between her lips.

“You better get yourself nice and wet because I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you really hard. And if our friend wants he can maybe come a little closer and jerk off on your tits. Wouldn’t you like that?”

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and waited for her answer.


I could barely answer him, but managed to whisper:


My desire had overcome anything else and I cared for nothing other than pleasure and desire. Mine, his, and his. I wondered if Jack had a clue that although he was pushing me, none of this was yet any wilder than my fantasies. I crawled to the bed and laid on my back, at the edge. This allowed Jack to fuck me and the lurker to come to my side. I stared at the mystery man until he slowly came forward to stand by my head. I longed to touch him but I didn’t dare…..yet. I spread myself wide open for Jack. Slowly he touched me, fingered my clit; when I closed my eyes in pleasure he rammed his cock in my tight, wet cunt.

I had one cock slamming into me and another being stroked mere inches from my face. I reached up and touched his balls, grazed his thighs, finally pushing his hand out of the way to make room for mine. I pulled his cock to my mouth because I so badly needed something to suck
on. It didn’t take long for our lurker to pull quickly out of my mouth and cum all over my tits. The next thing I knew, Jack pulled out and was doing the same.

My chest, my stomach…. covered. Sticky. Warm. Deliciously messy. I trailed a finger through the mess, mixing the cum from both men before sliding the finger into my mouth and licking it clean. My eyes never left Jack’s face.

Soon I realized we were now alone, the lurker had silently left. I slowly turned over on the bed to my stomach and raised my ass up high, legs spread, glistening cunt revealed and just begging to be fucked again. Now, and for the rest of the night, I was his slut. His toy.